Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson
Birthday: 4/22/1937, the
Age: 78 years
Birthplace: New York, United States

Citizenship: US
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 85 kg

The genius of the movie
Jack Nicholson as the greatest actor in the history of cinema. Thanks to his amazing talent, he looks absolutely harmoniously in any role. However, the most successful for it is the role of madness, and with elements of the grotesque. During his long career Nicholson played in more than 70 films, received a 12 (!) Nominations for the Oscar. In this, he reaching an absolute record.
Childhood and adolescence
Jack Nicholson was born in New York on April 22, 1937. His mother, June Nicholson was a dancer, and his father, apparently, was her dance partner Donald Furchillo. However, in this regard, there are many opinions. So, biographer Patrick Nicholson Milligan does not exclude the fact that the biological father of the child could be Eddie King, June’s manager. The actor refused to understand the issue and take a DNA analysis. Moreover, for many years, he naively believed that his mother – a big sister, and grandparents – father and mother. Only in later years, Jack learned that his older sister is actually his mother, who went to the cheating for the sake of his honor.
In high school Jack was restless and did not pay much attention to learning. But he gladly participated in amateur theater, where he received praise. He even called a clown, because he could Scorch any face. After high school, Nicholson was determined that I should be an actor. However, to realize his dream was not so simple. Jack managed to get to the department of animation at the studio ‘MGM’, but for several years he was a gofer. His responsibilities included mail delivery, ordering food, cleaning, and other errands. In his spare time, he attended acting classes.
The first works
As it happens, all decided case. Jack Nicholson were two. The first – a meeting with film producer Joe Pasternak, who saw in him the talent, and advised on good teachers of elocution and acting. Thanks Pasternak Nicholson found work in the theater, and even got a few small roles in television series. The second meeting was a fateful meeting with director Roger Corman, who at the time was looking for young talent. He invited Jack to the role in the film ‘Cry Baby Killer’ (1958), but he turned out so incompetent that completely failed at the box office and could not stand up to scrutiny. Naturally, under the hand and hit Nicholson. But this is only inspired the actor.
Although frankly bad films Corman ‘Little Shop of Horrors “(1960) and’ The Raven ‘(1963), this is the director Nicholson paved the way to a great movie. Many critics have been able to discern in talent and aspiring actor said that his career has not been a role where he could really open up. Finally, in 1969, fate has given the actor a role.
World fame
Success came to Jack Nicholson after pictures ‘Easy Rider’ (1969). The cult film of Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper talks about two hippies who crossed America on motorcycles in search of an illusory freedom drug. Nicholson plays a young lawyer, is on the verge of life on both sides: on the one hand, he is the guardian of social norms, on the other – bursting inside his emotional freedom, so it is like ‘Easy Rider’. For supporting actress actor was first nominated for the Oscar.
The next film is also nominated Nicholson brought home an Academy Award, but for the main role. Painting ‘Five Easy Pieces’ (1970) did not have much success, but critics could not help but notice an incredible game Nicholson. Quite different was the movie “Chinatown” (1974), in which the actor played the gruff detective Gittis and unsentimental. The painting was revived in the movie noir, it was incredible popularity and eventually gave Nicholson in the first ranks of Hollywood actors.
70 and 80 years have been the high point for Jack Nicholson. During this time he played his best role for which he was awarded numerous film awards. His first statuette Oscar actor received for his film “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest ‘(1975), directed by Milos Forman. Nicholson had to be reincarnated as a mental hospital patient, and he did it so skillfully, so skillfully that his game and admire today.
The same memorable image of the actor managed to create in the movie Stanley Kubrick ‘Shining’ (1980), based on the novel by Stephen King. The scene where a distraught Nicholson breaks through the door with an ax, is considered one of the most terrible scenes in movie history. Devilish smile and crazy shifty eyes actor forced millions of moviegoers to scream in horror.
His second Oscar Jack Nicholson has received for her role in “Terms of Endearment” (1983), where he played a former astronaut who suffer from alcohol dependence. 80s actor brought another nomination for an Academy Award for the film ‘Thistle’ (1987), as well as the immense popularity after the release of pictures of ‘Batman’ (1989), in which Nicholson appeared in the image of the Joker.
Recent work
90s and the 2000s were not as successful in the career of the actor. Nicholson has even been nominated several times for ‘Razzie’ as the worst actor. But there was some good roles. So, for the role of a neurotic writer Melvin Udall in the film ‘Never better’ (1997) Nicholson was awarded a third Oscar. A landmark was his appearance on screen in the film ‘The Departed’ (2006), where the actor played the Irish mobster Frank Costello. Critics praised the film and once again pointed out the multifaceted talent Nicholson.
Last date picture with Jack Nicholson comedy “How Do You Know …”, came out in 2010. Two years later, the actor was offered a major role in the drama ‘judge’, but he refused. In 2013, it was reported that Nicholson will no longer be in the movies because of memory loss. As it turned out, the data were unreliable. The actor continues to read scenarios and look for a new project.
Jack Nicholson has been a lot of novels with the known model and actress, but the status it was only once. The actor has repeatedly stated that the two had a relationship with thousands of women, although the list of legends of sex never got. Nicholson has four children by three different women, but perhaps more of them. So, the actress Susan Enspak claims that the legendary actor is the father of her son, Caleb Goddard.
Jack Nicholson – a passionate fan of the basketball team ‘Los Angeles Lakers’. For 25 years he has not missed a single game. The contract actor even has a clause which states that it does not work in the days when he plays his favorite team. Nicholson also known for collecting paintings of the twentieth century. The actor has one quirk: he rejects role in the film, which, in his opinion, would be too successful. But his charisma and talent is so strong that most of the films featuring Nicholson invariably become masterpieces.

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