Jerboas live mainly in Africa and Asia, but some species live in Europe and one in North America. Jerboa in appearance reminiscent of a kangaroo. Due to its long hind legs they can easily jump over distances up to 20 times greater than the length of their body. All kinds of thick soft coat sandy color because all jerboa like to settle in the grassy steppes and dry plains.
These animals live in shallow burrows with multiple escape routes in case of rapid escape. In case of danger jerboa rushes headlong into his hole, screeching, screaming like young kittens. Only the largest of gerbils defend hind legs like a kangaroo.
For human beings, these are completely harmless and quite often settle near human habitation. These animals are easily tamed and its qualities have all to yourself. They are very harmless, gentle, manual, neat, and awake are frisky and funny that they can enjoy for hours.
Jerboas eat plants and insects, and some species – birds and their eggs. Cubs they can be 5-7 per litter. An interesting fact is that in some areas of Central Asia gerbils called “midshipmen”. Is not it very strange that the steppe animals received suddenly marine nickname.

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