Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman
Birthday: 8/29/1915, the
Age: 67 years
Place of birth: Stockholm, Sweden
Date of Death: 29/08/1982 Year
Place of death: London, UK

Citizenship: Sweden
Height: 175 cm

American saint
Who is engaged in education Ingrid as a child? As she came to the set? Thanks to whom Bergman began acting in Hollywood? What movie has made the actress in the world stars? Why Alfred Hitchcock liked to shoot his films, Bergman? As Ingrid ‘in absentia’ in love with Roberto Rossellini? What in the 50s actress cursed all of America? What a novel Ingrid became the most scandalous and called ‘intercontinental drama’? As the actress managed to return the love of the Americans and once again become a ‘holy’?
A start in life
Ingrid Bergman was born on August 29, 1915 in Stockholm. When she was 3 years old, his mother died, and after 10 years – the father. Ingrid raised by an aunt and then Uncle Otto Bergman. She does not remember his mother, but always fondly spoke of his father. When journalists asked the actress, who, in her opinion, is the greatest filmmaker, she replied that Samuel Justus – her father.
And Ingrid often thought of as the father filmed it on amateur camera. According to the actress, he thought she was very photogenic. Perhaps, then, she began her love of art. With the death of his father the belief that it should be an actress, but strengthened. After high school, Ingrid entered the Royal Dramatic Theater, but soon left him for the opportunity to star in a movie.
Bergman is easy to get approval of directors, as has not only natural beauty, but also acting talent. Her debut was in 1932 in the film ‘The International’, where she played the small role of a girl waiting queue. Three years later, Ingrid received a more serious role in the movie ‘The Count of Munkbru’ (1935).
The success of the actress would not have been possible without one man – her husband Petter Lindstr?m. He appeared in the life of Ingrid in the most difficult moment, and returned to her confidence. Lovely doctor and a loving husband, he was a good man in every respect. So when Bergman was invited to Hollywood, he enthusiastically took the news. It persuaded Ingrid Petter move to America, because I thought that only there she could make a career and to ensure their little daughter Pia. Many accuse Petter in pragmatism, but thanks to him, the world learned of the existence of the great Ingrid Bergman.
In Hollywood
One of the largest film producers in Hollywood, David Selznick offered Ingrid starring role in ‘Intermezzo’ (1939) and an unprecedented fee – $ 2,500 for each week of filming! Such an offer was hard to refuse, but the actress was not interested in money, but the process itself. She was a fan of the movie, and after shooting each film when the director scattered in compliments, saying that could play better. Through self-criticism Bergman honed his talent from film to film, eventually becoming one of the best actresses in the world.
And while Ingrid was unsure Swedish girl who did not know English and was considered too high by the standards of Hollywood. Reliance has added to her incredible success of ‘Intermezzo’. The role of a young music teacher Anita Hoffman was performed brilliantly actress, and critics began to talk about the birth of a new star. In 1941, Ingrid consolidate its success, starring in the film ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’. Initially it was supposed to play the bride of Dr. Jekyll, but fearing to become hostage to the image of a romantic heroine, persuaded the director to give her the role of a fallen woman Ivy Peterson. To the surprise of critics Bergman do the job perfectly well.
However, the films, the actress who became famous all over the world, has become a ‘Casablanca’ (1942). Ingrid acted as a leader of the anti-fascist movement of his wife Lisa Laszlo throwing beautifully conveys the heroine between love and duty. The film has gained immense popularity and has received 3 film award Oscar. Despite the fact that the ‘Casablanca’ Bergman made a star of the screen, she did not like the picture. The reason for this was the actor Humphrey Bogart – her co-star. Rumors about their love affair, which in fact has never been well into disrepute and almost destroyed their marriage.
Career Bergman is going well. In 1945, the actress won her first Oscar for her role as Paula mad woman in the thriller “Gaslight” (1944). At the same time it was noticed by the famous film director Alfred Hitchcock. He is an amateur ‘cold blondes’ could not ignore such a valuable specimen and invited Ingrid cooperation. The actress has repeatedly said that Hitchcock did not like the arrogant, but in his films ‘Spellbound’ (1945), ‘Notorious’ (1946) and “Under Capricorn” (1949) played great.
Life of Ingrid Bergman changed dramatically after meeting with the work in America, a little-known Italian director Roberto Rossellini. The film ‘Payza’ lead actress in delight, and when she looked motion picture “Rome, Open City ‘, if not speechless. Ingrid wrote a letter to the director, which has hinted that if he needed an actress, she was happy to play in his film. They met on the day of its 33 th anniversary and madly in love with each other …
‘Intercontinental drama’
In 1949, Bergman decided to take a desperate step and left Hollywood. This act caused a big scandal and antagonized actress entire American public. In principle, nothing terrible will happen, but for America, Ingrid was more than an actress. It was a symbol reserved, polite and even holy women. It is not being American, he embodied the American woman. But after Bergman starred in “The Bells of St. Mary ‘(1945), and it all came to be called’ holy ‘.
Therefore, moving Ingrid Europe, many Americans regarded as a betrayal. Not to mention the fact that she had left her husband and daughter in Puritan America was unacceptable. However, the actress could not do anything with his love. Roberto was the opposite of Petter – unpredictable, disorderly, passionate – and that won her heart.
Ingrid gave birth to three children, Roberto, but their marriage did not last long. Movies Rossellini, starring actress, had no success, and withdraw from other directors, he forbade it. Eventually Bergman said it would withdraw from the other … and went to Hollywood! Americans reacted very cautiously to her return, but after the success of the film “Anastasia” (1956), a role in which she won a second Oscar, forgave her everything.
Meanwhile, being on set in India, Rossellini fell in love with a beautiful young woman Sonali senryu. She came to Ingrid and asked for a divorce because she was pregnant with Roberto. The actress did not mind, but it turned out that no legal marriage existed since at the time of the wedding, she was married to Petter. So ended a scandalous novel, Bergman and Rossellini, who went down in history under the name of ‘intercontinental drama’.
His best roles the actress has already played, but it was in her career two more films worthy of attention. The first of them – ‘Murder on the Orient Express “(1974) – Ingrid brought the third and final Oscar, but this time for Supporting Actor. And the second – ‘Autumn Sonata’ (1978) – was the result of cooperation with its namesake, the brilliant Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. Ingrid herself as once Rossellini, Bergman wrote a request to play in his film. And the master could not refuse the great actress.
In 1973, Ingrid Bergman diagnosed with breast cancer. Nine years she struggled with the disease, but it could not win. The actress passed away August 29, 1982 on his birthday at the hands of Lars Schmidt – last husband. Could she be happy with the life – remains a mystery. But her dream has come true – it was one of the greatest actresses in the history of cinema, and it remains to this day.

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