Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner (biography)
Birthday: 17/04/1972 Year
Place of Birth: Houston, Texas, USA
Nationality: United States

The opportunity to become an actress, Jennifer, was raised in the old, conservative modeled strict parents, was present outlet.
Jennifer Anne Garner was born April 17, 1972 in Houston, Texas. That little girl who was forced to parents for six hours a day studying ballet and banned almost all modern entertainment teens, vetoing any “unseemly” attributes in clothing or in appearance, whether it is earrings or a fashionable hairstyle, transformed over time into one of the most stylish and original representatives of Hollywood. She seemed to compensate for what it lacked in childhood. Jennifer was the middle of three daughters Pat Garner, an English teacher, and Bill Garner, a chemical engineer. In the early eighties, the family moved to a quieter town of Charleston in West Virginia, where he passed his childhood aspiring actress.
In teenage years Jennifer smitten with love for dancing and playing the saxophone. But contrary to their hobbies after school went to university at Denison Ohio Department of Chemistry. There she first became involved in theater and began to spend all your free time on the stage of the student theater. Love the scene grew and progressed as long as Jennifer did not realize that it was that she wanted to devote himself. Then she moved into the theater department. As a result, after graduation Garner received a degree in dramatic arts. Later she moved to New York, attended Yale University. While working as a waitress, she was looking for a job in parallel on television and in the movies. She participated in a large number of screen tests for the case that maybe somewhere it will offer at least a small role.
Soon found a role in the Broadway production of “A Month in the Country”. Further events developed so rapidly that a few months later, she had to go to Los Angeles, where she began filming for television. Teledebyut held in the film “Zoe”. The following two years, the actress spent to participate in the television series, as well as in small roles in films.
In 1998, Garner landed a role in the TV series “other authorities”, and although the tape has held on the screens just over a month, the actress noticed and invited to play the role of Hannah on the show “Happiness.” During filming, she met with Scott Foley, whom later, in 2000, they were married. Work in “Happiness” helped her so that her increasingly being invited to the role of other series, and then followed by and large Hollywood projects such as “Pearl Harbor” and “Dude, Where’s My Car?”.
In 2000, the producer of “Happiness” Jeffrey Abrams is preparing a new series about a woman living a triple life. Remembering an incredible game Jennifer, he invited her to a TV project called “Alias.” In it, according to the Abrams, Jennifer was supposed to play a spy, which portrays a college student showing a bank employee. To say that the series became popular (in the US by popularity he surpassed all similar spy series) – it was successfully demonstrated all over the world, well, Garner brought international fame.
In 2001, she appeared with her husband Scott Foley in the independent drama “Rennie’s Landing.” A high point in the movie for Jennifer struck in 2003, when the screens went blockbuster “Daredevil,” in which she plays the lead female role. It is the work in the TV series “Alias” has made it possible invitation Jennifer Garner in this fantasy thriller for the role of Electra Natchios, beloved Matt Murdock, Daredevil, played by Ben Affleck. Produced by selecting it from an impressive list of famous beauties, among which was even Penelope Cruz.
In the movie Elektra diligently mastered martial arts to avenge his father’s murderer, whom she first takes of Daredevil. Jennifer seriously approached to work on the role, although behind it already had considerable experience in stunt scenes obtained on the set of “Alias.” Professionals pointed out that in fighting scenes actress looked even more confident of his partner Ben Affleck. Moreover, most dangerous stunts Jennifer tried to fulfill itself. And shooting one scene was nearly ended in tragedy. In her character was supposed to run up the steep wall, but the actress has got confused in thin lifeline and failed. It had to rush to Ben Affleck, he grabbed her costume and pushed back to the wall, and it helped to avoid troubles.
Parallel work in “Daredevil”, she starred in a small scene in the film by Steven Spielberg “Catch Me If You Can.” It is in the form of ex-model Cheryl Ann in the hallway of the hotel is found in the way of the hero Leonardo DiCaprio. Once in his room, the heroine skillfully and seductively fulfills the agreed one thousand dollars, but in the end is a loser: the young swindler encircles your finger around it, just like everyone else.
Today Jennifer Garner plans for the future. She receives many proposals, and now she can choose. Becoming a Hollywood star, now she acted only in high-quality movies and predominantly in leading roles. So, in the new romantic comedy “13 turn 30”, which will soon be released in theaters, Jennifer will play a major role prosperous business woman, accidentally turned into the judges of the 13-year-old girl trapped in the closet with their buddies. And next year will be released crime thriller “Elektra”, where she performed the role of the same name already familiar to kinokomiks “Daredevil.” After shooting this picture it will be another project that is not defined yet named and crew composition.
But all this applies to her professional career. As for his personal life, then there is the actress in recent times there have been some changes. To be precise, Jennifer recently separated from her husband. In the incident she blames work in film and television, lamenting the fact that it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to find a balance between work and personal life.
But not all that bad things in her personal front, as now she is booming affair with another star of “Spy” – French actor Michel Vartan. Michelle and Jennifer try not to advertise their relationship due to the fact that Garner is trying to spare the feelings of her ex-husband, actor Scott Foley. As for the Scott, the separation from Jennifer broke his heart. And even dinner invitations received from Renee Zellweger and Selma Blair, have not brought it out of melancholy. Foley refused both. About himself Vartan known that since 2001 he plays the role of a CIA agent Michael Vaughn in “Alias.” For ten years he was engaged to actress Shannon Gleason, but before the wedding it never came.
Those who worked on set with Jennifer, noted that in his case it is a true professional who will not break under any circumstances. Many praising her, some admired and well-known womanizer Colin Farrell, who played in the movie “Daredevil” main villain, Bullseye, so spoke about her: “Jennifer Garner – the coolest girl in the world. It is much better fighting men … At some point, I generally forgot that she was a woman. When we were shooting the fight, I felt terrible wimp. After each take a long time to catch his breath, and she said: “Let us rather do next!”. everything else deserved it should be added that in 2001, magazine “People” named Jennifer one of its stars, and in 2002 it was named one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. Now, together with Michel Vartan, two dogs and a cat she lives on the Walk of San Fernandez, and in his spare time, he enjoys shooting cook, garden and engaged in learning kickboxing.

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