Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner
Birthday: 1/18/1955, the
Age: 60 years
Birthplace: Compton, Los Angeles, USA

Citizenship: US
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 79 kg

Original name: Kevin Michael Costner

Dancing with chanterelles
Few people know that Kevin Costner was a marketer and build a successful business career. What happened in his life? And why he decided to become an actor?

Early years
Kevin Costner was born on January 18, 1955 in Lynwood, California. His father worked for the electric company and on duty had to travel a lot around the country, so the family often moved house, and Kevin went to different schools.
In adolescence Costner sang in a Baptist church choir, was fond of literature and attempted to write a book. At school, he is almost no one spoke as complexes about their appearance. Small, thin, with protruding ears and a big nose, he looked like a little modern-Costner sex symbol.
At some point in the future actor he decided to change his fate. He took up running, joined the baseball team and soon became its star. In addition, Kevin played good basketball and football. Sports activities was his first big decision in my life.
In 1973, Costner entered Fulton University Faculty of Marketing. In parallel, he played in the student theater and took acting lessons. However, the profession of an actor was not in the plans of the young student. He felt unworthy of theater and film work for the man.
In 1978, Kevin graduated and married Cindy Silva. He met his future wife – a decent story for a good romantic comedy. Once Costner and his friend – 5th year student, hungry and without money – went to Disneyland, where you could eat for free chips and ice cream. On the stage went fabulous view of the performance. Friends saw a beautiful girl, and Kevin, shouting that it Snow, rushed to her. He broke a plywood fence, broke a couple of scenes, pushed the prince and kissed beauty. When he was led away to police, he managed to cry the girl that is now obliged to marry her. From prison he pulled the very Snow White, who was a student Cindy Silva.
Finding himself
Life Costner promised to be similar to the life of the average American family. The newlyweds settled in his own house, Kevin found a good job in the marketing office. For a complete happiness lacked only laughter of children, but the children were already in the plans of the spouses.
However, after a month in his new position Costner told his wife that he throws a business career and wants to devote himself to art. First, Cindy did not take seriously his talk, but then realized that her husband is resolute. She was not able to dissuade him from this mad venture and to keep the family began to help him. With the support of his wife, Kevin believed in themselves and still succeeded.
His path to the cinema began with the painting ‘Wild Beach’ (1981). Low-budget film passed by a wide audience, so aspiring actor was not seen. The first success came to Costner just 6 years old, with roles in the film ‘No Way Out’ (1987) and “The Untouchables” (1987). And work in the film “Bull Durham” (1988) also brought a good amount of money.
Becoming financially secure actor Costner finally able to do your project. But the ideas he had so many. One of them has evolved to the history of the relations of the American soldiers and the Indians during the Civil War. In 1990 it was made a film ‘Dances with Wolves’, who created a furor. He became one of the box office hits of the year and has won numerous awards, including the Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director. Thus, to date, Costner is one of six directors who received the Oscar for her debut film.
A touching melodrama did not leave anyone indifferent. The public saw in Kevin Costner is not only a good actor, but also a wonderful director. This was confirmed following the author’s work – ‘The Bodyguard’ (1992) and “Perfect World” (1993), in which he has acted as a producer and actor. His partner in the film ‘The Bodyguard’ has become a well-known singer Whitney Houston, and it could not act on the viewer. The film was a huge popularity, and the soundtrack to it remained the best-selling until the screens ‘Titanic’.
Unfortunately, this white stripe in the life of Kevin Costner over. In its place came the problem – not only in your career but also in his personal life. After seventeen years of marriage, Kevin Cindy suddenly announced that he wants to leave. Shocked husband tried to convince him that can not be so easy to take and destroy years of family life, but he was adamant. Could not be a sufficient argument and loving children.
After the divorce with his wife Costner frequently visiting the mountain resort of Aspen. He took a fancy to the place he bought a house a few dozen acres of land with forest and lake. What the actor worked there, his colleagues called “dance with chanterelles’. Now you will understand why. Over 10 years of bachelorhood Kevin provertel several dozen novels. He prefers basically photo models, but have been in his life, and just a girl. It is clear that such a life is no good result could not. And finally the actor run into scandal.
In 1996, Costner met pretty television reporter Bridget Rooney and spun an affair with her. Soon she gave birth to a son Liam. Kevin said it was not his child and tried to break off relations with Bridget. However, genetic test showed that the father Liam is Costner. Journalists have inflated the story to obscene proportions, and the actor had to put a lot of money on the education of his son. Reading the newspaper stories about the amorous adventures of Kevin, his ex-wife Cindy just shook her head. According to her, when they met, he was a different person.
Eventually Costner settled down. In 2004, he married Christine Baumgartner, who bore him three children. Kevin is happy with his new family and continues to work in the field of cinema. His most successful work in recent years was the role of William Anderson Hatfield in the miniseries “Hatfield and McCoy” (2012). For her, he was awarded the Golden Globe, Emmy and Screen Actors Guild Award USA. It seems that in the life of Kevin Costner came back white stripe.

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