John Malkovich

John Malkovich
Birthday: 09/12/1953 Year
Place of birth: Christopher, Illinois, United States
Nationality: United States
Height: 185 cm

“I am convinced that there is always a way out!”
Marat, tell us about your role in the film “Suicide.” Why do you only starred in the episode?
– With this role I have related the whole story. Last winter I had to go to Nizhny Novgorod on the ice show. Departure along with the entire fraternity skaters and artists in the morning. At two o’clock in the morning the phone rings. Sanya Strizhenov, my old friend, “Marik, listen, I’m no one can no longer apply, except for you. We remove the painting “Suicide.” – “I know.” I knew also that there are a lot of bright, juicy male roles (in the film are busy Alexei Vorobyov, Eugene Stychkin, Ville Haapasalo, Michael Politseymako. – “TS”). “So – he says – at the last moment flew Tears for Fears, who was supposed to play a small but very important role. Escape! “Of course, I would have bailed out, but I have seven in the morning plane. Sanya said that anyone found on the role can not, and can not be transferred shooting: graders clearing snow from the clean, balloon ready, waiting for the extras! I had to agree. We decided that if we start at seven in the morning to twelve hours have time, and I’ll fly to Nizhny evening flight. Only talk about all this with Averbuch I asked Sanya. At five in the morning Strizhenov dials Averbuch. I do not know what arguments, but he persuaded the same Elijah to take the risk and let me go, assuring that the beginning of the show, I’ll be there. At six in the morning Sasha you done for me, along with her daughter, Sasha, small, which in the film plays the daughter of my hero – balloonist. We go to the set. There is a forest, a huge field, blizzard, cold dog. Working inflated balloon. Remove. And except nervyak – have time or do not have time? – Very fun to work with. Just finished shooting, jump in the car and rush to the airport. I sit on a plane and … He does not fly, flight delays. As a result, I was late to the show – thank God, my numbers prudently moved to the second compartment. So it still worked … I am very grateful Strizhenova because, firstly, it gave me the opportunity once again to play with him in the movie (the first role in Strizhenova Marat Basharov played in the film “Little Yulia” in 2009 – “TS “), and working with him is really a pleasure. Well, and secondly, when else would I fly in a balloon?
And why the genre of the film “Suicide” is defined as a life-affirming comedy?
– In this picture, the more serious the characters try to commit suicide, the comical situations in which they find themselves … I guess people come to the decision to voluntarily give up their lives, when they find that reached the last line, were very much on the edge, when on the way no. But I am convinced – there is always a way out, and this is what our film. Not how to die, and how to live. I have great respect for those who are in the most cruelest situations all means fighting for his life, and suicide is definitely think weaklings.
And you have never had such thoughts in difficult situations?
– Her-is, in any situation, I about such never even thought about! Obviously, because, being a religious person and at the same time quite cowardly, and perhaps pragmatic, believe that after death, life goes on. People who stripped himself of life, never go to heaven. And I really want to go there. Therefore I prefer to fight to the end, and in particular to itself.
“We have become too spoiled”
Marat, five years ago you had a family idyll wife Lisa and daughter Amelie. And suddenly – lysine statement that you broke up with her. And all because of your whirlwind romance with the famous Olympic champion Tatiana Navka. In addition, Lisa unreasonably jealous of you and Maria Butyrskaya and Maria Mironova. Are you really a womanizer?
– I think a man ought not to brag or complain about their victories over the lesions on the personal front. But the essence, I still try to explain. The vast majority of men dream of machines … Here you go, for example, in the bus and see how smart drives past if not “Ferrari”, but just a cool car – in high school for me this was “nine” – and draw pictures in the imagination happiness: “Oh, I would so!” Well, I bought “nine”. Feeling: you – the coolest. Some time rulish with this feeling. But once you notice how rushes past the “Volkswagen”. Think about it: “And this, perhaps, is steeper.” Then it is possible to take a “Volkswagen”. And here he is yours. You are happy again. And suddenly, accidentally glance stops at “Mercedes”. Transfixed with emotion: “Yeah, I have, of course, a great car, but it does not compare well with this. That would be it for me! “And so on in the same vein … It’s my nature. Every time enjoying the new acquisition, but gradually cool down. In fact the problem: such as I simply can not appreciate what they have. Nevertheless, I have no regrets and immensely happy that I had and “nine” and “Volkswagen” and “Mercedes” …
And yet, if fate joined together as a couple and lived, whether deprive yourself of all because of the new temporary hobbies?
– Probably not worth it. But … We have become too spoiled, stopped to appreciate what we have. After all, before, if people got married, it was all – marriage for life. And now what? Were married people in the church, and then tired of each other, found a someone on the side, came back to the church, and debunked. But to me, to be honest, family life is like. I’m so pleased to, say, the theater together. Then home to discuss the show, with its half share experiences. And by the way, from this joint pastime molecules combine family life even harder. I always dreamed that I had a big house, came to us to visit, my wife was preparing lunch, dinner, ran the household. Therefore, and went to live outside the city. Well, if a woman is also a man self-sufficient? She does not want to cook, it is better to sit with my friends somewhere, languages scratch, and then: “Oh, girl, I’ve got to run, and then my already calling swears.” – “Come on, spit, went better karaoke”. – “And let’s go! Then think of something. “And call: “You know, I have a girlfriend now remain.” Look around: Wow, and next to a luxurious car which pulled up … Anyway, my life is exactly what happened.
And when you first fell in love for real?
– Who knows … At school, and further used to see the girl, the feelings break out – and all sleep because of thinking about it you can not. Think, here it is, the love of a kind. Time passes, already in love with another, then a third of the roof blown off. But seriously, my first true love – it’s still Lisa. The woman with whom I have lived for a long time, with which we have a common child.
The child was coveted?
– Very Much! When I learned that Lisa was pregnant, I remember how at once very grown up, just a second. As soon as she said: “We will have a child.” I was looking forward to when it all come true. By the very moment I am with the performance accomplishments Ladies’ Night was on tour. Elizabeth until the last day, already with a huge belly, drove the car itself, for which I was very angry at her, but she is not in any wheel wanted to give someone else. And here I am in Chelyabinsk, she calls: “Hey, something I feel like something is not right, I’ll go, probably.” I was taken aback: “What ?! Where ?! Wait, I did I arrive tomorrow. “In the morning, I’m still at the airport, a call from Lisa. “Everything – reports – I’m already in place.” That is, she sat behind the wheel and went to give birth. I rush to the hospital. She has not given birth, lies. The doctor sent me home, I threw things changed and came back. We drive to the hospital, calling Lizaveta: “I congratulate you, I just had a baby.” As I was later told the doctors, her birth for all were something incomprehensible. Lisa also works as an administrator in the studio “TRITE” Mikhalkov, and she had the next large-scale survey. The process of filmmaking can not be stopped, so she endlessly call it non-stop calls, the phone does not let out of the hands. Tuzhitsya, simultaneously solves all kinds of problems at work, gives orders. Well, just like: “How many tons? Cannon on carts? And where will ship missiles? Their eight trucks will go … And on the costumes we need three tons of fabric. And burlap take … Oh, wait, please, wait a second, I can not talk now – give birth. Call back in fifteen minutes. “Normal? (Laughs.)
What in your life has changed with the advent of Amelie?
– I noticed the appearance of a certain unusual to me before sentimentality. Lisp with my daughter all the time. The other day, driving home after shooting, called her “Coco – her so we call childhood – I’m going home, but you lie down, the time is ten hours to go to sleep at seven in the morning you have to get up for school.” “No, – he says – I’m sure you’ll wait, but we had not seen for four days!” And warm the soul … She poured a tender lump! How did she fit the name I chose for her … Amelie from ancient Persian language means “affection” and “delight.” Well, the most important thing that has changed in me after the birth of the child, – I had a crazy sense of self-sufficiency, self-confidence. Like, you have a full-fledged man – your seed is not empty, you have the continuation of the species, which means that everything is fine with you.
And how did you lost feelings for his wife to persuade her to maintain a good relationship with you?
– For both of us it became apparent that our relationship all broke. Well, why torture each other to portray what is no longer in sight? We talked about it with Lisa, discussing how we will continue to live. Yes, it happens, people disagree – and the end, all divided. The horror. We did not have this. When we decided together that live as a family is no longer able to, I said, “Lisa, once it happened, let’s think about the future as we build it properly. Tell me what you want? All you need to – take away. “I’m for it always did everything, I’m doing now and will do in the future. And for the more Amelie. And now we live well, even better than they were a family.

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