James Dean

James Dean
Date of birth: 02/08/1931 Year
Place of birth: Marion, Indiana, United States
Date of Death: 09/30/1955 Year
Place of death: Cholame, California, USA
Citizenship: US
Height: 173 cm

Original name: James Byron Dean

The legend of American cinema
A huge thank Dean, his popularity and cult status owe their existence to these three films in which the young actor starred. Premature deaths of James Dean and did made him a legend. He became the first artist to have received a posthumous nomination for the Oscar for Best Actor. In 1999, the American Film Institute placed Dean on the 18th place in the list of the hundred best male movie stars.
The short but bright career and tragic death of James Dean in a car accident made him a symbol of teenage rebellion and frustration, as if in his famous film “Rebel Without a Cause” (1955) in which James played the role of troubled teen Jim Stark (Jim Stark). Two other sensational roles Dean was confused loner Cal Trask (Cal Trask) in the film adaptation of the novel by John Steinbeck (John Steinbeck) ‘East of Eden “(1955) and burned unreasonable ambitions Jett Rink (Jett Rink) in the movie’ Giant ‘(1956) , turned into oil tycoon from a simple worker at the ranch.
Dean was born on February 8, 1931 in Marion, Indiana (Marion, Indiana), in a family of Winton Dean’s (Winton Dean) and Mildred Wilson (Mildred Wilson). Six years later, his father left farming and became a dental technician, his family moved to Santa Monica, California (Santa Monica, California), where James went to school. Dean himself was very close to his mother, the boy understands like no other, but in 1940, Mildred died of uterine cancer, and his father, unable to care for the child, sent it to his sister and her husband, who lived on a farm in Indiana. The teenage years are very Dean became friends with the local Methodist pastor who replaced his father and who had a great influence on the choice of priorities in life boy. It was thanks to him that James developed an interest in bullfighting, car racing, and the actor’s craft. However, recently there have been suggestions that a boy and a pastor associated sexual relations.
At school, Dean was mediocre actor, but a remarkable athlete. After graduating from high school and in 1949 he returned to California – his father had passed by the time the Second World War and married again – he began to study law at Santa Monica College, but soon transferred to the University of California, Los Angeles, in acting class . This caused a sharp rift between father and son. The young student was able to get around 350 other artists to get the role of Malcolm in “Macbeth,” and in January 1951 Dean dropped out of college to devote himself to an acting career.
Further events unfolded rapidly. Before he could make his debut on screen in advertising ‘Pepsi’, he received his first major speaking role on the television show ‘Hill Number One’ and three bit parts in movies, he played a soldier in ‘fixed bayonets!’ Teenager ‘Someone anyone seen my little girl? ‘ and boxing trainer in “Beware, sailor.” In an effort to get a job in Hollywood (Hollywood), Dean earned the studio in the parking lot, the advertising agency, worked for some time in New York (New York City), which appeared in several episodes of the TV show and had the opportunity to study at the legendary Actors Studio Lee Strasberg (Lee Strasberg), what is extremely proud of.
Finally, in 1953, directed by Elia Kazan (Elia Kazan), who was looking for an actor for the emotionally complex role of Cal Trask agreed to look at James Dean, although thought to invite Marlon Brando (Marlon Brando). Dean did not like the director – he felt that he too complex changeable nature – but as it fits perfectly. So with the movie ‘East of Eden’ meteoric rise began a career of James. Alas, the life he left a young, 24-year-old, playing all three roles.
September 30, 1955 Dean, who had a weakness for powerful sports cars, driving his ‘Porsche 550 Spyder’, together with the mechanic Rolf Vyuterihom (Rolf W?therich) in Salinas, California (Salinas, California), to take part in the racing. At about a quarter to six black-and-white fast moving ‘Ford Tudor’, driven by a 23-year-old student Tornpsid Donald (Donald Turnupseed), turned left onto Highway 41 and did not notice the car Dean hit it head-on. Dean, who was traveling at a speed of 137 km / h, tried to avoid the collision, but he has no choice either space or time. ‘Porsche’ flipped in the air and landed on its wheels in a ditch nearby.
Tornpsid escaped with bruises, Vyuterih was seriously injured, and Dean broke his neck, shattered jaw and received several severe internal injuries. An ambulance drove Dean to a nearby hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival there at 18:20. At his funeral on October 8 came about three thousand people.

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