Isabelle Huppert

Isabelle Huppert
Birthday: 3/16/1953, the
Age: 62 year
Place of birth: Paris, France

Citizenship: France
Height: 160 cm

Huppert – Actress contradictions of her character fascinated and horrified. Heaven and hell come together in this mysterious, closed, a femme fatale.

Isabelle Huppert, French actress. Born March 16, 1955 in Paris. The daughter of a major industrialist, the youngest child in the family, the sister of actress Elisabeth Huppert. She graduated from the Department of Slavic University of Paris and the Paris Conservatoire. The debut in the movie took place in the film N.Kompaneets “Faustina, or Beautiful summer” (“Faustine et la belle Et?”, 1971), in the same year played the sister of the main character in the film K.Sote “Cesar and Rosalie” (“Cesar et Rosalie “, 1972). In the early 1970s, Huppert has changed many roles of adolescent girls, including in the paintings of “Beer at the crossroads” (“Le Bar de la fourche”, 1972) and “Going Places” (“Les Valseuses”, 1974) B.Blie. After working in “Cesar and Rosalie” Huppert began taking acting lessons, and in the next picture, “Alois” (“Aloise”, 1975) Liliana de Kermadec, acted as a professional actress. In the same year he played the role of women, cancer patients, in the movie “Dr. Francoise Gayan” (“Docteur Fran?oise Gailland”, 1975).
The first great work Huppert – B.Taverne film “The judge and the killer” (“Le Juge et l’assassin”, 1975), where she became partners with venerable French actors and F.Nuare M.Galabryu. Its heroine – a commoner, beloved Rousseau investigator, active participant in the trade union movement in France 19-20 centuries. Like many of her characters, character Huppert personified fragile femininity and genuine men’s courage.
In the late 1970s, Huppert met K.Shabrolem, who invited her in the film “Violette Nozieres” (“Violette Noziere”, 1978) to play a real character – a woman who was poisoned in 1930 by his own father. Huppert has worked with Chabrol another four scenes: “Women matter” (“Une affaire de femmes”, 1988; the prize for Best Actress at the Venice International Film Festival), “Madame Bovary” (“Madame Bovary”, 1991; Award for Best Actress at the Moscow International Film Festival), “Ceremony” (“La Ceremonie” 1995; award “Cesar” and a prize in Venice for Best Actress) and “Odds are made” (“Rien ne va plus”, 1997). A screen adaptation of Flaubert’s novel “Madame Bovary” was designed specifically for Chabrol Isabelle Huppert.
Huppert – Actress contradictions of her character fascinated and horrified. Heaven and hell come together in this mysterious, closed, a femme fatale. That Alphonsine Plessis her in the film “The True Story of Lady of the Camellias” (“La Dame aux camelias”, 1981), a novel by Alexandre Dumas about M.Belonini-son. In this film, none of the men can not understand why a small and homely girl draws their hearts and the state, as a magnet, what is her secret. In the same year Huppert played a role in the most successful Hungarian film M.Messarosh “Heiress” (“The Heiresses”, 1980, in the Soviet box office – “second wife”).
Huppert works mainly with the directors of the French “auteur” and almost never appears in the film mass entertainment genres. She starred in Tavernier in “spoiled children” (“Des enfants getes”, 1977) and “punch rag” (“Coup de torchon”, 1981); He has played in Blier “Going Places” and “Women of my best friend” (“La Femme de mon pote”, 1983); I worked with Jean-L.Godarom in the films “Every man for himself” (“Sauve qui peut”, 1979) and “The Passion” (“Passion”, 1982); played by Anne Bronte in the movie A.Teshine “Bronte Sisters” (“Soeurs Bronte”, Les, 1979), the title role in “Lulu” (“Loulou”, 1980) M.Piala.
In 1994, Huppert starred in an immigrant from Russia I.Minaeva “Flood” (“Navodneniye” – “L’Inondation”) based on the novel E.Zamyatina. The actress played the role of a woman who kills a young and successful competitor in order to save their love. The film M.Haneke “Pianist” (“La Pianiste”, 2001), the heroine Huppert – Professor Erika Kohut Vienna Conservatory. When her life there, Walter Klemmer (B.Mazhimel), Eric loses control. During execution of the main roles in “The Piano Teacher” Huppert and Magimel received at Cannes’ Palme d’Or. ”
Isabelle Huppert lives as closed and reserved, like most of her heroines. She does not like to give interviews, says nothing about his personal life and talks about plans for the future.

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