James Woods

James Woods
Birthday: 4/18/1947, the
Age: 68 years
Place of birth: Vernal, Utah, United States

Citizenship: US

James Woods is composed of bones, skin and nerves; Connect it to the intelligence and motor reactivity did not seem too typical American actors alloy.
James Woods was born on 18/04/1947 in Vernale (pcs. Of Utah). He studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Faculty of Political Science.
James Woods grew up in a family of professional military, and even Catholic, where – although the actor himself about it and not say – probably established a strict command system and severe moral and other foundations. The result of education, on the one hand, were brilliant academic achievements (the highest score on the final exam in English, a full scholarship Institute of Technology), on the other – baby giperartikulyatsiya, ie slurred speech, fears, complexes, self-doubt. (It is difficult to suspect like James Woods, who is “El Salvador”, 1986, amazed all the virtuosity of diction, twisting perfect Spanish with an elegant intelligent English, in turn halting podzabornaya savory expressions. And was even nominated for this role to “Oscar”). Advances in the science first, and then to the artistic endeavors were kind of attempt to overcome his own ugliness, and the desire to show others their superiority over them.
James Woods, to try his luck in a number of off-Broadway theaters in 1972, debuted in the film simultaneously in two tapes, “Hickey and God” and “Guests” E.Kazana. A decade later, the actor said that, having tried himself in more than 125 performances and films, he finally goes to the main roles …
James Woods is composed of bones, skin and nerves; Connect it to the intelligence and motor reactivity did not seem too typical American actors alloy. But he is not very American actor, most – European and even Russian. Maybe it every time too much on the screen or it displaces all others or seeks to impose itself, to make people forget about his ugliness, love. And this exposes the soul.
Portrait of James Woods will not be complete without mention of his strange attraction to women. Magnetism, coupled with negative charisma attracts, of course, not all, but in fact no man can match once all tastes. And perhaps women captivates in James Woods is that he does not give them value. For him – or heroes? – Women – things he takes them in passing, uses as female friends – it is necessary to someone to talk (“The Way We Were,” 1973), mistresses (“Once in America”, 1984), or the witnesses (“Police”, 1988 ). And in most films with the participation of the actor the fairer sex is not given even a supporting role (“Onion Field”, 1979; “Shattered Image”, 1982, and others.). In the world of paranoid egotism James Woods is no place for women.
Situations in which almost always turn out to be the heroes of the actor, usually in the dramatic and psychological terms jigger not worth it. In the sci-fi “Videodrome” (1983), the conflict between man and machine is transferred to the character, it turns into a live video player and Woods in the stomach – that looks extremely uncomfortable – insert the cassette. The “Onion Field” his protest against society spills into psychopathic killing police, but in prison he reforge, is educated and converted into a prison-homosexual version of yuppies. The “police”, being on the other side of the law, he pursues the murderer and sadist, almost resorting to the methods pursued, and “split the image” of his hero, he said that as a child he probably dreamed of becoming a criminal. In this gallery of images stands out sophisticated, calculating gangster “Once in America”, but the other characters, not being able to rely on a good plot, James Woods portrays as emotionally sincere and authentic, they gain volume, they believe, including the owner of the belly, absorbing video.

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