James Belushi

James Belushi
Birthday: 6/15/1954, the
Age: 61 year
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Citizenship: US
Height: 180 cm

Original name: James Adam Belushi

James Belushi is convinced that in his early 45 years knows absolutely everything about life. Is not it strange that the favorite pastime of the famous actor – to listen to other people’s stories and give advice in difficult situations. Alas, for his outstanding experience Belushi had to pay dearly: the fate of James presented a lot of dramatic surprises … To be honest, never in my life did not only summed cigars. Everything else – the glory of love, friendship affection – proved values ??of the variables. But perhaps the most heavy cross of his life – the competition with his older brother, John Belushi …
When Jimmy Belushi even went to the Chicago school, the name of his older brother – John Belushi – thundering all over America. In the 70s he was considered the first among Hollywood actors, comedians. Jimmy, of course, proud of his brother, but … All the walls in the room were covered with parental newspaper articles about the famous son of his photographs and posters. And when the younger Belushi asked, do not want you mum and dad hang on the wall anything associated with it, John Guest in the parental home, sarcastically asked: “Do you want to hang on the wall of one of the many warrants out for your arrest? ”
The family archive is really accumulated a lot of summonses to court and other unpleasant securities of the same kind, addressed to James Belushi. He thought of himself as ugly and fat little man, is not interesting to anyone, and did everything to attract the attention of others: petty theft, fights, car theft … “In his native Chicago, I knew every cop. I was extremely unlucky and caught the offender not less than ten times a year, “- he recalls with a smile his adolescence James.
But thrown brother mockery hurt pride stung Jimmy. In a rage, he tore off the walls all the clippings, devoted to John, and tore them into small pieces. In response, John silently pulled out of his pants belt and brother taught a good lesson. Swallowing tears, Belushi Jr. murmured: “When I grow up and become stronger than you, I’m battered.” Looking ahead, we say that he kept his promise.
Incredibly, the young James managed to combine his tricks with the most gallant manner. Not for nothing in the language of their ancestors (both parents Belushi Albanian origin) in addition to the phrases “Give me the money,” “Shut up,” “You’re an idiot,” he learned and “Madam, you are as beautiful as the dawn” and “Let me kiss your lovely pen.” However, the Chicago schoolgirl do not understand Albanian … And gallantry in the 70s was not in vogue. James tells of his first experiences in maloudachnyh and subjugation of women’s hearts: “Offering a classmate chair, I ran across a cold contempt. But the same girl dispensed benevolent smile of one who strove to snatch the chair out from under him who was about to fall on him” . Then Jimmy decided to play it safe. He enrolled in the school drama club to learn that 20 girls there account for only 6 guys. However, in the school choir, the ratio was even better: 40 to 8. Jimmy recorded and there. But really good it felt courses on housekeeping: there Belushi was the only representative of the stronger sex. Incidentally, it was there that he met his future wife Sandra Davenport.
Classes in choir and drama club, too, have not been for Jimmy gift. After school, he already knew that he could be an actor is no worse than the elder brother. Distressed father hoped that, once not John, then Jimmy eventually head the family business (in Chicago, Belushi’s family held a private restaurant), he set out to polish their acting skills in the South Illinois University. At one of the performances of student young talent he spotted TV producer Garry Marshall and invited him to try out for the role of … womanizer in the TV series “Who sits with the children.” But James managed to sleep listening, and when he ran into the studio – a sleepy, unshaven and wearing something like, – the producer has to go home. Miraculously, James managed to persuade Gary to keep listening, and as a result he got the role! To celebrate, he went to his brother … and grabbed him in a bear hug (with growth of 178 cm while Jimmy weighed 97 kg). “It is time to return the favor,” – said the younger brother. “Not in the face, I beg you, do not hit the face!” – He yelled elder care about their appearance, as befits a movie star. But Jimmy did not heed the pleas … When John woke up and held his brother’s hand in a gesture of reconciliation, James said: “We are almost even. But now I have to beat you as an actor!”
Perhaps James and John have been able to beat, but here’s the problem: producers and directors regarded him only as a stand-famous brother. Younger Belushi invited mainly on the roles from which, for some reason refused to Belushi senior. And he rarely refused good roles … However, once James broke down and told his brother, who had just received an invitation to star in another comedy, “Give up. It’s my role, and you have no right to play it!” John was stubborn, but then relented. He already knew the character of his brother.
The tragedy happened in 1982. During the play, James received a note: “Today your brother John died. Cause of death – an overdose of heroin in combination with a lot of alcohol.” James dark eyes! Until that moment he had no idea that John is so dear to him … I do not daring to disrupt the show, Belushi finish the role until the end, fun audience till you drop. And in the evening he wept alone.
Thus began a black stripe in the life of James Belushi. His sensibility has urged that he was forced to replace the deceased brother in the weekly comic TV show “Saturday Night Live.” The series enjoyed such a high rating, the producers almost force pulled James signature in the contract. But that was not joking. Jimmy increasingly thought about his resemblance to John, it seemed to him that he was doomed to the same early and terrible death. Under the influence of gloomy thoughts, he began to drink. Regularly appearing on the set drunk, James quickly ruined his reputation. And there is no reputation, no job. To top it off, his wife did not survive. Sandra had left Belushi, taking with him a young son – Robert. “What can you expect from a woman who knows a lot about economics alone” – bitterly joked James. But he already knew that his life has given serious crack.
James did not let himself sink to the bottom. “I had to deal with death. It took me several years to learn how to control the pain I felt in my heart,” – says the actor. It’s hard having experienced another loss – four years after John died of their mother – Belushi realized now or never. We must get to work: work hard to sweat, to exhaustion, to a pulp. The proposals did not take long. 80s was truly stellar career in James Belushi. “Interchanged”, “Little Shop of Horrors,” “Salvador”, “Direct”, “Red Heat,” “K-9” – movies followed one after another. In one of the film sets, James met a charming young actress – Marjorie Brensfild. Their marriage was bright and fleeting, like a comet. Two years later, Marjorie said that he no longer loves James, and he again plunged into depression. However, this time not for long. “How wonderful to be famous – said James – the restaurants you gets the best seats! But go to the movies, not only men waiters … Celebrity much easier to meet women. At least because women know in advance that I’m not a maniac ax. Even with family acquaint necessarily enough to just say that I – Belushi, and everyone is happy. ”
So Belushi plucked experience. So much so that he even wanted to share them publicly actor put on one of the web pages of interesting announcement: “Jim Belushi is ready to give advice in any difficult situation.” However, much to the surprise of Jimmy, in his e-mail was not a lot of questions about the intricacies of life, the knowledge of which it is, in fact, wanted to share. But ever asked about Sharon Stone, Quentin Tarantino or Whoopi Goldberg – in short, of those with whom he had ever acting together. However, the question of which partner has made him the strongest impression, Belushi said suddenly: “Jerry Lee German Shepherd. This gifted actor’s dog – my partner on the set of” K-9 “. He was on friendly terms with all the female part of the group! All patted him on the back, called a “good girl.” And when I myself was trying to get close to someone of the ladies, that receive the most brutal fight back. No man ever met in my way, do not make me a burning zeal, like an animal. ”
However, no less a shock turned to Belushi and work with Schwarzenegger. But that’s another story.
It all started with the fact that on the set of the movie “Red Heat” Schwarzenegger chain-smoked cigars. They were so strong that a couple of times with Belushi became bad habit. “All the scenes we shot in the car with the window slightly open, but it did not help. Then I myself decided to smoke and gradually became involved,” – says James. However, the real “epiphany” happened to him a little later – in Italy. “It was a delightful Sicilian night. I asked the driver to stop the car, went to the sea for a long time listening to the sound of the surf. Missed the driver lit a cigar and treated me. And then something extraordinary happened! The sun began to rise from the sea. Dawn, surf, warm feeling sand underfoot and smoke cigars … In my soul reigned absolute rest “, – says Belushi his many fellow smokers.
James considers cigar lovers special male fraternity, whose members always understand each other. “Between us there is a special bond mysterious, incomprehensible to outsiders” – he says. However, when the current wife of James – Jennifer – tried to smoke a cigar, he was terribly indignant: “Women do not have to do that. You would not understand this relish! There is only male in the world of joy!”
Cigars so strongly captured the imagination of James, he opened his own tobacco business. Together with Chuck Norris, another avid fan of cigars, he founded the “lone wolf.” Belushi and Norris had to open 15 small shops that sell their products. And now James thought up to create the Los Angeles special sidewalk cafes for smokers. So he hopes to bring to Hollywood least particle Chicago street life, which is missing so far …

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1. According to Jim (TV series) (2001 – 2007), $ 500,000
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