Jackals Old World largest wolves and hyenas are inferior, but excel fox. They belong to the family dog. Adults jackals weigh 7 to 13 pounds. Hunt these animals alone, in pairs and packs less. They smyshleny, sociable and have excellent vision, which are very different food.
Black-backed jackal, who lives in open areas, from Egypt to South Africa, feeds mainly on carrion, picking up the remains of the feast of large predators. Striped Jackal, living in the mountainous regions of Central Africa, it is very timid. He always kept alone and hunts at night for small animals. The most common of these animals – Golden jackal. This golden-red beast lives in Africa, south-east of Europe, Asia and northern India.
Ordinary jackals feed on beetles, termites, catch moths and grasshoppers. In addition, they prey on rats, mice, birds and nesting on the ground birds. They are not afraid of snakes and that are included in their permanent menu. Sometimes they hunt in pairs, sometimes even daring to fight off a calf from a gazelle. However, it gets tight from strong hooves herbivore, but hunting is sometimes possible.
When going into a herd of jackals, they are even at risk of attack adult gazelles. In addition, they cleverly use someone else’s prey. Often clever jackal stealing pieces of meat from under the very nose heavy with Food Lion. Privorovyvaet often spoil before the hyenas and vultures.
In jackals very developed sense of family. When family members in different directions, they give each other signals howling and wag their tails when they met, sniffed, fall down on his back and talk enthusiastically paws in the air. Parents often and vigorously lick puppies thus showing his affection. The female is sometimes so zealous that puppies get wet, like after a good swim.
Very interesting is the original combat reception jackals when they distilled from mining opponents. This kind of jackals karate. Jackal becomes snout to the enemy, pushed off the ground with all four paws, turns in the air and hits the enemy back of the torso. This technique is especially good against the vultures and eagles. Such a blow not only staggering huge birds, but also allows you to save the jackal’s head, eyes and nose from the sharp claws and beaks.
Adults jackals used this technique and clarifying the relationship between them. Who blow stronger, he won. Before the bloody Battle of jackals never comes. Impudence and cunning jackals are known for their long, sometimes huge opponents. Therefore jackal often have the lam with stunning speed of 60 km / h.

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