Javier Bardem

Javier Bardem
Date of birth: 01/03/1969 Year
Age: 46 years
Place of birth: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

Citizenship: Spain
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 82 kg

Original name: Javier Angel Encinas Bardem

Javier Bardem – Spanish Al Pacino
Why Javier Bardem up painting and began to act in films? Who helped him start a career in acting? Due to what the director Bardem became famous in Spain? Where he met with the actress Penelope Cruz? Why did early in his career, Javier did not allow the English-speaking role in the film? The actor said the best gift in my life? What roles Bardem brought international success? How, in 2008, the actor wrote his name in the history of cinema? Why Bardem compared with Al Pacino, and what ended his romance with Penelope Cruz?
A start in life
Javier Bardem was born on March 1, 1969 in the town of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, located in the Canary Islands. His father was Cuban roots and engaged in business in the environmental field, and his mother was an actress. Actually, in the family of Javier many were employed in the movie: his grandfather and uncle were directors and grandmother famous actress. Siblings also became actors.
Shortly after the birth of Javier parents divorced and his mother with three children moved to Madrid. Bardem grew nimble and comprehensive development of the child. Already at age 6 he appeared in the film, playing a small role in the film ‘The Outsiders’. However, he was more interested in sports. Javier was a member of the national rugby team and had all the chances to make a good career.
Growing up, Bardem started painting. He gave up the sport and enrolled at the Art and Industrial School, which was listed in good standing, but money problems forced the young man to find work. To pay for school fees, Javier decided to make the shooting a movie. Fortunately, he had a connection, because in this field, his mother worked.
So in 1989, Bardem was in a comedy show ‘El Dia Por Delante’. A year later, together with his mother she played in the film Bigas Moon ‘Ages of Lulu “(1990). Outrageous as the director liked the game a young boy, he invited him to star in his next project – “Jam?n Jam?n” (1992). The picture was a great success in Europe, winning many awards and making Javier known in the country.
Actually, with this film and began a huge success Bardem acting break. In addition, on the set, he met with a start, no one has yet known, actress Penelope Cruz. They have developed warm friendships that have grown in 15 years in a whirlwind romance. In 2010, Javier and Penelope married.
But it will be then, and now the talented Bardem was the center of attention and was forced to prove their skills. The young actor’s next film – “A few days’ (1994) – brought him the award” Goya “for best supporting actress. And in 1996, he won the same award for the main male role in the film ‘Face to Face’ (1995).
Worldwide fame
Due to the success in Europe, the talented actor noticed in the United States. However, due to the fact that Javier bad command of English, the first time he was given only as Spaniards. In 1997 he made his debut on US screens Bardem in the film ‘Perdita Durango’. The next few years the actor has worked in Europe, while in 2000 he was not offered cooperation to the American director Julian Schnabel.
Schnabel was looking for an actor for the role of the Cuban poet and dissident Reinaldo Arenas in the film “Before Night Falls” (2000). According to him, Bardem was a perfect candidate, and the actor agreed. To get used to the role, Javier had to learn to speak with Cuban accent and lose weight at 15 kilograms. But it was worth it: he was nominated for an Oscar, he won the Venice Film Festival and instantly became famous in America.
With special warmth Bardem recalls praise from their idol Al Pacino. According to the actor, after the film, he left a message on the answering machine with the words of deepest gratitude. Javier considers this the best gift in my life, because he is always guided by the talent Pacino. Some time later, Francis Ford Coppola Bardem heir named Al Pacino, as he does not want to rest on our laurels and are always ready to improve.
Impressive performance in the film ‘Before Night Falls’ Bardem delivered a par with the leading actors in Hollywood. However, his best roles were yet to come. In 2002, finally to implement a project of John Malkovich ‘The Dancer Upstairs’, which he discussed with Javier back in the 90s. In the same year the actor was awarded another prize ‘Goya’ for her role in ‘Mondays in the Sun “(2002).
Javier Bardem may be called an actor of film festivals, because most of his roles were awarded. This is what happened in the next Bardem ‘The Sea Inside’ (2004), in which he played the role of a paralyzed man fighting for the legalization of euthanasia. The painting was a huge international success and brought the actor prize Venice Film Festival.
In the piggy bank Bardem lacked only Oscar, and in 2008 he finally got him for the role of an assassin in the movie ‘Old Men’ (2007). Thus, Javier wrote his name in history by becoming the first Spanish actor to be awarded this prize. In addition, his character took 26th place in the list of ’50 most vile villains in cinema history. ”
Negative heroes always did manage to best actor and the movie ‘Old Men’ – the proof of this. You can still remember the spy thriller “007: Coordinates Skayfoll ‘(2012), where Bardem played the role of a key villain. However, a wide range of acting allows him to play with ease and romantic comedies. For example, the actor brilliantly played the role of the artist in Woody Allen’s ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ (2008).
In the film, Allen Javier met again on the set with Penelope Cruz, and they have an affair. They met three years and married in 2010. In January next year, was born the son of Leonardo, and in July 2013 – the daughter of the Moon. According to the actor, the birth of children – one of the most exciting events in his life.
Javier Bardem continues to improve, not stopping at nothing. In 2010, for her role in ‘BEAUTIFUL’ he won the Cannes Film Festival, once again surprising the critics of the depth of his talent. In the same year, he starred with Julia Roberts in the film adaptation of the bestseller “Eat, Pray, Love ‘(2010).
By choosing a suitable role Javier Bardem carefully. Just look at his filmography to understand that the actor has a terrific scent. His role is multifaceted, complex and contradictory. On the one hand, play them is not easy, but on the other hand, it is an opportunity to show his true talent. In this regard, Javier Bardem is not inferior to his idol Al Pacino.

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