As you know, rap as a waste product of black America was born in the streets. And where else he was born ?! Many of the “colored” Americans spend their entire lives on the street and do not always live up to even 25, because the street – a danger street – is theft and drugs, street – is dismantling and murder, this is real life without retouching … Poetomu- that black teenagers so difficult to get rid of the habits of his youth.

The only legacy that was Shawn Carter (future Jay-Z) from the parents, was a darker shade of skin and curly hair on his body. Relatives provided him with a living wage, but life one day, barely able to make ends meet in this mighty metropolis like New York, the ambitious oppressed negro. Innocence and isolation from real life school teachers enraged him, and the prospect of stay after graduation one on one with severe adult life scared Sean, no less than the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Years passed, and Carter was able to find a modest job in a grocery store, where he worked hard for pennies fourteen hours a day. He felt that it was about to accept and offer a decent job, but as time went on, and the landlord belonged to Sean as soulless robots, denying any growth prospects. In America, a huge army of the unemployed, and many of these losers would be considered for the happiness to take his place, but Shawn Carter was a very proud man and was back on the street in search of interesting classes and podenezhnee. His father’s house he was leaving, being fully confident that one day he will have a luxury villa, like one of his teachers, to which he accidentally came when I was in 6th grade, a decent car, sport bike, my wife and many others like it , nigger kids, he would be able to adequately provide and nurture.

Jobs found himself. Of course, he was selling drugs and demanded to partners and customers called him first Lou Ferrigno, and then the Incredible Hulk. New occupation, of course, changed his life, but his abiding life values. “Many of my ghetto were trading drugs, because they no longer want to live from hand to mouth and dress in” second hand “- tried to justify this small. – I do not magnify and do not justify this work, because I think it is very difficult. In any case, I do not advise anyone else to do it. But in my case I had to go for it, seeing as my family has enough to eat. Of course, I had a choice – drugs or poverty. But as you see, as such, there was no choice. Adolescents from the ghetto seldom choose from. Their eternal companions – depression and hopelessness. ”

So, he was in the game. Steep drug dealer, he did not, but on the average life of luxury enough. To the surprise of new boyfriends, luxury home he preferred motorhome, chic “Lexus” with a residential trailer, where it was all necessary. Lou Ferrigno did not understand colleagues, garages who languished for three limousine and heavy expensive food from the body twined kilogram of gold. He has traveled and worked mostly quiet. In the image of a typical drug dealer, he did not fit, as it takes an illegal, not because he liked people to sit down on the needle and preying on them irresistible addiction. Like any normal person, he wanted to get rich, but thinking about every step in the shower and was against the legalization of drugs.

Jay-Z (Jay-Z) By the way, his acquaintance with the big things he must Gesu good friend, who also examined the musical ear of his business partner. First they traded with known things, and in 1990 took up rapping and became famous with the song «The Originators». It was then that Sean Carter and got the pseudonym Jezzie (Jazzy) (because Jez and Jezzie sounded great), who, after several mutations turned to Jay-Z (Jay-Z). Then Jay-Z performed with the Original Flavor illustrious rap number «Can I Get Open?». And then he felt it was time to pass the buck to the streets and start a business in the music business.

Jay initially sought a contract with a rap record label to record his songs, but after the epidemic of failures was disappointed in the sad reality, angry and vbuhali all their narkosberezheniya in own label Roc-A-Fella Records. Finding two influential partners Damon Dash and Kareem “Biggs” Burke of Harlem producing party, Jay-Z plunged into the atmosphere of high art and became a director of one of the most influential and rapidly growing rap labels.

However, career, speaking the language of football, player-coach at the outset tempted him, and the company started its activities with the release of his first solo single «In My Lifetime». With this high-profile debut of Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella got the support of the distributor Freeze / Priopity, in factories which in 1996 released his debut solo album «Reasonable Doubt».

This autobiographical album marked the beginning of closer cooperation of its author with such meters rap scene as DJ Premier and the Notorious BIG With the latest Jay-Z quickly became friends and began touring across the United States. Not gone unnoticed Jay-Z and dark-skinned soul diva. If you work with Mary J. Blige could be considered a successful experiment, the involvement of other beauties Foxy Brown was not accidental. Mademoiselle Brown became a constant companion of his future recordings and, one might say, their guardian angel. Jay famous by such tracks as «Dead Presidents», «Is not No Nigga» and «Can not Knock The Hustle. But that was only the beginning of a kind of representation …

His next disc «In My Lifetime Vol. 1 “appears at the end of last year, we got a much more honest, conceptual and life. What Jay was silent, suddenly burst forth in the form of fourteen musical masterpieces in which the reality of ruthless silent streets of big cities rhymed clean broken voice Jay-Z, opening new horizons and dimensions for the listener. Feel these songs, you know where you came from the rapper.

One gets the impression that Jay has decided to completely sacrifice the musical part for a more detailed description of his life conflicts, commenting on them in company with Foxy Brown, Changing Faces, Puff Daddy, Blackstreet, Lil ‘Kim, Too Short, DJ Premier and The Braxtons. Unfortunately, no matter how he wanted to record another duo with his friend Biggie Brooklyn, is crossed out tolstyachka tragic death.

The names of the songs louder than before, say, what crucified Jay-z & Co (among them «Rap Game / Crack Game», The City Is Mine »and« Real Niggaz »). It is noticeable that this time Jay was able to bring to their work much more kontribyuterov, so, of course, new faces with their versatile talents have added power of Jay-Z. There is an album and amazing moments, such as the final is a very personal song «You Must Love Me», the contents of which Jay-Z had to agree with her family. Sentimental rapper? And it happens!

Jay-Z (Jay-Z) In short, before you very impulsive human activities that have tried a lot more for their short life. Two solo works earned him the love of the public and the title of one of the best MC in New York. Not crossing out of the past, he confidently build their own future, and now his position is listed at Puff Daddy and Master P. He would very much like to be seen as a rapper, a thinker and a man for whom above all the family, justice and the truth of life, although it does not care about money less. He seeks to express it in different ways, trying to instill this hidden intelligent young talents that are written on his label. At the same time it is moving in several directions, but always forward.

May 5 debuted in theaters the film «Streets Is Watchin ‘», named after one of the most brilliant songs from his latest album. Along with the movie soundtrack with songs out Jay-Z. The text «Streets Is Watchin ‘» are these words: “If I shoot you, I find it brainless / But if you kill me, you point glorified.” Tupac and Biggie was shot dead in the street. Maybe Jay is waiting to take into account is the same, because it is known, is rich and has a huge impact on his audience, and someone from this very uncomfortable. But someday people will be wiser to get rid of jealousy, in whom it is strong, and achieve all your mind and hands, as did Jay-Z, and be happy!

Discography Jay-Z

The Blueprint 3 (2008)
American Gangster (2007)
Kingdom Come (2006)
The Black Album (2003)
The Blueprint 2: The Gift & the Curse (2002)
The Blueprint (2001)
The Dynasty: Roc La Familia (2000)
Vol. 3 … Life and Times of S. Carter (1999)
Vol. 2 … Hard Knock Life (1998)
In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 (1997)
Reasonable Doubt (1996)

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