Joan Fontaine

Joan Fontaine
Date of birth: 10/22/1917 Year
Age: 96 years
Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan
Date of Death: 15/12/2013 Year
Place of death: Carmel, California, United States

Citizenship: US

Independent, was not afraid of anything, she drove the plane Fountain and rises into the sky in a balloon, catching tuna and playing golf on a par with men. On the screen, she also wanted to present the winner, a strong-willed woman.
Fontaine, Joan (Fontaine, Joan). Real name: Joan de Beauvoir de Havilland. Born 10/22/1917 in Tokyo British family living in the East. The parents soon divorced, and in 1919 the girl with her mother went to the United States. (The second was the eldest – a year – the sister of Olivia de Havilland, which became known actress, with which younger competed for life: their noisy public quarrel frequently fell on the pages of the press.) Skills she received under the famous director Max Reinhardt.
Joan was not beautiful – a sort of gray mouse with understated face and straight hair, skinny, awkward, in a word, a lamb in girlish appearance, who wanted to cuddle and protect. But in the mid-30s like the heroine was not in vogue, and the necessary catchiness, the ability to apply themselves, to get to admire it was not there. After a failed cinematic experience – episode in the film “Ladies are no longer required” (1935), she returned to the theater, where came in the same year, where he played in the play “Name that day” (it is her sister shone on the screen). There also noticed Joan representative kinofirmy “RKO-Radio”, has signed a contract with the actress. Taking the name Fontaine (surname of his stepfather), she starred in more than a dozen films, including “lady in distress” (1937, with F. Astaire), in the form of an English aristocrat. But success was not.
She was married to actor Brian Ahern, Joan was very much decided to throw a movie, if not fortune. At one of the dinners Hollywood actress was seated next to a famous producer David Selznick and she did not lose time in vain. By the end of this solemn event, he invited his neighbor to try on the role of Mrs. de Winter in “Rebecca” (1940) – the first American film directed by famous English Alfred Hitchcock.
Very young girl yesterday schoolgirl with sharp elbows and falling on the cheeks, straight hair, shy, angular, silent she became the wife of an English aristocrat, began the struggle with the past, where there is her husband’s first wife – beautiful Rebecca. The complex psychological process of becoming a woman in love draw strength and won, with the help of actress director gave very convincing. Hitchcock turned Fontaine of “women’s decorations” in a beautiful, fine performer, exciting game that has greatly contributed to strengthening the dramatic tension in the film.
Naturally, the success immediately spawned a series of imitators. Silent, helpless, feminine Joan was in “Suspicion” (1941) the same Hitchcock, which has created a multi-faceted way Line MakKinlou, suspects her husband (Cary Grant) in the intent to commit murder. For this role, she finally received the “Oscar” Award and the New York Film Critics, though everyone knew it – compensation for “Rebecca.” The same actress was in “Jane Eyre” (1944) – the film adaptation of the novel by Charlotte Bronte.
But Joan rushed to the other roles. By its nature, it was not at all similar to the sacrificial heroines who became her role with a light hand Hitchcock. Independent, was not afraid of anything, she drove the plane Fountain and rises into the sky in a balloon, catching tuna and playing golf on a par with men. On the screen, she also wanted to present the winner, a strong-willed woman. The “love affair Susan” (1945) the heroine is seen through the eyes of four contenders for her hand and heart, that is, the actress had to portray four different ladies dissimilar. The cast was interesting, but the inner vulnerability, softness and femininity have been lost. The game started to slip counterfeit notes. The same thing happened in the movie “Born to be Bad” (1950). Realizing that by way of Hitchcock found she did not leave, Joan returned to the touching, loving, give themselves without reserve heroin and again succeeded in “Letter to an Unknown Woman” Max Offyulsa (1948), and familiar to our viewers. (Producer of the film was her second husband, William Doze.) Although frankly melodramatic plot (woman reminisces about his selfless love for a young man who does not remember it at all), the actress has managed to become a sincere and genuinely dramatic. The last significant work Fontaine in the film – “What makes life worth living” by George Stevens (1952), where Joan was surprisingly touching as an actress-alcoholic, which saves a representative temperance societies (Ray Milland). The success coincided with the third marriage of the star (again a producer – Collier Young). Since the mid 60’s Fountain to the movies is not removed. It is rich and lives in New York, is rotated in a secular society. Occasionally appears on Broadway and on television (“Selfish”, 1978; “crossroads”, 1986; “Hitchcock: goose genius”, 1985). He wrote a book about his life: “This path is not strewn with roses” (1978).
Filmography: “Worthy Street”, 1937; “The man who has found himself,” 1937; “Love is invincible,” 1937; “Music for Madame,” 1937; “A million to one”, 1938; “Output evening maid,” 1938; “Blond rascal,” 1938; “Sky Giant”, 1938; “The Duke of West Point”, 1938; “Gunga Din”, 1939; “Conqueror”, 1939; “Women,” 1939; “This is – above all”, 1942; “True Beauty”, 1943; “The French Stream”, 1944; “From this day”, 1946; “Ivy”, 1947; “Emperor Waltz”, 1948; “Kisses erase the blood off my hands”, 1948; “You must be happy”, 1949; “September novel,” 1950; “Darling, how could you!”, 1951; “Othello”, 1952; “Ivanhoe”, 1952; “Decameron Nights”, 1952; “Flight to Tangier,” 1953; “Bigamist”, 1953; “Big Night Casanova”, 1954; “Serenade”, 1956; “Beyond a reasonable doubt”, 1956; “Island of the sun”, 1957; “As long as they sail,” 1957; “In the South Seas’, 1958; “A vague smile,” 1958; “Journey to the bottom of the sea”, 1961; “Tender Is the Night,” 1962; “Witches”, 1966.

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