Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi (biography)

Birthday: 02/03/1962 Year
Place of Birth: Perth Amboy Perth Amboy, New Jersey, United States
Nationality: United States
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 73 kg

Original name: John Francis Bongiovi Jr

American rock singer, producer and actor of Italian origin, Jon Bon Jovi (his real name is John Francis Bondzhovi Jr.) was born on March 2, 1962 in Perth Embry (NJ, USA) in a family barber.
From a young age he was interested in music, playing the guitar, played in local bands, songs written with the same 13 years. Laboring in the recording studio of his cousin, John was able to use its equipment. Early his song “Runaway” was popular on local radio stations. In 1983, he organized a group which included his friend David Rashbaum, guitarist Dave Sabo (it is then replaced Richie Sambora), bassist Alec Joe Sachs and drummer Tico Torres. The name of the group was slightly modified name of its leader – “Bon Jovi”. Soon, the band signed a contract with the label “Mercury”.
In 1984, their debut album “Bon Jovi”, and the song “Runaway” became a Top 40. The following year the album was released “7800 Fahrenheit”, which has become the “gold.” The new album turned out to be the group’s success “Slippery When Wet” (1986), sold over nine million copies and raised the Jon Bon Jovi on the “star” of height. Two songs from his “You Give Love A Bad Name” and “Livin ‘On A Prayer” in the first position in the charts, and “Wanted Dead or Alive” was included in the top ten. Successfully used and new album “New Jersey” (1988), in support of which the group had a tour.
Then Jon Bon Jovi began to pay more attention to his other projects: he started producing – to work, particularly with groups of “Gorky Park” and “Cinderella”. Then Bon Jovi performed as a composer, creating the soundtrack for the movie “Young Guns-II”, released soon as a solo disc “Blaze Of Glory” (1990). Seven years later, the world saw the second of his “solo” “Destination Anywhere”. Then he directed a short film with songs from this album.
In 1995, the debut of Jon Bon Jovi as an actor in the melodrama “Moonlight”, where his partners were Kathleen Turner, Whoopi Goldberg, Gwyneth Paltrow. In 2000, on the screens out war drama Jonathan Mostow “U-571”, in which Bon Jovi played the role of Lt. Pete Emmett.
If you ask John Bon Jovi’s the difference between writing songs for the album, Bon Jovi and his own album, with the answer he will not be late.
“When you make a recording group, a joint effort … it’s not always my story, or a story, it becomes our history. But this time” – John pauses – “It’s only my voice.”
This voice will appear at the top of an album called Destination Anywhere. In this album is one of the leading singers and composers included emotional, complicated-sounding compositions. Musician wanted to show that a Bon Jovi as an artist. And this goal was achieved rejection of the prevailing stereotypes about his music. Confused, more rhythmic, but rather built on exquisite passages than guitar chords, songs from the album Destination Anywhere do not sound like scream, and as a passionate whisper. And if the album does not seem sound design to New Jersey or Your Guns Soundtrack, it can be assumed, John came to what he wanted.
To work on the album Destination Anywhere John attracted a diverse and incredible composition group of musicians, including producer and songwriter Dave Stewart (Dave Stewert (Eurythmics, Tom Petty)) and Steve Layroni (Steve Lironi), known for his composition “Black Grape’s It’s Great when You’re Straight “… As he told John:” I am prepared to make the shot, and if my idea does not work, I would have immediately rejected it. In theory I planned participation of five producers, with two tracks each! That was to the album! But then I picked two songs with Steve, I really liked it, besides, I was amazed at how it works. We started by making a plan and work backwards … It is completely different from my style of work on album. as a result, I have prepared Steve eight tracks, and he made three more. The main thing, I realized that this method allows the recording not be afraid to experiment with new ideas and gives new paint my music. ”
All these radical changes in the methods of recording took place in London. John spent three months while filming The Leading Man and apparently new rhythms soared in the British air. John wrote the first ten songs on the album on an acoustic guitar during breaks, alone in the shooting trailer, and eventually completed most of the songs in its main studio.
When working on the album Destination Anywhere Jon Bon Jovi keyboardist helped David Bryan (David Bryan), Eric Bazilian (Eric Bazilian (The Hooters)), drummer Kenny Aronoff (Kenny Aronoff), Dave Stewart (Dave Stewart) and a lot of musicians, friends and baby -siterov. “Everyone who came to the studio, to some extent participated in the album” – John laughs.
Despite the unorthodoxy of ways to create this album, some things have remained the same: namely, lyrical theme songs of John: faith and lack of illusions. Although this time, these topics have become more autobiographical tone. In a single “August 7, 4:15” John affect sensitive topic murder of his daughter’s manager. “Midnight in Chelsea” (“Midnight in Chelsea”), the first single from the album – a sublime story about his time in London. Full of energy composition “Janie, Do not Take Your Love To Town” – a chronicle of family fights with his wife, who, as John joked, “always pretended simpleton,” and in the song “Every word is a part of my heart” (“Every Word Has A Piece Of My Heart “) sounds inherent Bon Jovi lyrical sincerity.
This sincerity and determination to follow his style is the basis of creativity Bon Jovi (and soloist and ensemble). More than 13 years of Bon Jovi prevailed in the music industry, having sold over 75 million albums worldwide. In addition, the Group actively performs concerts, collecting arenas and stadiums around the world. Last CD Group 1995 “These Days” went multi-platinum and demonstrated creative maturity musicians. Currently they are working on solo projects, but in the near future a joint studio work.
As for the Jon Bon Jovi, in the near future he will be busy in promotion Destination Anywhere. He also plans to continue shooting his film career began in 1995 with the critically acclaimed film heat Moonlight and Valentino. In addition, he acted in a short film for the album Destination Anywhere. Soon John appears in the film studio Miramax “Little City and Homegrown”, which also removed the owner of academic awards Billy Bob Tronton (Billy Bob Thornton). Even John starred in the movie “Long Time, Nothing New” director Ed Burns (“She’s The One” and “The Brothers McMullen”). John, too, the music does not refuse. “The biggest thing I do in life – a songwriting. It’s much more important records and concerts. Because the song – that’s what I created and that will remain forever.”
All 12 songs from the album Destination Anywhere – funny and sad, provocative and humorous – one step in the creative life of Bon Jovi.

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