Juliette Binoche

Juliette Binoche
Birthday: 09.03.1964 year
Age: 51 year
Place of Birth: Paris, France

Citizenship: France
Height: 168 cm

Revelation Juliette Binoche
Speaking about the legends of French cinema, the first place is likely to give Catherine Deneuve. Next on the list may be some stars of the past, like Brigitte Bardot, Michel Mercier, Anouk Aimee, but among contemporary actresses in the most serious reasons for the high rating is Juliette Binoche. Her filmography includes more than 50 titles, it awarded ‘Oscar’ award in Venice, Cannes, Berlin and other film festivals, academic awards. Juliette Binoche is elegant and charming, its subtle sophistication and natural ease won the hearts of millions of viewers on both sides of the ocean and made her the highest paid French actress.

Childhood is sometimes difficult to survive
Sublime La Binoche, as fans call it, is a Parisian nee (9 March 1964), although the number of her relatives – her grandmother, who emigrated from Poland during the war. Her father, Jean-Marie Binoche, was an actor, director of the puppet theater, studied sculpture. Mother, Monica Stelens, taught French and also is interested in theater. Parents divorced when Juliette was four years old. Together with her sister Marion, and which later became an actress, she lived then and grandparents, in private boarding schools, and 15 years – on their own. Artistic tendencies manifested in painting classes (which Juliette Binoche has been so far), endless samples in film studies at the Paris and the National School of the Arts, as well as the conservatory. The aspiring actress noted that financial difficulties and the need for self-help differed sharply from its peers. Yes, and with the directors it was initially difficult to find a common language.
Under the pseudonym Juliette Adrien young actress went to the stage in 1980 and even became the director and the main character in the play by Ionesco.
Her first appearance on the screen took place the film ‘perfect liberty’ (1982). The following year, she starred in the TV series, and in 1984 – the famous Godard in ‘Hello, Mary!’ (Specially written for her episode).
However, the first major role was in the film by Nina ‘Rendezvous’ Andr? T?chin? (1985), where Juliette played herself – aspiring actress.
Kaleidoscope roles
With a light hand T?chin? Juliette Binoche became popular actress. At the same time began to legends about her unyielding character. The main reason for this was a difficult relationship with director Leos Carax. In his request for the filming of the movie ‘Bad Blood’ (1986) Juliette had to lose five pounds, become a vegetarian and do a dance school. The director even secretly asked Binoche parents about children’s fears and weaknesses actress. This film is tied them tense relations and brought great fame and the young actress and director. Juliette Binoche was invited to star in Hollywood (which is French actress offered infrequently). ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’ directed by Philip Kaufman, where Binoche became a partner Daniel Day-Lewis, actress brought international fame. However, for the sake of Leos Carax Juliette returned to France. Together they began filming ‘The Lovers on the Bridge’. Binoche itself did drawings for the film, I almost broke, acting on water skis, and embodied on the screen their attitude to the director. Tedious work lasted three years, ravaged three producers, however, despite the premium ‘Felix’, the film was not a success, and in 1993 Carax and Binoche parted.
Juliette was invited Spielberg to film ‘Jurassic Park’, but refused it. The first film of the trilogy Krzysztof Kie?lowski ‘Three colors. Blue ‘(1993), for which Binoche won the Venice Film Festival Award and National Film Award’ Cesar ‘, as best actress, she calls her biggest success.
The most prestigious in her film career was the famous ‘The English Patient’, for which Juliette Binoche won not only the ‘Oscar’ (the second of the actresses in France), but also British, European and other academic awards, as well as the award at Berlin Film Festival.
However, immediately after such a great success Binoche refused all roles and for the next season, played in theaters in London. Among the long list of her subsequent films – nominated for Oscar film adaptation of the bestselling Joanne Harris ‘Chocolate’ (2001) and the award-winning films at Cannes ‘true copy’.
Binoche is not afraid of political films (‘A few days in September’), nor comedies (‘Dan In Real Life’), nor frankly scandalous subjects (‘Revelation’). For the film “Alice and Martin ‘she learned to play the violin, and in 2008, remembering the lessons of choreography, participated in ballet’ In-I ‘.
Among its new projects – the filming of ‘Sils Maria’, ‘Nobody wants that night’, ‘Words and Pictures’.
The director of his life
Juliette Binoche is not too advertise his personal life, but do not hide the fact that it lacks a strong and reliable man. Legend of French cinema has signs of attention movie stars, famous directors and even presidents, it is four times received a marriage proposal – and have never been married, parting with their loved ones without quarrels, but finally. After the break with Leos Carax followed romance with scuba diving instructor Andre alley, and in 1993 they had a son Rafael.
The film “Children of the Century ‘, in which Binoche played George Sand, and Benoit Magimel – Alfred de Musset, was continued and in life. In December 1999, they had a daughter, Hannah, but a few years later the couple broke up. Magimel very concerned about the girl, but with his father Rafael Binoche does not communicate. The actress lives with her children in a Paris suburb, in a small historic mansion.
Juliette herself says that is not ready for the monotony of his life and is not going to give up the implementation of new creative ideas. She appeared in films and plays in the theater – both in Paris and on Broadway, dance, engaged in painting and writing poetry. Juliette Binoche calls himself the director of his life, and the most important things it considers their feelings, their children and their jobs.

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