John Travolta

John Travolta
Birthday: 2/18/1954, the
Age: 61 year
Place of birth: Englewood, New Jersey, United States

Citizenship: US
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 80 kg

The idol of the youth disco era
Many people know John Travolta as an actor militants and crime films. However, few people know that he got a lot of popularity in the late 70s, starring in a series of successful musicals. Thanks extravagant dance numbers and performance of popular songs Travolta became the people’s favorite and idol of youth disco era.

Early years
John Travolta was born in Englewood, NJ, February 18, 1954. His father was Italian, and in his youth played football at a semi-professional level. To feed his family, he was selling auto parts. Mother taught acting, and in his spare time engaged in singing.
Since childhood, John’s parents instilled a love of music, theater and cinema. However, Travolta did not immediately decided on the profession. In his youth he wanted to become a pilot. He collected model airplanes, as well as watching old scientist at the military base, which is close to their home. Being older, John become better acquainted with the military orders, and decided that a pilot’s career is not suitable. Then he realized that he had become a famous actor, to make lots of money and buy their own plane.
For the realization of the dream Travolta chose not easy, but still close to him the way. Acting mother taught children with childhood. The father even built something like the scene where the whole family put small plays. Growing up, John began to study dance at the brother of the famous Gene Kelly. A beautiful, long-legged, lithe young man was as if created for the dance. His movements were clearly visible to the grace and beauty of the body.
In 16 years, Travolta dropped out of school and focused on her acting career. The producers noticed a charismatic guy and invited him to play in dance Broadway productions. Some time later, John was lit in the cinema. His debut was a small role in the television movie “The critical situation! ‘ (1972). New actor quickly gained the confidence of the directors and soon became the real star of musicals.
Ups and downs
World famous John Travolta was due to the film “Saturday Night Fever” (1977), which became one of the most successful music bands 70. It Travolta revealed his dancing skills and a sense of humor and dramatic character. Even more successful the musical ‘Grease’ (1978). The actor sang several songs for the film, which became the greatest hits. It was the finest hour Travolta. It seems that in America there is a popular actor than he is.
After winding, bristling with energy musicals, John decided to change roles and try his hand at other genres of cinema. In 1980 he came out with his participation Western ‘Urban Cowboy’ and then thriller ‘Puncture’ (1981). These works were a success and forced to take another look at the creativity Travolta.
However, it soon became a popular actor fade. He starred in several unsuccessful films and started to forget about it. Nothing was brought and creative alliance with Stallone, who has decided to put the musical film “Lost” (1983). The comedy “Look Who’s Talking” (1989) had some success, but it was not enough to revive interest in the personality of the actor.
The man who pulled the Travolta of creative crisis, became a little-known film director Quentin Tarantino. He’s like a big movie fan loved musical movies with the actor and invited him to play in his film ‘Pulp Fiction’ (1994). By and large, the hero Travolta was a parody of himself since the 70s. Dance with the Uma Thurman was probably the most memorable scenes of the film and made twist incredibly popular in the 90s.
The film has gained cult status and brought its creators fame. Travolta received a nomination for ‘Oscar’ award and ‘BAFTA’, becoming one of the contenders for the best actor of the year. According to John, he did not expect that the film will be a success, and I thought it would be some sort of art house.
Offers from producers fell instantly. On the advice of Tarantino’s actor starred in the comedy “Get Shorty” (1995), which earned him even greater popularity and Golden Globe. Then Travolta starred in such successful films as ‘Face’ (1997) and ‘Red thin line’ (1998). In the 2000s he continued to actively removed, but the really good roles, he had enough. Among recent works it is worth noting the role of the actor in the thriller “Killing Season” (2013) and the television series ‘Kirsty’ (2013).
Personal life
In his youth, Travolta had a few novels, but married only once. His choice was actress Kelly Preston, with whom he first met while filming the movie “Look Who’s Talking.” She bore him two sons and a daughter. In 2009, the eldest son John was killed in a fit caused by a so-called ‘Kawasaki syndrome’.
Since 1975, the actor began practicing Scientology. It is also actively engaged in the problems of modern society and regularly donates money to charity. In 2010, he donated 10 thousand dollars the Nelson Mandela Foundation in South Africa. And during the earthquake in Haiti, John helped the victims with medicine and importation of clothing for doctors.
Children Travolta dream come true. He has several aircraft, including Boeing-707-138 “, purchased from the airline ‘Qantas’. All of them are named after the children. The actor has a pilot’s license and regularly makes air travel. For example, in 2010, personally managing his Boeing, Travolta visited Russia. His most significant achievement was landing at the airport with inoperative lighting.
Despite the apparent decline in his career, the actor continues to play in the movie, but less than 25 million, does not agree to appear. He spoke, and as producer of the picture ‘Battlefield Earth’ (2000), but this experience proved unsuccessful. Yet best John Travolta are roles musical films. And how could it be otherwise, because in his words, he danced all my youth.

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