Jon Voight

Jon Voight
Date of birth: 12/29/1938 Year
Age: 76 years
Place of Birth: Yonkers, New York, United States

Citizenship: US
Height: 189 cm

Oscar winner Jon Voight loved and remembered by stunningly played roles in “Arrival Home” (1969) and the classic “Midnight Cowboy” (1969), which brought him his first nomination for “Oscar”. Since then he has for forty years never stopped working in the cinema, becoming one of the most versatile actors of America.
Jon Voight was born on December 29, 1938 in Jonkers, New York, he studied at the American Catholic University. Higher values ??have always occupied a worthy place in the world-enter. Years of study at the Catholic Lyceum and the Catholic University of Washington did not pass in vain for impressionable youths. Moreover, the present Catholic upbringing has its origins as far back as early childhood. Church services, sermons, biographies of saints – Elmer Voight, father of the future actor was firm in matters of faith, even though all my life spent on the lawn for a game of golf by teaching novices the tricks of the elite game. However, the first heretical thoughts visited the head of John in the early years of the same. He is not happy with a situation in which his many friends had to go to hell. And just because they belonged to a Protestant church, unlike the Catholic login. Perhaps this is a terrible contradiction and subsequently led to the decisive steps: After graduating from university, get to New York. He succeeded in the field of Catholic religious worldly activity litsedeya. His search for the truth ended at the Actors Studio in New York.
Having thorns acting, Voight made a successful debut at the Broadway stage in “The Sound of Music.” In 1965 he, along with Robert Duvall played in the famous play by Arthur Miller’s “View from the Bridge”, and later – in Los Angeles Ahmanson Theater in the play “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Gradually he established himself as a pathetic drama actor and has been “enrolled” in the best actors of his generation. However, Voight has not managed to fully fit into the overall picture of Hollywood. And his career was constantly limping.
Voight received fame for his role as Joe Buck in the film John Schlesinger’s “Midnight Cowboy” (1969), which became a symbol of the ’60s. In this film, the actor worked with Dustin Hoffman. Back in 1967, John found his friend Dustin, offering him to appear at the audition: “The role of Joe Buck in” Midnight Cowboy “- this is your role, Dustin!” Hoffman was the first time, but managed to get to enter Ratstso role only after it declined from its more successful rival.
In the same year the actor played in the classic tape “Catch-22” and “Champion”. His critics have praised and adored by audiences and film producers after another happy band prepared for a career in Vojta real gift – a role in the film “The Homecoming.” This pretentious, but powerful film Hal Ashby brought enter well-deserved them “Oscar”. On the second “Oscar” actor was nominated for her role in Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Runaway Train” (1985), and again, not for past services, but for a deep and penetrating performance role. But Voight walked another actor, and the reward swam past.
When finished seventies ended and the glory days of John Voight and the mid-80s, he began increasingly to work in theater and on television. He even got the role of Texas Ranger Woodrow Colla in the television series “The Return of Lonesome Dove” (1993). In the “Lonesome Dove,” the role played Tommy Lee Jones. The blond northerner Voight with a soft face and a sky-blue eyes after explosive swarthy southerner Jones looked simply amazing.
In 1996, Jon Voight appeared on movie screens again – this time in roles of villains – in “Combat” Manfred Mann and the movie “Mission Impossible” by Brian De Palma. These studies suggest that the actor is still strong and talented.
Now Voight actively act in films. Among his latest projects – the film “Pearl Harbor” and “Lara Croft – Tomb Raider” (where he played with his daughter Angelina Jolie), “student team,” “Enemy of the State” and “Anaconda.” The audience also enjoyed his performance in the films “The Rainmaker,” Francis Ford Coppola’s “The General”, “Deliverance” – his third nomination for “Oscar”. Widely known and awarded a lot of prizes works enter the picture “Sabotage 2: Wanted,” “Miracle Worker”, “Business” Odessa “and” Champion “.
Do not forget Jon Voight and his long-time dream to reappear on television. He starred in “Rebellion”, the plot of which is based on the true story of the Warsaw ghetto, and the mini-series for CBS “Jack and grain legumes: the real story.” Then there were the sensational project “Chernobyl: The Final Warning” and “The Last of the Tribe.”
Directorial debut of the Hollywood star took on cable television Showtime. Voit presented to the audience the film “Tin Soldier” and immediately received several awards, including the prize for best children’s film at the Berlin Film Festival.
Well, it would seem, everything worked and nothing to regret. But not once during his long and happy kinozhizni Jon Voight wandered aimlessly along the beach, with this uncomplicated lesson for days on end. It took the eternal questions that images of villains and crooks whom he portrays in front of a movie camera, can hardly help our world become even one iota better. It turned out that all of his Herculean efforts in vain? The evil was evil and the good could not possibly cope with it. Voight was in crisis, and that’s what he says about one day on the coast …
“… If I could play a significant role – came to me another deep thought – such as Jack Nicholson in” One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest “… Suddenly I heard:” Hello! How are you? – And someone’s heavy hand on my shoulder. – “I see our Oscar’s thought is not a joke!”
Caught off guard, I first started back in front of me was Al Pacino. “In general, this was not surprising. On the beaches of Malibu could bump into a celebrity of any size, at Pacino – including.” Ah, man, I see you finally limp! – The smile vanished from the face of my friend. – Go on, what’s the matter … “joint trips lasted until sunset, I had to present their favorite ideas. Apparently, they made a tribute to Al Pacino action. Looking at me, Pacino put his hand on my shoulder and said,” John, you a great actor! You still play the role you dream about. Don `t doubt! ..”
Conversation with Pacino convinced to enter the enduring value of true friendship. After all, he did exactly the same when once helped Dustin Hoffman to get the role.
The house is lonely Voight portraits of great men: Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, the Indian yogi Paramahansa Yogananda. Girlfriends John, who occasionally wander into his bachelor abode puzzled inquired why he lived in the house above the precipice of the canyon? Wise Voight says: so it is better to think about the great problems.

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