Jean-Paul Belmondo

Jean-Paul Belmondo
Date of birth: 04/09/1933 Year
Age: 82 year
Place of birth: Nyuill-sur-Seine, France

Citizenship: France
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 80 kg

French actor, whose fame has brought the role of amoral fan Humphrey Bogart in the manifesto of the French “New Wave” – ??the film “Breathless” (1960). In his first paintings he created the image of a young rebel with an irresistible smile (similar to Hollywood James Dean) and was the subject of a cult of worship of the European youth (“belmondizm”). In later years he switched to Distinguishing roles in comedies and action movies.
Born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, the department Upper Seine, France, the son of a Parisian sculptor Paul Belmondo (1898-1982). While in high school I asked the question – how to choose a profession – to be an athlete or entertainer. For twenty years, he decides that aktёrstvo longer meets its demands than sport, and enters the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Paris. After training, Jean Paul began his professional career on stage and spends much of the fifties, working in the theater.
Film debut took place in 1957 in the film “On foot, on horseback and by car” (fr. ? pied, ? cheval et en voiture), but the episode with his participation were cut just before the release of the picture. A more significant role went to him, “Be beautiful and shut up” (fr. Sois belle et tais-toi) with Alain Delon in the leading role. World famous 26-year-old actor brought the role of reckless villain Michel Puakara in the film by Jean-Luc Godard’s “Breathless” (fr. ? bout de souffle) – one of the key bands of the world cinema.
The following year, Belmondo has strengthened its reputation by playing the best films of the great Sophia Loren – “Two Women”, for which she was awarded the American Movie Awards “Oscar”. His own best roles he played in the French producers ‘new wave’: the same Godard (“Woman is a Woman”, 1961), Louis Malle (“Thief”, 1967), Francois Truffaut (“Siren with” Mississippi “,” 1969) , Claude Chabrol (“Popol Doctor”, 1972), Alain Resnais (“Stavisky”, 1974).
After “The Man from Rio” (fr. L’Homme de Rio) Belmondo switched to character roles in commercial projects, mainly comedies and action films. Until the mid-1980s, its typical characters were either incorrigible adventurers or cynical heroes. He was one of the most commercially successful actors in France until 1986. For example, Alain Delon creates a company Cerito (it is his grandmother’s maiden name) to create your own movies.
In 1987 he returned to the scene, the first time since 1959, and since then combines work in film and theater. In 1995, he received rave reviews from critics of his game in the film adaptation of the novel “Les Miserables” (dir. Claude Lellouche). In 2001, Belmondo suffered a heart attack, has since stopped working in the theater and cinema.
The actor has three children from his first marriage – daughter Patricia and Florence, the son of Paul. From his second marriage – daughter Stella, who was born in summer 2003. The eldest daughter Patricia died in a fire in 1994. Children are not following in the footsteps of his father, although his son, Paul, can be seen in a cameo role in the film “minion of fortune” (fr. Itin?raire d’un enfant g?t?).
Twice nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Actor: in 1963 for the film “Leon Morin, Priest” and in 1967 for the film “Pierrot le fou”.
In 1989 he was awarded the prize “Cesar” for her role in “darling of fortune.”
State awards
Commander of the Order of the Legion of Honor
Commander of the Order of literature and art
Paris champion in boxing
Interesting facts
He was awarded the Cesar for the film “minion of fortune”, but refused the trophy because Cesar, the sculptor who created the statue, once is not very good comments about the work of his father, also a sculptor Paul Belmondo.
All stunts always performed himself, but after the accident on the set of the film “Robbery” cease this practice.
In 1963 he published the autobiographical book “30 years and 25 films” (fr. “Trente ans et 25 films”, Eng. “Thirty Years and 25 Films”).
In 1963 he was elected president of the Union of French actors.
Co-owner of the Italian restaurant “stress» (Stressa) on the street Chambiges, behind the Hotel Plaza Athena in Paris. Partners are two brothers who are constantly engaged in the affairs of the restaurant.
On the question of further participation in the militants, he replied: “I do not want to be flying the grandfather of French cinema.”
In 2006, he became Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters. This highest award of the Ministry of Culture of France said almost half a century of work actor.

Thank Belmondo began with the cult film “Breathless” (1959).
1956 – Moli?re
1957 – ? pied, ? cheval et en voiture
1958 – Les Tricheurs
1958 – Les Copains du dimanche
1958 – Sois belle et tais-toi
1958 – Un dr?le de dimanche
1959 – Ein Engel auf Erden
1959 – ? double tour
1959 – ? bout de souffle
1959 – Les Trois mousquetaires
1960 – Classe tous risques
1960 – Moderato cantabile
1960 – La Fran?aise et l’amour
1960 – Les Distractions
1960 – Charlotte et son Jules
1960 – Lettere di una novizia
1961 – La Ciociara
1961 – L?on Morin, pr?tre
1961 – Une Femme Est Une Femme
1961 – La viaccia (Le mauvais chemin)
1961 – Amours c?l?bres
1961 – Un nomm? La Rocca
1961 – Riviera-Story
1962 – Cartouche
1962 – Un singe en hiver
1962 – Le Doulos
1962 – I Dongiovanni della Costa Azzurra
1962 – Il Giorno pi? corto
1962 – Un coeur gros comme ?a
1963 – Peau de banane
1963 – l’A?n? des Ferchaux
1963 – Drag?es au poivre
1963 – Mare matto
1964 – l’Homme de Rio
1964 – Cent mille dollars au soleil
1964 – ?chappement libre
1964 – Week-end ? Zuydcoote
1964 – la Chasse ? l’homme
1965 – Par un beau matin d’?t?
1965 – Pierrot le fou
1965 – Les Tribulations d’un Chinois en Chine
1966 – Paris br?le-t-il?
1966 – Tendre voyou
1967 – Casino Royale
1967 – le Voleur
1968 – Ho!
1969 – le Cerveau
1969 – la Sir?ne du Mississippi
1969 – Dieu a choisi Paris
1969 – Un homme qui me pla?t
1970 – Borsalino
1971 – Les Mari?s de l’an II
1971 – le Casse
1972 – Docteur Popaul
1972 – la Scoumoune
1973 – l’H?ritier
1973 – le Magnifique
1974 – Stavisky …
1975 – Peur sur la ville
1975 – l’Incorrigible
1976 – L’Alpagueur
1976 – le Corps de mon ennemi
1977 – l’Animal
1979 – Flic ou voyou
1980 – le Guignolo
1981 – le Professionnel
1982 – l’As des as
1983 – le Marginal
1984 – les Morfalous
1984 – Joyeuses P?ques
1985 – Hold-up
1987 – le Solitaire
1988 – Itin?raire d’un enfant g?t?
1992 – l’Inconnu dans la maison
1995 – les Cent et une nuits de Simon Cin?ma
1995 – Les Mis?rables
1996 – D?sir?
1998 – Une chance sur deux
2000 – Peut-?tre
2000 – les Acteurs
2000 – Amazone
2001 – L’A?n? des Ferchaux

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