Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow
Date of birth: 03/03/1911 Year
Age: 26 years
Place of Birth: Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Date of Death: 06/07/1937 Year
Place of death: Hollywood, California, USA

Citizenship: US
Height: 156 cm

Her heroine, as she was, did not stop at nothing to get their favorite man. At the same time, Jean had a rare for this type give a sense of humor that helped her to successfully act in comedies.

Harlow, Jean (Harlow, Jean). Real name: Harlin Carpenter. Born 03/03/1911 in Kansas City, died 06/07/1937 in Hollywood.
“Gentlemen prefer blondes, but marry brunettes” – the Anglo-Saxon saying largely defined roles actresses in American cinema. Yes, there were a lot of dark-haired “vamp” – women cruel and insidious, mercilessly playing a man’s heart. But when it came to sex bombs, then they become more often blond beauty: Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Carole Lombard … The first two in particular are often compared: their biographies really have much in common, including early death. But to the human, and the creative essence the two stars differ sharply from each other. In contrast to the soft, feminine, charming MM Harlow with its bright “permanent” curls, cold eyes and a predatory smile was perfect for images of aggressive temptresses. Her heroine, as she was, did not stop at nothing to get their favorite man. At the same time, Jean had a rare for this type give a sense of humor that helped her to successfully act in comedies.
Stormy biography of the woman in many ways consistent with its external appearance. Sixteen-year schoolgirl, she ran away from home with a rich young man from Chicago, but soon had to return empty-handed. He moved with his parents to Los Angeles, she immediately began to bypass the studio, trying to break even in the extras. Taking as an alias name of the mother – Harlow – she starred in an episode of “Moran of the Marines” (1928), “Love Parade” (1929), “City Lights” (in our box office – “City Lights”, 1931) “Double-spit” comedians Laurel and Hardy (1931) … But no it was not even noticed.
The chance to stand out, attract the attention of Jean fell only in 1930 in connection with the advent of sound in film. Howard Hughes, who shot “Hell’s Angels” (1930), had to abandon the actress-Swede, whose accent was too noticeable. In its place, and was invited Jean. True, her pronunciation was far from Oxford. (The film was about the British pilots in World War II.) But thanks to winning roles: her character for a ride, and two guys
strikes up a romance with a third, low-cut dresses and kept on coquetry, she immediately gained popularity. When she purred, “Do you mind if I put on something more comfortable?” And then appear in a transparent robe, through which shone Ladnaya figure and shapely legs as the crowd was subdued.
Then a series of “gangster Marukh” became fashionable in the early 30’s crime films “Secret Six” (1931), “Public Enemy” (1931), “The Beast of the city” (1932) and others. These images were not familiar actress Only the screen. Her lover at the time was a major mafia Lo Tsvilman, at the request of which it has entered into a Hollywood company one of the leaders of “criminal syndicates” Bugsy Siegel.
Genuine same fame Harlow after in 1932 in the movie W. Fleming’s “Red Dust”, she played a prostitute who had invaded the life of a courageous hunter gorillas in Africa (Clark Gable). That girl nearly ruined his life, forced to choose between her and former lover. It is thanks to her film has long been considered “too courageous in showing sex.” The success of Jean and waited in the comedy “Hold your husband” (1933), where she again acted in tandem with K. Gable, and – especially – in the “blonde beauty” (1933) where the actress appeared in the role of the sexy star, who wants to become an exemplary wife and mother. Its great merit is that this film – one of the funniest satires on the inhabitants of Hollywood. By the end of 1933 Harlow was already one of the highest-grossing American film stars, cleverly varying and modifying dissimilar roles. So in “Dinner at eight ‘(1933), playing a brazen and mincing wife nouveau riche (Wallace Beery), she literally” stole “the picture at this wonderful actor. And the comedy was “The Girl from Missouri” (1934), where her character – “gold-diggers”, the hunt for a millionaire, ended by falling in love with his son.
Jean tried his hand at a musical, although her voice dubbed in the songs and dances a little impressed. In the film, V. Fleming “Bezrassud- tion” (1935), based on the scenario that the real story lay Broadway stars Libby Hall-man, suspected of murdering her husband, the role of the heroine Joan Crawford initially assumed. But, on reflection, the management decided to replace her studio at Harlow. The fact that she went around the same rumors. In 1932, after only two months of married life, the husband of Jeanne – the leading producer of “MGM” Paul Bern – committed suicide under mysterious circumstances. And “do not wear shoes” after his death, the widow married operator Harold Ross, and then tied the affair with William Powell – leading actor in “reckless.” “Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer” has decided to amass all this history the advertising capital, although from the outset it was clear that in the song-and-dance role Harlow does not pull.
The actress is increasingly beginning to repeat. Again paired with K. Gable starred in the melodrama “China Sea” (1935) – variations of “Red Dust”. Speaking in the comedy “Wife vs. secretary” (1936), “slandered Lady” (1936) and “Private Property” (1937). Shootings in the melodrama “Saratoga” (1937), where he unexpectedly fell ill and died of cerebral edema. Ending the painting had understudy. Although the substitution is noticeable, tape enjoyed tremendous success: the audience to look at the shaft was untimely deceased star.
Almost thirty years later – in 1965 – in the US came just two films with the same title “Harlow”. But the audience reacted to him cold. The new generation knew nothing about the blonde bombshell, and older did not recognize these heroines of her favorite, has become one of Hollywood legends.

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