Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson
Birthday: 19.04.1979 year
Age: 35 years
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA

Nationality: United States
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 57 kg

It is often said that children of celebrities nature relaxes. And yet it is believed that to be born into a famous family – it’s like to get a birth winning lottery ticket. Kate Hudson at the outset was in spite of all these allegations, and all that she has achieved, is solely her own merit.
Kate Garry Hudson was born April 19, 1979 in Los Angeles, California, the son of comedians Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson. Just a couple of months after the birth of her daughter and Bill Godden divorced. And since neither Kate nor her older brother Oliver did not see her real father who left the family in a rather difficult time. However, for Goldie and her children, it was not such a great loss, because four years later in their life appeared actor Kurt Russell, a source of positive emotions for the family. Over the past twenty years, Kate calls him “Dad.”
As if in imitation of her mother, Kate from an early age dreamed of becoming an actress. However, her parents wanted for his child more mundane career. But one day, taking seven years to shoot the film Kate “Wildcats”, they are “not saved” her: Kate played there his first role – the heroine’s daughter Goldie. Mother decided that we should not interfere with the dreams little Hudson, and at the end of school, Kate was allowed to go to drama school.
Alas, instead hone their acting skills on stage student theater, Kate decided to go ahead and go straight to Hollywood. As if to prove to others that can make its way to fame and not to use their famous parents regard, she hired a home agent and began attending auditions. At one of these views she got to Kurt Russell, picks up the cast for his new film “Escape from LA”. Role in this film she never went, but Kate immediately received an invitation from the producers of the hit series “Party of Five.” Unfortunately, her appearance on the show was limited to only one episode (writer did not find a suitable role for Hudson). Another her appearance on television was held in 1997 in the series “The Streets of EZ”, after which there was a significant career Kate leap that her into the world of the cinema.
The first film to an ambitious 18-year-old girl was the comedy Morgan Freeman’s “Desert anguish”, where she got a very small role, not allowed to reveal its full potential, however, as in her next film “Ricochet River.” But the third attempt was successful. It was enough for Kate appear in a couple of small scenes in the comedy “200 Cigarettes” – and many critics have called it “the best that was in this movie.” Aspiring actress starred in this comedy-drama tape touching innocent simpleton Cindy, who in a fit of love mistakenly gives her virginity did not stand the guy. This set the tone for subsequent Cindy roles Kate: such as touching, naive, infinitely charming and at the same time, and even self-critical-geek girls.
The role of Penny Lane, a charming rock fans of Cameron Crowe film “Almost Famous” (2000), immediately brought it to the stellar orbit. Then almost all were convinced that Kate is waiting for the “Oscar” for supporting actress. But it lost its Marcia Gay Harden from the movie “Pollock”, although many thought it was unfair. But this success led to talk about Kate Hudson as a future star.
Trying to overcome the emerging stereotype ideas about themselves as a beautiful doll of romantic stories, the actress began to experiment with genres. Thus, it is removed in the youth thriller “Gossip” (2000), where he plays a college student, basely slandered her classmate and former friend. Two years later, she refuses obviously winning role in the future blockbuster “Spider-Man” (the role eventually went to Kirsten Dunst) and agrees to play in the historical drama Shekhar Kapur “The Four Feathers”. And although the film was rather reserved and taken at the box office, and critics, and most of Kate, corseted, had virtually nothing to play, her attempts to try his hand at another genre can not but rejoice.
Second wind in the work of Kate opened when she starred in the big-budget comedy “How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days” and “Alex and Emma”. And this despite the fact that these roles seem to be no different from the previous ones. However, as the next of its role in an ironic drama James Ivory’s “Divorce”.
Kate is in no hurry to shift to a more serious actress genres. On leaving this year comedy Harry Marshall “Raising Helen” with John Cusack and “Can you keep a secret?” on the novel by Sophie Kinsella. A year later, is expected to release a dramatic tape Ian Softley “The key to the skeleton.” All this is likely just the beginning of a long and successful career, because since film debut of a young actress took just over five years. However, during this time she had already found the man of her life. The film “Almost Famous” not only gave Kate a nomination for “Oscar”, but also brought her future husband Chris Robinson, lead singer of a rock band “Black Crowes”. Loving couple married in Aspen. Kate gave birth to a little son Chris Ryder Russell Robinson, he was born on January 7, 2004.
And now something of a personal conversation with Kate Hudson:
– What is to be the daughter of such a popular mom as Goldie Hawn?
– I have the most wonderful mom! It’s great in everything, besides the fact that she is also a talented actress. I just adore her. But when I had a desire to become an actress most, I did not imitate it, and choose their own path. While still in school, I said I wanted to hire an agent, which led me to negotiate with producers. And my mother said that it is possible as long as I did not finish my studies. So, when I graduated from high school, I have no any help began to pass the audition. I tried to get everything myself, without using the influence mothers.
– Tell us a little about her husband Chris.
– I’m younger than his 12 years, but this is nonsense, especially as we all know – men mature later than women. He has a difficult past, but he went through all their difficulties and very timely met me. And, although we have some time together, we still know each other. We are approaching each other, inspire each other constantly. This is the best thing I could dream of. Probably the first time I feel like this here head over heels in love. Of course, I have been in love before, but the feeling that I have for Chris, I have for the first time.
– Do you like to be married?
– Not a word! That’s awesome! Now I can not imagine how we could live without each other. We have combined our family – now we are all one big family. Feel part of it for me is particularly important. We have a very harmonious relationship. Chris and I – brothers in mind. He is amazing. Hopefully, we will not change anything.
– Are there any role models for which you would like to see your relationship like?
– When we were shooting “Almost Famous,” I had the opportunity to see the director Cameron Crowe and his wife Nancy Wilson together and that wonderful magic that happened Mezhuyev them. They were together for 21 years while still madly in love with each other. It’s just a miracle! For us, with Chris it’s still early, but I think that we will do the same.

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