Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges
Birthday: 4/12/1949, the
Age: 65 years
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Citizenship: US
Height: 185 cm

Jeff Bridges began his film career at an early age so that it might seem – he was born on the set.
His debut took place when Jeff was just four months, in the movie “The company that owns it” (The Company She Keeps) in the early 50s. His next appearance on screen was in the age of eight in the television series “Sea Hunt” (Sea Hunt), where he plays with his father, Lloyd Bridges. He studied at the Studio At 22, Jeff Bridges won for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the drama “The Last Picture Show” (The Last Picture Show), and three years later he was again marked by Academy Award for her role in Michael Cimino, “Thunderbolt and Bystronozhka “(Thunderbolt and Lightfood). In 1989, he became the youngest actor, who spent three-week retrospective of the English National Film Institute.
Bridges participation in high-quality projects in the mid-70s, “City Fatties” (Fat City), “bad company” (Bad Company), “The ice man cometh” (The Iceman Cometh), “Last American Hero” (The Last American Hero ) and “Heart of the West” (Hearts of The West) – turned out to be what is called “hitting the bull’s eye” – the actor has become a prominent figure in American cinema … Life actor also did not stand still – Bridges, who flirted with all that moves, including LSD, transcendental meditation, Sybil Shepard, Candy Clark and Valerie Perrin finally stopped a photographer Susan Heston, whom he met on the set of “Rancho Deluxe” (Rancho Delux) in 1975. The union was a happy one, and now they have three adorable docheri.Bridzhes admits that before filming, he talks about his character and his daughters. “I do not want to limit yourself to just the roles of good guys in order to set a good example for children “- he said.
Bridges continued his career in 1984 two very successful films, “against all” (Against All Odds) in a duet with Rachel Ward. In “The Man with the Stars” (Starman), John Carpenter, Jeff plays an alien creature that takes the form of a man. For this film, the way my very favorite childhood, Jeff Bridges was nominated for “Oscar”. Then, on the rise of his career and talent, Bridges starred in the drama “Jagged Edge” (Jagged Edge) (1985), unmatched detective – the thriller “8 million ways to die” (8 Millions Ways to Die) (1986) and murderous mystery “On Next morning “(The Morning After) (1986). The famous New York columnist Terrence Rafferty, for example, believes the best actor Bridges generation speaks of it as indisputable fact.
Going into one of the most talented actors of cinema and organic (Janet Maslin, a journalist, “New York Times” described it as “a great inimitable actor of his generation” – and he finds this statement Bridzhers funny) Bridzhers involved in projects: “Magnificent Baker Boys” ( The Fabulous Baker Boys) (1989), where he plays with his brother – Beau Bridges, film-fantasy by Terry Gillian, “King – Fisherman” (The Fisher King) (1991), followed by a fantastic game of “Fearless” (Fearless) (1993) as well as his production debut – a film “American Heart” (American Heart) (1993), which have been recognized by critics of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts. In 1996, Jeff Bridzhers played a duet with Barbra Streisand in “The Mirror Has Two persons” (The Mirror Has Two Faces). The audience could also see him in Hollywood Albert Brooks comedy “The Muse” (The Muse) with charming Sharon Stone and Andie MacDowell energetic.
But Jeff – talent is not only acting, but on the “Oscar” He was nominated for this category. He once wrote a musical composition, which in 1969 was used in the sound design of the film “John and Mary” with Dustin Hoffman and Mia Farrow. And all Jeff has written more than 70 songs that he himself had performed in different classrooms.
In Hollywood I believe that Jeff Bridges missed with his kinoepohoy “golden age”, as embodies the classic American movie hero type, radiating courage, charm, magnetism. These qualities brought him to such movie stars of yesteryear like Cary Grant, Clark Gable and James Styuart.V 1994, he won the “Independent Spirit” for the film “American Heart” (by the way, in this film he produced the first). In the same 1994 he had a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
A notable role was in a paranoid thriller Bridzhersa style 70 “Arlington Road” (The Arlington Road) – he plays a fanatical professor of history, a terrorist with a perverted mentality of Michael Faraday in a duet with brilliant actors Tim Robbins and Joan Cusack. Jeff himself said that the film reminds many classic thrillers such as “Rosemary’s Baby,” “Three Days of the Condor.” Grim soundtrack Angelo Badalameti successfully completes the tense atmosphere of the film.
Jeff Bridges starred in the Coen brothers cult comedy “Dude” Lebowski “(” The Dude “Lebovski”), sometimes called “The Big Lebowski.” Neparavdopodobnaya and grotesque comedy and did not do big box office, but allowed Bridges once again show off yet another facet of talent. Jeff Lebowski, nicknamed Dude – Unemployed namesake millionaire Lebowski. In his apartment by two thugs break into error, demanding money and destroying property simple enough. Dude goes to “Big” Lebowski for kompensantsiey and falls in crime per million dollarov.V episode also appears very impressive John Tourtour as Jesus,
The year 2000 was marked by an unexpected turn in the career of an actor who has released an album of popular music, as well as the four nominations for “Oscar”. In addition, Jeff Bridges is about to be removed along with Kevin Spacey (“Seven,” “American Beauty”) in a new science fiction film company Universal Pictures. The director of the new movie “K-PAX” Iain Softley is, who directed the popular film “Hackers”. The “K-PAX” Bridges will play the psychiatrist who tries to unravel the mystery of his new patient, who claims that he came from the planet K-PAX. The doctor tries to help the patient, which will be played by Kevin Spacey, but notes that the so-called alien has a mysterious impact on other hospital patients. Coming first to the conclusion that a new patient – nothing more than another unfortunate victim of a split personality, the doctor then begins to seriously doubt the diagnosis. The screenplay was written by Charles Leavitt (“Mighty”) based on the book Gene Brewer.

Actor’s work:
1. Silent Night, deserted night – 1969 ()
2. Facilities anger – 1970 ()
3. The Last Picture Show – 1971 (Drama)
4. City fatties – 1972 ()
5. bad company – 1972 ()
6. The Last American Hero – 1973 ()
7. The ice man cometh – 1973 ()
8. The Hearts of the West – 1975 ()
9. King Kong – 1976 (Science Fiction / Fantasy) [DVD]
10. Stay Hungry – 1976 ()
11. Someone killed her husband – 1978 ()
12. Winter Kills – 1979 ()
13. Gates of Paradise – 1980 ()
14. Cutter’s Way – 1981 ()
15. Throne – 1982 (Fantasy fighter) [DVD]
16. Kiss me goodbye – 1982 ()
17. Contrary to the entire – 1984 (Thriller)
18. Man with the Stars – 1984 (Science Fiction / Fantasy) … alien creature
19. Jagged Edge – 1985 (Drama) [VHS]
20. The next morning – 1986 (Thriller) [VHS]
21. On 8 Million Ways to Die – 1986 (Detective)
22. Nadine – 1987 (Thriller)
23. Tucker: The Man and His Dream – 1988 (Drama) … Preston Tucker
24. Magnificent Baker Boys – 1989 (Drama)
25. See you in the morning – 1989 ()
26. King Fisher – 1991 (Drama) … Jack Lucas [VHS] [DVD]
27. The American Heart – 1992 (Drama)
28. The disappearance – 1993 (Thriller)
29. Fearless – 1993 (Melodrama)
30. Bomb Squad – 1994 (Action)
31. Wild Bill – 1995 (Western)
32. White squall – 1996 (Adventure)
33. Hidden in America – 1996 ()
34. The Mirror Has Two Faces – 1996 (Comedy) [VHS] [DVD]
35. The Big Lebowski – 1998 (Comedy) [DVD]
36. Arlington Road – 1999 (Thriller) … Michael Faraday [VHS] [DVD]
37. Muse Evan – 1999 ()
38. Handsome – 1999 ()
39. Rival – 2000 ()
40. Crime scene – 2001 ()
41. Risk – 2001 ()
42. K-Pax – 2001 (Drama) [VHS] [DVD]
43. Masked and Anonymous – 2003 (Comedy)
44. Favorite – 2003 (Drama) … Charles Howard [VHS] [DVD] [MPEG4]
45. The Door in the Floor – 2004 (Drama) [VHS]

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