I did not plan to write any comments and reviews on this picture … Why? And because it is extremely difficult to disassemble the work of those who are extremely close in spirit and causes an infinite respect. However, after reading the great reviews on “Interstellar” some Fe, I even somehow perk from such estimates and amusing point of view: it turns out, there is something to chide a remarkable phenomenon in the film Christopher Nolan *. That phenomenon, because the work Nolan unique. Frankly, I always thought that criticize Christopher and his team just envious, but the position is clear and sincere Re clear that, in general, and delighted.

Tell us briefly about the main idea of Fe, otherwise it will not clear what I mean. Re estimates do not even Nolan, he assesses the considerable list of films of recent years, which “shoots” hit and eventually forgotten. Films that are “digested” once and no longer useable in “food”, as contemporary art, built on the principle of “wow!” And digestible theses submitted too openly and tasteless. Re enter the new film by Christopher Nolan in this most modern tastelessness. Its main idea is so strong and deep that it is difficult to resist the criticism of all contemporary popular cinema. But!

Any director builds a world that you accept or reject, in which you want to dive or not. A world that is inhabited by the characters to which you want to return again and again, even if their replica simple and clumsy, even if the whole story can be predictable and at the first viewing. Gigantic motion picture must be holistic and all its elements should work flawlessly. We are revising “Pulp Fiction,” “The Terminator” or “Godfather”, because all the elements work together, united as a mechanism. No! How does the body!

Nolan has always managed to create a living world, populate it with real characters, completely organic in the director’s universe. He always manages to correctly show the world and decorate it so as to cause true emotions. His stories are detailed and multifaceted. They never knocked out and the created world. Everything works! Another thing – do you like this world?

Now, finally, turn to name his review of “surprise and conquer!”. Interstellar surprised and unable to master the huge crowd of fans. Spitpoisons same in all tychat screen with your finger and the chirping of technical failures and unscientific approach. Many mention citation Kubrick, Tarkovsky, Cameron and Lucas, as the inability to Nolan and the team to do something original, but actually I’m not sure that everyone was watching “The Odyssey” or “Solaris”.

I also truly surprised all who had a hand in this project:

With his brother Christopher was able to create a wonderful drama in space travel (or vice versa?)

Hans Zimmer pushed timpani and pomp and created something unforgettable. His music, crashing through infinity, broke through and through the souls of the audience.

Every actor here breaks templates. The game feel culture shock and delight. Although in the center of Matthew McConaughey, not only he manages to make us cry, laugh and be horrified: scatter intensity, and extreme emotional level paints indecent wide.

Operator solutions Hoyt Van Hoytema and installation of Lee Smith doing their job – in Nolanovsky world believe! But not necessarily in this world believe everything! This movie, my friends! And it can not be universal, it can not be a universal book!

* – Because for me it is undisputed master. His attitude to filming Hitchcock, hide them sparingly process bestow hints and provoke expectation creates the necessary conditions for the perception of the film with a clean slate and without looking back.

Year – 2014
country – SSHAKNIGI, UK
slogan – “The next step will be the greatest of mankind”
director – Christopher Nolan
script – Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan
Producer – Christopher Nolan, Lynda Obst, Emma Thomas, …
operator – Hoyt Van Hoytema
composer – Hans Zimmer
artist – Nathan Crowley, Kendall Elliott, Eggert Ketilsson …
Installation – Lee Smith
genre – fiction, drama, adventure, words …
budget – $ 165 million
charges in the US – $ 169,548,000
fees in the world – ($ 455 million) = $ 624,548,000


Matthew McConaughey
Anne Hathaway
Jessica Chastain
Mackenzie Foy
Michael Caine
David Gyasi
Wes Bentley
Casey Affleck
John Lithgow
Matt Damon

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