Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey
Birthday: 17/01/1962 Year
Place of Birth: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Nationality: United States
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 85 kg
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Original name: James Eugene Carrey

Jim Carrey: “America, you will be mine”
Argued that play a comedy role is much harder than drama. As no one else knows Jim Carrey – the actor, who became a symbol of his era. It has been recognized by the greatest comedian of our time, but recently Kerry tries to prove that he is capable to transform into any character. And it is a good idea fails, although the long-awaited statuette ‘Oscar’ yet.

Childhood and adolescence
Jim Carrey was born in New Market, Canada, January 17, 1962. Family Kerry, in which six people were constantly in need of money. Father, with low-paid accountant, could not feed so many people. The family moved from place to place in search of a better life. When his father lost his job, they had to settle in the camper, and after a while and did in the tent.
Difficulties of life from childhood taught Jim accountable. While studying at school, he was forced to work for 8 hours in a supermarket to help the family. Kerry remembers when he arrives at school, he immediately fell asleep. He was not friends with classmates, since their problems seemed to him trifling and small. A difficult family situation was complicated by the fact that everyone thought Jim’s mother crazy. The poor woman was manic tendency to look at different diseases. Jim, who took out the teachers in the school with their antics, too, thought not quite normal.
Jim’s favorite pastime as a child was making faces. At school, he even recovered 15 minutes after class so he could wriggle. Kerry certainly had the talent, or the father did not lead him to ‘Yuk Yuk-‘ – places where budding comedians. The first came out lumpy pancake, but when Jim came back here in two years, was waiting for him a triumph. Soon the young comedian noticed and invited to television. And when he came to Los Angeles ‘Caesar’s Palace’, I realized that his place – in Hollywood.
A start in life
In 1984 edition of ‘People’ recognized Jim Carrey best young American parodist, after which he was offered a role in the series “The Duck Factory ‘. Kerry was incredibly excited about. He fell asleep with thoughts that finally become famous, and when woke up, looked out the window, looking at the skyscrapers and said: “America, you will be mine.” Jim even ventured to translate in Los Angeles parents, though well aware that he is still here ‘stranger’. When after a few months’ The Duck Factory “was closed, parents were forced to return to Canada, and Jim Carrey fell into a deep depression.
Lust for life and work of Jim Carrey returned Melissa Womer, a pretty waitress whom he met in 1985. Two years later, the couple married and had a daughter, Jane. Now Kerry was forced to feed their own families.
In 1991, the dream of the young actor has come true – he persuaded the producers to put their show ‘unnatural act of Jim Carrey’, which had success with the audience. In addition to the show Kerry starred in the film ‘Earth Girls Are Easy “(1989),’ Pink Cadillac ‘(1989) and’ nerves on edge ‘(1991).
World fame
Real fame came to Kerry after the films ‘Ace Ventura’ (1993), where he played the role of silly detective. The script of the film was so absurd that it rejected all comedians in Hollywood. Then it took over Jim Carrey. He created the image of Ventura and came up with all the jokes, but believe that it is like the audience, it was difficult. What was surprising producers when the picture has become incredibly popular, gathered for three weeks rental $ 40 million!
The enormous success of Kerry consolidated comedy ‘Mask’ (1994) and ‘Dumb and Dumber’ (1994), who collected a good box office and became a cult. Critics appreciated the game of Jim Carrey and first nominated for the Golden Globe.
In 1995 came the continuation of the story of Ventura, comedy ‘Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls’, we obtain, according to critics, more ridiculous than the first picture. Kerry became really famous. Melissa, unable to withstand the difficulties of life with a star, went from Jim. In 1996, the actor married actress Lauren Holly, but the marriage did not last long.
In contrast to his personal life, in the work of Kerry was in order. Finally came the dramatic roles that revealed the real talent of the actor. For the film ‘Man on the Moon’ (1999) and ‘The Truman Show’ (1998) Jim Carrey received Golden Globe. Especially difficult was given the role of the actor famous comedian Andy Kaufman in the film ‘Man on the Moon’ directed by Milos Forman. On the role claimed by such actors as Edward Norton, Sean Penn and Kevin Spacey, but when the director saw Kerry, he eliminated all doubt. He coped with the tremendous role for which he received critical acclaim and several film awards.
Recent work
On the film ‘Me, Myself and Irene “(2000) Jim Carrey met with Renee Zellweger, with whom he became romantically involved. However, the novel did not last long. When Renee realized that cheerfulness Kerry – it’s just a mask that hides the face under a common man with his complexes and fears, she left him. For others the same as Jim has always been a source of immense practical jokes, smiles and fun.
Among recent works actor worth mentioning comedy ‘Always Say’ Yes ??'(2008) and “Mr. Popper’s Penguins’ (2011). More and more in the career of Jim Carrey appear dramatic roles. This iconic painting ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ (2004), a thriller ‘Number 23′ (2007) and the sensational drama “I Love You Phillip Morris’ (2010), in which Carrey played the role of a homosexual. His desire to play in the major paintings understandable, because he has long been dreaming to get the Oscar. Perhaps his dream will soon come true.
After Renee Zellweger Jim Carrey had a relationship with a doctor Tiffany Silver, centerfold Jenny McCarthy and Anine Bing. In 2012, the actor announced plans to marry a Russian girl Anastasia Witkin. In 2010, Kerry became a grandfather, his daughter from his first marriage, Jane gave birth to a son, Jackson.
Despite the fact that Jim Carrey is increasingly wishes to play dramatic roles, he is forced to act in comedies, as most people go to the theater to films the actor for a laugh. Indeed, in the movie so many actors who can make the audience cry, and so few people who can heartily fun.

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