John Goodman

John Goodman
Birthday: 6/20/1952, the
Age: 62 years
Place of Birth: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Citizenship: US
Height: 188 cm

Unique talents of John Goodman is that he – one of the few actors who perfectly get used in a comedy role, and in the drama. And every one of them, he tries to bring good-natured eccentric charisma and excellent comedian.

However, the future of childhood comic is not passed in an atmosphere of fun. John was born June 20, 1952 in Nizhny Efftone – a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. His father – a postal worker – not long singing lullabies to his son: he died of a heart attack when Little John was two years old. While Virginia Goodman expecting another child. Soon Johnny appeared younger sister Betty.
Loss of head of the family was a big blow to reconcile with whom the children have been very difficult. Therefore, the eldest son of Leslie, who was then fifteen years old, tried to replace the younger brothers and sisters of his father. The special role that fate forced to assume Leslie moved close to the whole family, especially brothers. But John still lacked a number of trusted advisor and a friend. Moreover, the mother had to work several jobs at once, and therefore she could not devote himself entirely to the education of children.
Under the supervision of his brother, John graduated in hometown school, where he poured out a special love of football. It must be admitted that the player he was unimportant because the team won only one game on the road. In a rather tight schedule school youth also found time to participate in school theater productions. His stage debut took place in 1968.
In 1970, Goodman entered the local community college, which was then transferred to Southwest Missouri State University. While the younger brother of hard perfecting his talent, Leslie Goodman all his free time devoted to the construction of a solid foundation for the future career of John. He was trying to save enough money so that John could attend extra classes in acting and really achieve something in the world of big movies.
In 1975, John Goodman graduated from college with a degree in acting. Then he made the fateful decision: the time has come to play from the heart and earnest. However, the audience Missouri was not the best start for the young and inexperienced actor. So John, in his pocket, saved his brother a thousand dollars in 1975 went for glory in New York. Three months later, the money ran out, putting it ahead of the need to look for a job. In this he surpassed many Hollywood stars, if not the quantity, originality favorite kind of activity. Goodman was involved in several children’s theater productions, and worked as a cook in the theater.
Gradually luck began to smile more often novice actor. So, in 1978 he made his debut in a small staging on Broadway “Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Soon Goodman was already confident gait in rehearsal the most famous Broadway musicals 90s. He began as an actor, but in the end he found himself in the center of the scene. The critics unanimously sang his gift of acting, all the faces that appeared in the plays “losing end” (1979) and “Big River” (1985).
Before big roles on the big screen it was still far away, and Goodman honed his gift on stage. He also successfully acted in commercials, the audience was especially remembered as King burgers.
Early 90’s was for John Goodman something Hollywood Eldorado. Proposals to shine on the big screen came from the creators of the most attractive in career terms of film projects. However, Goodman decided to first consolidate its position Actor, and only then to accept the leading role. For the first time, viewers saw a mighty fat man as the star of the first magnitude in the Coen brothers film “Raising Arizona,” suddenly opened to the public the true value of the actor’s gift of Goodman. This was followed by the title role in “Roseanne” – the cash register shows of all time, where he successfully created the image of a common man, a representative of the working class. Unexpectedly for himself the name of John Goodman became known in every household of America. This show has brought him not only viewers love, and well-deserved recognition of Film Critics – Award “Emmy.”
Star actor has finally shone in all its splendor on the Hollywood firmament; best comedic role in the highest-grossing films like only him and waited. Get lucky by the tail, Goodman at the peak of its popularity starred in the dramatic tape “Sea of ??Love” and “Baby.” However, the true popularity he gained as a terrific comedian, performing the role of frivolous merry in the films “King Ralph” and “The Flintstones.”
Like many stars, John Goodman achieved notoriety not only in cinema but also in the world of music. Goodman first demonstrated his vocal abilities in the show “Roseanne” and then – in the film “King Ralph”. Singing – a constant companion of the actor not only on screen, but in real life. The first visitors of restaurants “Planet Hollywood” does not just have witnessed the brilliant duo of John Goodman and Bruce Willis, delights diners hearing customers. Incendiary musical numbers performed by Goodman admirers of his talent can be seen in New Orleans “House of Blues”, of which he is a co-owner.
When all is not well in terms of career, personal life, according to the strange logic of Hollywood, fails … But not in the case of John Goodman. He – one of the few kinoidolov, which is an example of an almost perfect family man. The wife of actor – Annabeth Hartzog. They met at a party in New Orleans, in the midst of filming another movie with Goodman “When I fell in love” (1988). Cupid Arrow Annabeth was not included in the first try, unlike John, who was struck by her beauty. Usually laid in communication. Goodman embarrassment suddenly become awkward and completely lost the gift of eloquence. Annabeth also found it very rude and only after much persuasion Goodman gave another chance.
In 1989 he took a modest wedding ceremony, and a year later, John became the proud father. The couple had a lovely baby, called Molly. All together Goodman family to settle in Los Angeles.
Citing the harmony of all aspects of his life, the actor with a calm heart again devoted himself to his favorite occupation. In 1999, he paired with Nicolas Keyzhdem starred in Martin Scorsese’s “Bringing Out the Dead.” Currently, Goodman has seen a revival of its popularity, agreeing to shoot in several big-budget films. This creative achievements have yet to join the impressive kinobagazhu John Goodman. And in the hometown of the actor, became famous thanks to his enormous contribution to world cinema, in 1997 on the Walk of Fame “lit” Star of the King of people’s hearts, a wonderful husband and son, and just a good guy.

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