Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster
Birthday: 11/19/1962 Year
Age: 52 year
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA

Nationality: United States
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 50 kg

Jodie for you!
“Jody, an hour later I’ll kill President Reagan, but if you have confirmed that I have a chance to win your heart – I reject this idea. I made this decision because I do not know how else to get your attention. And Remember that all of this for you. ”
March 31, 1981 author of the letter addressed to Jodie Foster, John Hinckley some really made an attempt on the US president. Fortunately, Ronald Reagan was not injured – was shot in his press secretary. In the hotel room Hinckley found this unsent letter, dozens of poems dedicated to Jodie Foster, and booklet Salinger “The Catcher in the Rye.” By the way, with the same story parted and another famous fool Mark Chapman, a few months ago who shot John Lennon.
“Why is everyone so crazy obsessed with this book?” – The first thing I thought of Yale University student Jodie Foster heard a message about the assassination. The meaning of the incident came to her immediately. Watching news channels terrible shots, Jody again experienced this almost forgotten feeling – cold paralyzing horror. For the past six years, Jody lived like at gunpoint. And her personal hell was named John Hinckley.
The road to hell began with the usual children’s stupidity: after a triumphant appearance in the film Jodi Martin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver” in the role of juvenile prostitutes on Jody rained hail letters from a young man named John with declarations of exceptional, sublime love. Attached to the letter dozens of enthusiastic poems that thirteen-year Jodie proudly recited older sisters Connie and Lucinda. Still, after all they somehow no one is writing! Connie (and explicit scenes instead of younger Foster was filmed it) then condescendingly explained younger sister that probably lost peace admirer fell exactly in her body – men so often. Naive Jody permeated words sisters, secretly wrote Hinckley replied that he is in love with her “not fair, but only half.” If only Jodie could imagine the consequences of what seemed to her then such a beautiful and romantic game!
She would never forget his startled cry when Hinckley cropped up right in front of the wheel of her bike. Not to knock it down, Jody jerked the wheel to the right, hit the curb and flew out of the saddle. She then returned home after filming “Bad Friday”, and it tracked Hinckley. It was a sultry afternoon, going to the same storm – at such a time the center of Los Angeles like dying. Pressing the girl knee to the ground, metal maniac broadcast deprived tone of voice: “When you become an adult, you will marry only for me, okay? If you dare to give her virginity to another – I’ll kill you, wherever you are in …” At the last words Hinckley broke terrible downpour. The madman disappeared in heavy humid air as silently as he had appeared. All trembling, smeared with mud Jody could not even cry from fear – just sobbed convulsively.
Jody’s mother, Brandy, capturing all the letters Hinckley, immediately called the police and the FBI. In the area were advised to put to the young star guard, and the FBI assured that John Hinckley, the son of a wealthy oilman, completely harmless lunatic and real danger is not.
By Jody really placed a guard, moreover, mother, sister and brother began to come to her turn to shoot and keep an eye on her. In order not to disappoint them, Jody bravely pretended that she was all right, and smiled cheerfully. In fact, since that terrible day in my heart Jody considered herself doomed. Hinckley like put her under a glass cover, isolated from the world of normal people happy.
The hardest thing was in school. Given the exceptional ability Jodie – a year she learned to speak coherently, and three independently read books – her mother gave her a privileged French Lyceum, one of the most expensive schools in Los Angeles, famous for strict classical education and loud the names of students and their parents. Classmates disliked Jody, considering it voobrazhaloy and upstart. They all day long languished at their desks, but instead Foster starred in the movies, and in the evening it is often shown on television. When Jody occasionally still bless Lyceum his appearance, after her classes certainly breezing sparkling limousine with security. “Just think, the star turn up!” – Boy, showing his contempt, Jody pulled braids are more likely than other girls.
Previously, Foster never misses an opportunity to answer offender good cuff, but now it took another: everywhere – in a dark corner of the room, in the school corridor, on the streets – Jody imagining pursuer … It was a sharp shudder and scream if someone suddenly touched her shoulder. Prior to the persecution mania was only one step … One day, sitting in a large change in a secluded spot in the schoolyard, Jody broke down and gave to torment her secret to his only friend Miko, son of Marlon Brando: “You just do not tell anyone, but I never -Never get married. I’m afraid. He promised to kill me. ” Miko, secretly and without hope of reciprocity in love with Jody, was overjoyed: “Can I be your bodyguard ?!” If Jodie then agreed, perhaps her life would be different: from Miko Brando really went great defender – a few years later he became head of security Michael Jackson.
Like all girls, young Foster dreamed about love, and how no one was afraid of her. One day, spending Christmas vacation in Tahiti, seventeen Jody fell in love with a young French officer. He lived in the same charming little hotel, reminiscent of a toy castle. The young man was struck by the fact that a young American woman, also very famous actress, absolutely fluent in its language and excellent knowledge of French literature. Jody did not think to hide his feeling, and did not know how. They spend hours playing backgammon and splashing in the pool. Soon he began to insist on close – and she was afraid. Every day, Jody gave myself that tomorrow, yes, exactly, that tomorrow she will tell her a terrible secret lover. Not to say it was impossible. Hinckley since vowed that he would follow her everywhere. The third consecutive year it has received a letter from him on the day! In addition Hinckley every step pinup vigilant paparazzi, and Jodie had no chance to hide his personal life. Girl dreams: it’s worth it just to confess loved – and he will think up something. But “tomorrow” never came: the more passionately officer looked at her, the more she was afraid that this “confession” to put it in the eyes of a lover just fool-neurotic.
After her love dispel hopes and frustrated officer drove off back to Europe, Jodie, returning to a huge mansion lifeless Foster felt even more lonely and restless. Once they had a modest home in a poor neighborhood near the hospital. Jody loved the simplicity of their cozy apartment, she even liked to wake up to the sound of sirens “ambulance”. Everything changed after three years baby Foster starred in advertising sunblock. For cream followed cookies, baby cereal, dog food, toothpaste, potato chips, and then – in the role of feature films. Jodi began to earn so much money that her mother could afford to buy the Hollywood Hills luxury three-storey mansion, hidden behind a high fence inaccessible. Instead of things since childhood favorite Jodi, settled there bellied cabinets XVIII century, heavy antique tapestries and carpets from the skin of a zebra and other, as expressed Jody, “no man’s land.” In her room, the girl felt as if in a museum.
Brandy just waved from Jody and advised her daughter to “throw Hinckley and his threats from the head,” because it is “nonsense and stupidity.” And she continued to dream the same nightmare – it killed Hinckley first French officer, and then slowly, ominously smiling, putting the barrel on it.
Refuge from herself and her fears Jody hoped to find at the university, especially since she graduated from high school brilliantly: “It seemed to me that if at least during my studies I stop being an actress, then Hinckley, maybe leave me alone.”
She chose the famous Yale University, which is located in the state of Connecticut, a thousand miles from California, exactly halfway between New York and Boston. Leaving Hollywood, Jodie made a formal statement to the press, saying that in the next four years, it will not be removed.
At Yale, she enrolled under the name Alicia Foster and asked not to enter your room number and the phone in general list of students. She settled in the hostel – a stack of books, portable typewriter, a pair of jeans in the closet … After paying room and board at Jody remained at $ 30 a week just huge sums lying in the bank Foster, could manage only her mother.
… Jody enthusiasm Append course work on Salinger when absently lifting the handset, heard a familiar voice without intonation. Her forehead was covered with perspiration instantly. Voice begged for a meeting. She threw up, realizing that a peaceful life came to an end – he tracked her again. Hinckley began to call her every night. Run to the police was not what John did not threaten the contrary – he showered compliments and tender confessions. Foster just did not know what to do: she spent hours trying to persuade and petitioning Hinckley, begged to leave her alone. In vain. Jody turn off the phone. Then pissed Hinckley wrote a letter to the correspondent of the magazine “Time”, which was immediately published: “The most important goal in my life – this is love Jodie Foster. If I do not get it, then no one else will get well. We had like Romeo and Juliet … ”
Sticky disgusting fear momentarily release Jody returned. She carried a statement to the police, and only a few days Hinckley made an attempt on Reagan. Of course, what happened was not her fault, but the surrounding somehow linked the crime to its name. Pointed fingers at her behind her whispering. Foster surname acquired at university into disrepute. Ruthless students to compose about Jodie obscene jokes, punk-rock band called itself “Army of Jodie Foster.”
Barely passed the first shock, Jody saw the situation differently: Hinckley behind bars, it is not dangerous. This means that now it is free! Jody immediately called a press conference, expressed his deepest regret over the incident and asked the journalists never ask her questions about John Hinckley. Like a cart of stones fell from her soul; enthusiastic animation, Jody mastered at the time bordered on hysteria. Trying at all costs to overcome hostility college classmates Jody took it a rule not less than twice a week to arrange at a party. Foster, unaccustomed to communicate with their peers, had to play the most difficult role in his life: she portrayed “in his board,” incessantly hounded jokes and forced herself to remember the remarkable cases with different film sets. The hardest thing was the case with stories of his love affairs with Hollywood stars, so that expected to hear her friend. Here it had to either be limited to vague hints or lie recklessly.
Under the leadership of Foster students even put the show, the plot is very reminiscent of her first film. Jody again got the role of a prostitute. On the eve of the premiere, she felt almost happy – as long it does not do what he likes and as it turns out, for it missed!
Back in the day of the performance with wonderful walks, Jody suddenly found himself in a letter under the door. Someone Richardson politely put her on notice that he was not going to leave the work begun by Mr. Hinckley, and intends to bring it to its logical conclusion. “And if I do not succeed, keep in mind that we name – Legion” – wrote Richardson. And he added that if Miss Foster not wish to meet with him to play, he shot her on the stage.
Jody was first thought to cancel the show. But obliging imagination immediately drew her frustrated – no, rather spiteful person classmates. “Let me shoot it better than I again find myself pushed into the cage,” – with a kind of quiet thought Jodie doom. And came on the scene.
As it later became known, Richardson took his place in the middle of the first row and waited for the appearance of Foster to confess his love to her and shoot her in the first, and then himself. When he saw the girl – he lost his nerve. Police crazy stated that “Jodie was too beautiful to die.”
And she Jodie Foster heroically to finish the play to the end, listened admiring compliments and the next day, without telling anyone, flew to France.
“I thought I would never come back not only to Yale, but also to life in general,” – wrote Jody, shut up in some boarding house in the French south and not wanting anyone to see. “Yesterday looked at myself in the mirror and froze. My body had long been aware of sleep. I no longer care about the clothes on their feet – different socks on his face – the signs of fatigue, red eyes. For weeks, I wear the same jeans and not combing hair. get drunk tequila and waking up, do not know where I am. Sometimes I feel so bad that I think to commit suicide. ”
At University she came back. Edit, add ten pounds, never for a moment to leave a cigarette. Draw friendship Jody has not sought and took himself out of the room of the university campus.
Classes in the library Jody now prefer gym. There she could swing for hours at the gym or master the techniques kickboxing. A karate even hire a personal trainer: its desire to learn to defend myself becoming more and more intrusive.
… For two years after successful completion of Yale Foster were not invited to appear. It is, however, not imposed on anyone, whiling away the days with a book on the couch. The phone was silent most of the time.
The brouhaha began when one polupornografichesky magazine published pictures surfaced from nowhere nude 15-year-old Foster, leafless then all tabloid world. Foster always considered innocent meek. And then, please – such seductive poses, and even at such a young age! Make these unfortunate pictures once persuaded sighted daughter Brandy – “for the sake of her career.” God knows how much they fall into the hands of commercial photo agency, as kept in the family archives! Jody caught myself thinking that probably her own mother or brother, poizderzhavshis, so decided to earn extra money. Let. Now she was all spit.
“Hot” was extinguished pictures kindled interest in the Jodie Foster. Journalists suddenly dawned on me: after all, 24-year-old actress, in fact, still has not been a single novel! Like a snowball started growing rumors that she was a lesbian. Like her mother. (Brandy really many years raising children with his mistress “Aunt Jo.” Jody was even named in her honor.) Another remembered that in the film “Hotel New Hampshire” in Foster had a love scene with Nastassja Kinski. One tabloid newspaper offered a reward of $ 100,000 to the woman who shared details of his affair with “Miss touchy.”
All press inquiries Jody invariably replied: “I never talk to reporters about his personal life.” Punching bag in her basement in those days the order poistrepalas – Jody daily mercilessly lupila on it with some kind of violent aggression unfeminine, putting in all the strikes contempt for human stupidity, all his accumulated despair.
In 1987, during the shooting of the painting “Siesta” something happened at that Jodie is not expected. She fell in love – British actor Julian Sands seemed to her like two drops of water similar to a French officer of her youth. However, in contrast to that distant summer now Jody experienced such elation. In her love from the very beginning, it was more distrust than romantic hopes. She again began to have nightmares. But in reality it is not so much afraid of Hinckley with his legion as herself. That fails, it does not work … And in the Sands, who recently divorced, and therefore was absolutely free, woke up a real passion of the hunter. His friend Isabella Rossellini, are also involved in the filming of “Siesta”, had time to whisper to him that the favorite poet Jodie – Baudelaire. ..
Sands carried away Foster horseback riding in the mountains of Santa Monica and it inspired a learned hastily read Baudelaire translated into English. One stormy rainy day Julian confessed his love for her. They stood in a palm alley under one umbrella, with trees dripping streams. His “love” for Jodie sounded like a shot – can not count how many times the word kill her Hinckley! And those who mourn palms, this storm … Sands himself felt bad moment. Some time later, he again decided to attack and asked Jody to her.

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