Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore
Birthday: 30/12/1960 Year
Place of Birth: Fort Bragg, North Carolina, United States
Nationality: United States
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 52 kg

Original name: Julie Anne Smith

The secret of youth Julianne Moore
For nearly a quarter century Julianne Moore embodies on screen charming and elegant characters. The actress starred in more than forty films in the list of her awards – two awards Golden Globe and Emmy, three Volpi Cup and Berlin ‘Silver Bear’, four nominations for Oscar. Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary, Julianne Moore surprised not only their roles, it also became the face of cosmetic company ‘L’Oreal’. Meanwhile, once the future Hollywood diva was subjected to constant bullying classmates.
The ugliest in all schools
Julie Ann Smith was born on December 3, 1960 Her father, Peter Moore Smith, was a military judge, and the family moved constantly. Julie was born when her mother was just 19 years old, and then the girl appeared sister Valerie and Peter’s brother. As a child, Julie had to change a lot of schools, and in each of them repeated the same sad story: low loose girl with freckles and red hair, and even with glasses, immediately became the object of bullying classmates. Subsequently, Julianne Moore describes his childhood experiences in the book ‘freckled strawberry’, which will form the basis of the musical. However, with a truly Scottish mother tried to convince the girl that if you want, you can overcome any difficulties. She served her in this example, in his mature years, received two diplomas of higher education, and having mastered the profession of social psychology. So one day, after a fierce fight with another offender, Julie sat on a diet, and asked her parents to pay for fencing lessons and martial arts. In addition, the girl is going to bottles of Pepsi-Cola until the accumulated amount for the purchase of contact lenses. Changing appearance, Julie decided to try his hand at a school production of ‘Tartuffe’. The success was stunning – the most evil of offenders long asked for her forgiveness and invited on a date. This case will determine the future Julie Smith – it will become a great actress.
The first step towards realization of the dream was the request that parents gave her the opportunity to get out of college acting training. Mother agreed and flew with Julie in Boston, where she was admitted to the University, the Fine Arts and Drama, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree.
Soap and action
In 1983, future movie star began her professional career. She played in the Broadway productions and day ‘soap’ series, also moonlighted as a waitress. Because the Screen Actors Guild lists common name Julie Smith already figured, she annexed the mother’s name to his own and took the name of his grandfather. The first ‘soap’ role of aspiring actress became so successful that brought her Emmy. Julianne Moore’s debut on the big screen was a bit part in the mummies’ Tales of the Dark Side ‘(1990), they were followed by several supporting roles, one of which, Marian Wyman in’ Short History ‘(1993), received a special prize’ Gold Globe ‘and the Volpi Cup. Following this success was followed by several leading roles, including in ‘hitmen’ with Sylvester Stallone, until in 1997, Steven Spielberg has offered Julianne role in the cult film ‘Jurassic Park’.
Box office success ‘Jurassic Park’ Moore made a very popular actress and opened for her series of extraordinary heroines roles in such films as frank ‘Night Boogie’ (1997), nominated for the Oscar and Golden Globe; ambiguously-risky ‘The Big Lebowski’ (1998); dramatic ‘End of the Affair “(1999) to claim the Oscar, Golden Globe and a BAFTA. The film ‘Silence of the Lambs’ (2001) was skeptical perceived criticism, but became a legend of cinema and hit rolled. Successful were those movies with Julianne Moore as ‘Hours’, ‘Far From Heaven’, ‘Kids Are All Right’. For the role of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in the television movie ‘The game has changed’ (2012), the actress was awarded the Emmy and Golden Globe, although the Sarah Palin commended the film is not very approvingly. In 2013, Julianne Moore received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Among the premiere with the actress – movies ‘star map’ and ‘Non-Stop’.
Three men, two children
Her first husband, Sundar Chakravarthy, Jullian came out in 1983, believing that he would be her support in the struggle with life’s difficulties. Unfortunately, the marriage has become not help and a hindrance in professional growth, and broke up two years later. Already in 1986, Julianne again married actor John Gould Robin. Disagreements with her husband and his constant infidelity made Julianne in 1995 and to terminate the marriage. After that, the actress has decided that the marriage bond for her too hard. Working with director Bart Freundlich on the film ‘The Myth of Fingerprints’ (1997) led to the novel and the birth of his son Caleb. In 2002, Bart and Julian, despite their difficult relationship, a daughter Liv Helen. A year later, they are officially married, and, according to the actress, the decisive factor for this was the advice of her psychoanalyst. At the wedding Bart Freundlich gave his wife a ring with a diamond inlay, part of the names of their children, and she was the bride in a dress and jewelry, rented. The family lives in New York, and Julianne prefer to rent in the city to pay as much attention to her son and daughter.
Julianne Moore is a supporter of natural appearance and categorical opponent of Botox and plastic surgery. Save grace of forms actress and yoga helps a strict diet – she does not eat after 6pm. Julianne retains a perfectly smooth and white skin, protecting it from the sun, and does not fight with freckles, considering them to be the same individual traits of their image, as well as the famous honey-colored hair. The famous movie star comfortable with their age, and the question of what allows her to look so young, is responsible – of course, love.

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