Kangaroo – a very peculiar animal. Even at the zoo can be seen as out of the bag on the mother’s abdomen suddenly pops muzzle curious kangaroo. If there occurs any danger cub immediately jumps into the mother’s pouch.
Bag – a deep fold of skin that covers almost all of the belly kangaroo. Kangaroo is born blind, naked and very small. The large red kangaroo, which reaches a length including the tail more than two and a half meters, the cub is born as small as 3 cm! Born, he immediately went to his first trip. Sharp claws for clinging to the fur on the belly of his mother, he gets to the bag and crawls into it. Kangaroo mother’s milk brings up to 65 days. Kenguryata sometimes up to 8 months hiding in a bag or just bask in it.
Just in Australia, but only where these animals live, there are about 50 species of kangaroo. Funny story of the name of this animal. When Europeans landed on this continent, the first thing they saw was a kangaroo. The aliens have tried to learn from the Aboriginal name for these amazing animals. One of the Europeans pointed at them and asked, “What is this animal?” “Kangaroo!” – Answered aborigine. Europeans have decided that the name of the animal. Only much later it became known that the language of the natives “kangaroo” means “I do not understand!” Aborigine just do not understand the question. But the name of the kangaroo and remains of animals.
Clawed front paws kangaroo perfectly dig roots and tubers, which they feed. Kangaroo though peaceful animals, but are able to fend for themselves. Their backs, very strong legs – the perfect weapon. Kangaroo suddenly shifts his weight on the tail and hind legs liberated causes terrible wounds.
On its hind legs in a kangaroo just four fingers but claws on them like knives. Especially on the fourth, the longest. However, kangaroos often flee, like all peaceful animals. Starting with powerful hind legs, they race giant leaps – 12 meters long and 3 meters in height! That is why the kangaroo – the best jumper on the planet. So jump, except him, no one knows how.

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Kangaroo Wallpapers
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Kangaroo Wallpapers hd
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Kangaroo HD pictures
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