Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst
Birthday: 4/30/1982, the
Age: 33 year
Place of Birth: Point Pleasant, New Jersey, United States

Citizenship: US
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 48 kg

Original name: Kirsten Caroline Dunst

From his early years in film
American actress Kirsten Dunst began her career very early. In 3 years she has starred in TV commercials and 6 years old she made her debut in the movie. The actress is not even 30, and her behind a great life experience. Through multifaceted talent and charm Kirsten achieved unprecedented heights, becoming one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood.

Early years
Kirsten Dunst was born in the small town of Point Pleasant, NJ, April 30, 1982. Her father, a German by birth, he served in the medical company, and his mother, a Swede, owned an art gallery. After 4 years after the Kirsten family boy appeared Kirstian.
When Dunst was 9 years old, her parents divorced and she and her brother and her mother settled in Los Angeles. There she attended school and then a Catholic private school. At this time, Kirsten has full-starred on television. Even in the age of three, her mother took her to a casting, and after a few years the talented girl was already a successful model ‘Elite’.
However, Kirsten had other plans for the future. She wanted to become a literary critic and devote his life to the feminist movement. Her idols were Drew Barrymore and Madonna, but especially the mother – known Swedish artist Inez Dunst. Fate still have it, she became an actress.
Kirsten debut in cinema was a small role in Woody Allen’s comedy “New York Stories” (1989), and soon she played with Tom Hanks in the movie “Bonfire of the Vanities” (1990). Her manager in the early years was a mother who drove her casting, strongly promoting in various projects. And if a teenager accused Dunst’s mother that she used her childhood, then later he admitted that it was a great experience for her future career.
Worldwide fame
The huge popularity of Kirsten Dunst received after the release of the movie “Interview with the Vampire” (1994) where she played the role of a vampire-child Claudia. The painting was a success thanks to Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, but it won the highest praise Dunst. Critics praised her ability to convey the impression of an adult woman and noted that the embodiment of the image of the child-vampire has become one of the most terrible in the film. For this role, the young actress won ‘Saturn’ and was nominated for a Golden Globe.
What followed were quite diverse roles. Kirsten appeared in feature films and documentaries, and voiced cartoons. I do not forget it is also about the shooting in advertising, and this despite the fact that she continued to go to school. Over time, Dunst has become more carefully to the choice of roles. She began to offer serious dramatic roles, and the actress brought to the forefront of Hollywood.
One of these was the role of Luke in Lisbon acclaimed film ‘The Virgin Suicides “(1999). Kirsten original, boldly and in an adult played poludevochku-poluzhenschina that the same apathy takes courtship and boys with anyone making love on the roof.
Soon professional success came a commercial success. Superhero adventure film ‘Spider-Man’ (2002), which starred Kirsten beloved protagonist, earned at the box office over 800 million dollars, making the actress incredibly rich. As successful were sequels. With this trilogy Dunst not only stuffed his worth, but gained worldwide fame.
Despite the increasing popularity, Kirsten has never considered his crowning achievement Hollywood. She loves acting in independent projects and often collaborates with European filmmakers. Her most famous overseas film was fiction thriller ‘Melancholia’ (2011), the controversial Danish director Lars von Trier. For his role in this film Dunst won the main prize of the Cannes Film Festival and an award from the National Society of Film Critics, who wrote that it was a real breakthrough.
Currently, the actress with Billy Crudup and Mark Ruffalo starred in the film ‘Light Red Light District’, which is scheduled for late 2014. It was also reported that Dunst joins Orlando Bloom and Clive Owen for shooting the thriller ‘Cities’.
Other projects and personal life
Besides filming commercials and movie Kirsten Dunst are engaged in music. Her debut as a singer took place in the film ‘Virus of Love’ (2001), where she sang two songs written by Marc Sheymenom. The actress also sang two songs in the movie “Spider-Man 3” (2007) and several songs for the album ‘Nighttiming’ Jason Schwartzman. However, to record a solo album Kirsten refused, saying that it would be better to sing in a movie.
Kirsten Dunst is engaged in political activities and charity. In the elections of 2004, she supported Democrat John Kerry, and after 4 years of Barack Obama. Actress actively helps fund against pediatric AIDS, as well as participating in various actions aimed at combating cancer.
Life Kirsten Dunst has always been in the sights of the world media. For a while Kirsten met with Jack Hoffman – son of the famous actor Dustin Hoffman. Then she had a brief relationship with an athlete Kobom Brant and actor Jake Gyllenhaal. As soon as Jake started talking about marriage, Kirsten left him. Since 2012, the actress met with Garrett Hedlund.
Dunst knows the value of its charm and its external data. She does not drink, does not smoke and exercise. She loves to shop, and is a big fashionista. Already in the 13 years included in the list Kirsten most beautiful people in the world that at that age is rare. In her life, everything happens early, but we hope that his memorable game she will delight the audience for a long time.

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