It’s about the jaguar. Many centuries ago, in the pre-Columbian civilizations in Peru, Central America and Mexico, this cat was worshiped as a god. Ancient Inca artists around the year 1000 BC created stone idols-gods as a demi-poluyaguarov. At the same time in the south of modern Mexico from the Indians appeared the image of the god-jaguar. The strange thing is that these two Indian civilization has never been linked. This coincidence surprised scientists and is an archaeological mystery.
But in the opinion of scientists, zoologists, there is no secret. Jaguar – the largest, most powerful and cause the greatest fear of felines in the Western Hemisphere. So it is not surprising that once two ancient civilizations chose him as their god.
Jaguar – very impressive beast. Hispanics even call him “El Tigre” – tiger. The name “Jaguar” comes from the ancient Indian language and means “killer, coping with the victim in a single bound.”
Male jaguar in the prime of life reaches a length of more than two meters, and in weight from 110 to 180 pounds. Jaguar different from its neighbor leopard larger spots on the skin, a massive head and powerful paws. Like a lion or a tiger, the jaguar is capable to issue a deafening roar that strikes fear in the whole district. This is one of the hallmarks of a jaguar. It was because of her, he was assigned to the leadership big cats, because only small purr and meow.
Jaguar hunts almost any game, from mice and ending caimans – South American crocodiles. But most of all he loves bakers. This is an American relative of the boar. He also loves to hunt for capybaras – the largest rodent on earth, weighing as much as 50 pounds. Jaguar does not give up the easy prey. He is not averse to breakfast turtle, easily torn out of her shell, or dig in the sand on the beach in search of sea turtle eggs.
Jaguar great swims, climbs trees very well and after the victims with the same success as in the water and on the tree. He is able to run very fast, but soon tired. So the British automakers slightly wrong, naming speed machine in his honor.
Jaguar sometimes attack livestock, especially pigs and calves. Although it belongs to the person with care, but sometimes breaks into the hut and enough dogs, children and the elderly. Scientists disagree on whether the Jaguars are cannibals, sometimes tigers, lions and leopards. Apparently, the experience has taught generations of Jaguar avoid people, but in a hopeless situation, he did not hesitate to attack the hunter. Of the cats in the Western Hemisphere with the jaguar rivaled only by puma, jaguar but stronger and his head more massive.
Jaguars once lived in the United States, they were an intensive hunt. Already in the forties of this century they almost gone. While they can still be found in Central America, but most of all jaguars left in Brazil. Pregnancy lasts about jaguars in 100 days. Female bears two to four kittens that feeds and protects for about a year. With their mother, they are kept for about two years, and after the hunt on their own. In captivity, jaguars live up to 20 years.

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