Judy Garland

Judy Garland
Birthday: 10/06/1922 Year
Place of Birth: Grand Rapids (Minn.), United States
Date of Death: 06/22/1969 Year
Place of death: London, United States
Nationality: United States

Garland Cult of infantilism, supported by the studio, not let her truly emerge as a person and resulted in the most severe control her every move.
Garland, Judy (Garland, Judy). Real name: Frances Ethel Gumm. Born 10/06/1922 in Grand Rapids (Minn.), Died 06/22/1969 in London.
Judy Garland, like many other children – the stars of the time, literally grew up in Hollywood, and Louis Meyer played the role with her adoptive father. And education is not an easy one, and the future life of the actress became a classic example of the fate of the artist, nurtured the movie business.
Born into an artistic family, she made her debut in the two and a half years in vaudeville show “The kids Gamma” where even stood out among his sisters talented performance of the famous song «Jingle Bells». Ambitious mother steadily moving their children to the cinema and made in 1935, to be viewed in the studio “Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.” According to legend, Judy – then still Francis – did not have time nor change, nor comb; but it is a natural ease and girls attracted L. Meyer, who signed a contract with her without a screen test – the only case in the history of the company. So “MGM” “adopted by a” 13-year-old Garland. From now on, the studio has taken responsibility for her life and destiny, and education. She studied with Lana Turner, Jackie Kutani, Dina Durbin, nothing standing out among them until the celebration on the occasion of the birth of Clark Gable is not performed the song «You Made Me Love You», having won the sophisticated audience of filmmakers, and then ordinary Americans TV series “Family Hardy”, where she was partnered by Mickey Rooney, and, of course, playing Dorothy in an unforgettable fairy-tale “The Wizard of Oz from the” (1939). Of sweet, spontaneous, playful clever – we are the image more familiar to Russian “restatement” as Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” – growing up, Garland turned into a girl of the American dream. Big it has not grown children stayed until the end of her short life and clear brown eyes with astonishment and resentment Regard not too kind to her world and so contrasting with splayed “Negroid” erotic lips. Garland Cult of infantilism, supported by the studio, not let her truly emerge as a person and resulted in the most severe control her every move. She not only had the right to choose the films in which participated, “MGM” also enjoyed the actress with whom to make friends, meet someone to love. Quite by accident Garland found that only “OB” friend with whom she rented an apartment, was hired by the studio. Even the girl’s mother reported to Meyer about everything associated with her daughter. Her first marriage to David Rose bandsman not approved “MGM”, was soon dissolved.
In a situation where the work was much more important than people, Garland did not have time to look back, as her daily diet consisted of a cocktail of pills: for weight loss, to sleep, to maintain good spirits and all the same notorious performance … Dependence on drugs , which required more and more, could not ultimately not bring it to drug dependence.
But it is the favorite of the public – in 1940, Garland was among the ten most popular actresses in America – is not a studio favorite. With her was related too many problems: delays, illness, long-term stay in hospitals, nervous breakdowns. In 1951, “MGM” terminated the contract.
Rejected film, Garland devoted herself to live performances, performing at Carnegie Hall, and London Palladium. But neither emotionally nor physically create new career has not been able, for “MGM” has exhausted all her strength. And the death of the actress, not live, and in her last year, the fifth marriage with the employee discos (second husband and the father of the general’s daughter, is also an actress-singer Liza Minnelli, was directed by V. Minnelli), from an accidental overdose of sleeping pills in 1969 was a tragic commentary on the activities of Hollywood, becoming a victim of one of their own children.
But kinogorod remorse experienced. Moreover, the mythology of the stars, destroyed the system, it was argued by the movies, including with the participation of Judy Garland. However, ironically, in the movie “A Star Is Born” (1954) she had to play a star on the rise, while its partner in picture D. Mason went to the party shooting star. In fact, everything turned out differently-Live, charming, spontaneous, with a good, slightly husky “diapazonistym” voice, particularly attractive in the low register, with a peculiar emotional singing style, largely copied daughter – L. Minnelli, Garland was very good in the musical comedy and melodramas such as “For me and my girl” (1942), “Meet me in St. Louis” (1944), “Summer tour” (1950) and others. In her game – a warm, sincere, slightly ironic (it was one of the wittiest Hollywood actresses) – increasingly emerged the sadness. And it is not surprising that one of the last works of Judy in the movie was related to the tragedy. Witness to the “Nuremberg Trials” S. Cramer (1961) – lost, pathetic and manly at the same time a woman passed through the hell of Nazism, remembered everything. Obviously, little Dorothy, visit the magical Land of Oz, the only girl who received a special Oscar for Best Actress, had to go a long way to the twilight of his film career so play this role.
In 1978 former partner Judy Jackie Coogan took of her TV movie “Rainbow”, where the role of the Garland sang Andrea McArdle.
Filmography: “Every Sunday” to the / M1, 1936; “Football hits,” 1936; “Broadway Melody of 1938”, 1937; “Educated people do not cry”, 1937; “Sing all”, 1938; “Listen, my dear,” 1938; “Love Finds Andy Hardy”, 1938; “Green youths,” 1939; “Andy Hardy meets debutante”, 1940; “Let the orchestra plays”, 1940; “Little Nellie Kelly”, 1940; “Girl Zigfilda”, 1941; “For Andy Hardy begins life”, 1941; “Youths on Broadway,” 1941; “Presenting Lily Mars”, 1943; “Crazy Girls”, 1943; “Thousands applauded”, 1943; “Clock”, 1945; “Harvey Girl”, 1946; “Madness Zigfilda 1946”, 1946; “Till the Clouds Roll By”, 1946; “Pirate”, 1948; “Easter Parade.” 1948 “Words and Music”, 1948; “Wonderful Summer”, 1949; “Pele (we -” Pepe “), 1960; “I could still sing and sing,” 1962; “A child is waiting for”, 1963.

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