Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey
Birthday: 7/26/1959, the
Age: 55 years
Place of birth: South Orange, New Jersey, United States

Citizenship: US
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 77 kg

Matches: Kevin, Spacey, Kevin Spacey
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Mysterious Kevin Spacey
Why Kevin Spacey was expelled from the military academy? When Spacey realized that his calling to be an actor? Is it true that in his youth, Kevin stole money from his father Val Kilmer? Who actor considers his main mentor and teacher? What role earned Spacey first Oscar? Why is the actor agreed to play in the film ‘American Beauty’ and how it affected his career? What is the work of director Kevin had the most success? Why Spacey hide his personal life, and what he thinks about the rumors of his homosexual?
Early years
Kevin Spacey Fowler was born on July 26, 1959 in the small town of South Orange, New Jersey. Parents of the future actor had nothing to do with art. His mother worked as a secretary and his father was a writer, but deal only with technical texts. In addition to Kevin’s parents raised her son Randy and daughter Julie.
The popular belief that a child, Kevin was a rebel, the actor calls nonsense. Its really it kicked out of the military academy at Northridge because he threw a classmate tire, but it was self-defense. Kevin grew up difficult child, but in fact all his heroism exaggerated.
Secondary education Spacey finishing school Canoga Park. Here he first tried his hand as an actor and I realized that this was his calling. Soon talented guy invited to the Faculty of drama school in Chatsworth. According to the actor, when he first threw a piece of ‘Fowler’ and began to sign a ‘Spacey’.
For a while, Kevin earned stand-up comedian, and then entered the Juilliard School at the Faculty of Drama. There is a legend that Val Kilmer, Spacey was friends with whom in those years, one journalist told an interesting story. If Kevin complained Val father that he had no money to continue his studies, and he wrote him a check for 18 thousand. Although at that time he had already decided to quit the theater and simply pocketed the money. Neither Spacey nor Kilmer never confirmed this information, and omniscient journalist and could not find.

A start in life
Spacey really threw drama school a year later, but the idea of ??becoming an actor refused. In 1981, he received his first major role in the production of ‘Henry VI’. A year later, aspiring actor has starred on Broadway in the play “Ghosts” by Ibsen’s works of genius. Then there were the roles in ‘turmoil’, ‘The Seagull’, ‘Misanthrope’ and other famous productions.
In 1986, Kevin appeared in the form directed by Jamie ‘Long Day’s Journey Into Night “by Eugene O’Neill product. His partners were famous actors Bethel Leslie, Jack Lemmon and Peter Gallagher. Later Spacey call Lemmon his main teacher, who will continue to be.
The successful theatrical career did not prevent Kevin to try his hand at cinema. He made his debut in the role of a rogue in the film ‘Jealousy’ (1986), and a little earlier appeared in an episode of the TV series “Crime Story.” His first major role, Spacey has played in the erotic drama “Henry and June” (1991), which was a great success with the audience and allowed the actor to be in the spotlight.
Career Kevin Spacey began to rapidly gain momentum. In 1991 he won the main theater award – Award ‘Tony’ for his role in the production of Uncle Louis’ Lost in Yonkers. ” A year later, with Spacey and Alec Baldwin, Jack Lemmon and Pacino appeared in the thriller ‘The Americans’ (1992), who entered the lists of the best films of the year.
Recognition and fame
The first big success was the Kevin Spacey psychological thriller ‘Seven’ (1995). The role of serial killer John Doe brought the actor several film awards and critical acclaim. In the same year in rolling out the detective ‘The Usual Suspects’ (1995), a brilliant game in which Spacey won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Some critics believe that it has saved the film from Kevin failure and provided him such popularity.
Praise for the actor was well deserved. In 1996 came the film “A Time to Kill ‘, in which Spacey has once again demonstrated his talent. Film critic Edward Gutmann wrote that the hype around the actor was completely justified. This was confirmed by a detective thriller ‘LA Confidential’ (1997), in which Kevin brilliantly played Sergeant Jack Vincennes corrupt.

In 1998, the actor offered the role of Lester Burnham in the film “American Beauty” (1999). Directed by Sam Mendes has admitted that it was written specifically for Spacey. According to Kevin, he agreed, because this character is very similar to his character and way of life. Lester also, like him, live for today, not looking to the future.
The film ‘American Beauty’ has become a sensation and brought creators worldwide popularity. Kevin Spacey, skillfully playing the loser Lester Burnham, was awarded the ‘Oscar’. After receiving the award, the actor delivered a speech in which he said that dedicating the victory to his teacher Jack Lemmon. This work allowed Spacey to become one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood.
In 1997, Kevin Spacey made his debut as a director, removing the thriller “Albino Alligator.” And if Spacey’s directorial debut was adopted ambiguous, his second job – the musical drama ‘By the Sea’ (2004) – won critical acclaim. The film tells about the life of legendary singer Bobby Darin, played by Kevin himself. In addition, he sang all the songs alone, and after working on the film published an album of cover versions of songs Darin.
In the 2000s, the hype around Spacey subsided, and journalists at the time of forgot about it. And so, in 2013, the premiere of the political TV series ‘House of Cards’, in which the actor appeared in the form of Congressman Francis Underwood. Kevin reiterated his talent, for which he was nominated for the prize Emmy for Best Actor in a Drama Series. Now the actor is busy filming the second season.
Kevin Spacey does not like to talk about my personal life, because of what has long been rumored about his homosexual. The actor has denied such rumors and says that no one can force him to talk about himself. It seems that Spacey lives only work and personal life he has no. But it is not. On a romantic relationship with Kevin claimed the actress April Winchell. Later it became known that in the 90s the actor met with screenwriter Diana Dreyer.
Kevin Spacey called the most enigmatic actor in Hollywood. But maybe this is the secret of his success. After all, the less you know about the person, the more interesting it is.

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