Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn
Birthday: 05/12/1907 Year
Age: 96 years
Place of Birth: Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Date of Death: 29/06/2003 Year
Place of death: Fenwick, Connecticut, United States

Nationality: United States
Height: 171 cm

Original name: Katharine Houghton Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn – the brightest star in Hollywood
Times when Katharine Hepburn won the hearts of fans of cinema and theater, leaving us farther and farther away. However, its cinematic record – four Oscar nominations, and twelve for the award – to beat is not yet possible to anybody, and, according to the American Film Institute, it is the greatest national actress.

American actress Katharine Hepburn (Katharine Houghton Hepburn) was born May 12, 1907 in Hartford (CT). Hepburn was unusual for its time and surrounded by family. Father of the future stars of Hollywood, Thomas Norval, was known in the city urologist, and his mother, Katherine Houghton March, whom everyone called ‘Whale’, went down in history as the leader of the feminist and suffragette; She was orphaned early, against the will of the guardian was able to get a higher education, picketing the White House calling for better working conditions for women and allow birth control. The house Hepburn were frequent guests famous people of that time – the writer Sinclair Lewis, leader of the suffrage movement, Margaret Sanger and others, and in the living room to freely discuss topics that at that time it was customary to speak. In a famous actress had five brothers and sisters were raised in an atmosphere of free thinking and personal responsibility for their actions, taught to swim in the icy water and not be afraid any work. Katharine Houghton was named in honor of his mother; She was the second child after his brother Tom, whom she loved so much that after his death became regarded as the date of his birth (November 8) of its own.
The aspiring actress graduated from Bryn Mawr College for Women in Philadelphia, where he once studied her mother. Catherine studied history, but her heart belonged to the student theater, where she spent all his spare time. In 1928, received a bachelor’s degree, Katharine Hepburn began working in the theater in Baltimore, and a year later moved to New York and began performing on Broadway, where it happened, and familiarity with the broker Ogden Smith. She married him, but flatly refused to change the name and stop the performance. Bright appearance, grace, energy and kind of subtle humor young actress won the hearts of audiences and filmmakers, despite the independence and scandals, which she often staged. One day after the show Catherine was invited to the manager RKO Radio Pictures film company for the lead role in the film ‘bill of divorce’ (1932). This tape is a hit and rolled the beginning of a brilliant career Katharine Hepburn. The actress has signed a long-term contract with RKO, moved to Hollywood, divorced Ogden Smith and started acting with such stars of the time, as Douglas Fairbanks, Adolphe Menjou, George Barrymore and others.
Already in 1933, Hepburn was awarded the prize in Venice Film Festival for her role in Josephine ‘Little Women’, and in 1934 -‘Oskara ‘for Best Actress in the movie “Early fame”. Overall, the track record of the famous actress – twelve nominations for Oscar, five – for the award ‘Bafta’ eight – by Golden Globe, although most of their awards it has already received in adulthood. Katharine Hepburn star status did not affect her independent nature – contrary to the traditions of Hollywood it defended its right to look off the set as it sees fit. She avoided journalists, was rude of candidates autographs, neglected decorative cosmetics, dressed as she was comfortable – but it looked fine. One day as directed by the director of the dressing was removed Hepburn ‘unfeminine’ trousers, in which the actress came to the shoot. Catherine came to the set in his underwear and said she would go so long as it does not return the clothes. During the six years of working with RKO she played in fourteen films, and created vivid images even in the most ordinary scenarios. But in 1938, Katharine Hepburn won a series of critical reviews of his performance as Susan Vance in the film ‘Bringing Up Baby’. Offended by the actress broke the contract, announced the termination of the shooting and returned to the stage; This to some extent contributed to the unsuccessful audition for the role of Scarlett in “Gone With the Wind.”
The appearance of Hepburn on Broadway caused quite a furor, and screenwriter Philip Barry for her wrote the play ‘The Philadelphia Story’. Performances were a full house, and instead of the fee actress acquired the film rights to the author of the play. In 1940, it held its triumphant return to Hollywood, and for his role as Tracy capricious aristocrat in ‘Philadelphia Story’ Hepburn was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress. Following its success was the film ‘Woman of the Year’ (1942), which earned her another nomination for ‘Oscar’ and the greatest love of his life. Spencer Tracy, a partner of the actress in this film, married, although he lived separately from his wife. They were together for 27 years, played in nine films, and in 1962, Hepburn five years left cinematic career and was close to the seriously ill lover until his death.
Among the most famous roles actresses of the period – Rose in ‘The African Queen’ (1951), Jane Hudson in the movie ‘Summer’ (1955), Lizzie ‘A Seller Rain’ (1956). Triumph was the film actress’ Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner “(1967), the shooting of which ended a few days before his death, Spencer Tracy. For played a role in this movie Christine Katharine Hepburn was awarded the Oscar and BAFTA. Huge success expected actress and the following year, when the same two awards were given to her for her performance as Eleanor of Aquitaine in the historical film ‘Lion in Winter’. Catherine differed good health and creative longevity. In 1982, she received another Oscar for the role of Ethel in the film ‘On Golden Pond’, and in 1993 was nominated for a Golden Globe for starring in the comedy “The Man Upstairs’.
The actress died on 23 June 2003 in the house where she spent her childhood. On the day of her funeral was canceled performances on Broadway and extinguished the lights, and President Bush issued a statement in which he called the actress ‘Art Treasures of the nation’. Named Katharine Hepburn called the Garden City in Manhattan, an area of ??New York and the theater in Old Saybrook.

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