Ken Watanabe

Ken Watanabe
Birthday: 21/10/1959 Year
Age: 55 years
Place of birth: Koide, Niigata, Japan

Nationality: Japan
Height: 180 cm

Way of the Samurai
He played at most Japanese film and television villains, heroes, generals and simple samurai. So gradually Watanabe, at least in his family and had no servants of the emperor, began to live as a samurai, to think like a samurai and fight like samurai.
THIS samurai from the movie Tom Cruise’m certainly not Katsumoto, and Ken Watanabe. Watanabe, told me how local Yaponisty – this sort of radish. It turns prosaic. I hope lie.
Ken Watanabe – blooded Japanese, despite the classic American name. But what a handsome man! Huge eyes, exquisite design of the nose and lips, rising by 190 … Dream! Says in English is better than his character – an actor, he studied at the British theater company, where he was inspired and that stage talent he Nemer and this (or these things) bushi-up – his and his alone. As a result of 24 years (ie 20 years ago) Ken stepped onto the path of doubles and special effects. He played at most Japanese film and television villains, heroes, generals and simple samurai. So gradually Watanabe, at least in his family and had no servants of the emperor, began to live as a samurai, to think like a samurai and fight like samurai. Directed by Edward Zwick, for example, with reverence recalls that even a kitchen knife in the hands of Ken immediately became a samurai sword. Watanabe showing tricks with a stick and generally any gizmo longer than 20 cm, and in moments of special arrangement called a film crew to his home and his own chopped raw salmon and tuna sushi. “They have to do with love – Ken taught Americans – or necessarily cut yourself. Generally with a knife for sushi should stay cautious than with a dagger, and then easily stay without a finger. ”
However, after learning Ken closer Zwick acknowledged that Japanese actor – the exact opposite of all of them played samurai together. He is not only a “strong and calm”, but also with a great sense of humor and charm. When asked who in his homeland bo.lshaya star, he or Tom Cruise, Watanabe smiles: “Young people, perhaps, Tom. And those who are over 40, can not distinguish from Tom Cruise Tom Hanks. ”
Ken, kind-hearted man, he tries and the rest live by the laws of ancient warriors: with honor, pride and discipline. His parents – a teacher, and his father teaches children restless Japanese calligraphy. Calligraphy in itself requires perseverance and willpower – apparently, Ken and his brother as a child Yyunom failed porasslablyatsya. They were always busy with something, if not taken out characters, the wound kilometers on the outskirts, in the summer – on foot, in winter – skiing. Ken is also in the school band was playing the trombone, ie entrances and doorways are not wandered, did not drink, did not smoke, did not aggravate karma.
But the test caught up with Ken when his life as a defined and, one might say, has changed; he married, had a son, and Watanabe gave the first role on TV. Suddenly, Ken, a kind of hero and blood and milk, became tired, dizzy, he lost weight and haggard. Diagnosis was terrifying – leukemia. Fortunately, the Japanese decided to do all the time: the treatment helped, and now Watanabe for several years in remission. His son appeared a beautiful daughter, but a few years later, Ken realized that his family life – it’s a disaster. It was not a profession, time-consuming, and that love is somehow suddenly took and left, slamming the door. Love for his wife. By the same children … Now, 20 years later when Ken still finished a difficult divorce, he tries not to talk, not to think about it. Too much of life was sacrificed – society, tranquility close to the circumstances … Perhaps this is also something from the category of the samurai. Or, on the contrary, antisamurayskogo – after the ancient Japanese warriors easily parted with the fact that love, in the name of social and noble purposes, not tied to the people, not hoarded wealth … A few years ago, Watanabe to please the children played in the film and -lya “Godzilla.” The scenario he did not like it, but he knew that his boy and a girl will go to the cinema and will poke fingers at the screen: “Daddy, Daddy!”
As in “The Last Samurai,” Tom Cruise became friends with Ken Watanabe. They had too much in common – the intense separation of women and children. Cruz even brought his children (his son – 20, he is an actor, a girl – 18 and she model) to shoot in New Zealand and Los Angeles. Ken was touched, although the samurai, of course, do not cry.
In his luxury apartment in Tokyo Watanabe lives alone. Meditates on the neon lights advertising. Draws in his album more and better characters. And wrote in his diary that for all this he did not need a woman. Work, austerity and inspiration – is also a way of the samurai.
P.S. Ken Watanabe has not received the “Oscar” for Supporting Actor this year, and in fact could. But who knows, maybe it even involve and give a chance? Japan – a fashionable topic …

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