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The European Film Academy recognized “Ida” best of the year. Triumph Polish drama strengthened awards for best director, screenplay and cinematography. Painting Paul Pawlikowski, of course, became a notable event in the world of auteur cinema, but, unfortunately, has been unjustly deprived of the attention of the Russian criticism. It is high time something to fill this information gap.

The story takes us to Poland 60-ies of XX century. Before you take a vow, a young novice Ida forced to go to the aunt, his only living relative. Wanda Cargo was not going to ever pick up a girl from an orphanage, despite the regular flow of letters to her – “could not and did not want to” – and even now not very much waiting for a meeting with a niece who became a nun. By and large, the first thing Aunt Ida hears from, so it’s about his origins: “You are the daughter of Chaim Lebentshteyna Hertz and Roses.” Plan to visit the grave of parents is compounded by the fact the difficult fate of Polish Jews during the Second World War. As though it may sound cynical, but the Nazi occupation was a convenient excuse for many Poles to have finally solved the Jewish question. After the 45th, of course, talking about it was not accepted. And much whether it was possible to firmly prove? “What if you go there and you will understand that there is no god” – polushutku-poluvserёz asks Wanda. So the focus of history is gradually shifting towards Madame Cargo, women cynical and brutal. Straightforward, powerful and strong – a former state prosecutor, now a judge – this image is familiar to many, with something like you might encounter in the “Pose child” Calin Peter Netzer. These few days spent with charismatic aunt, will be for girls important life experiences.

The story itself is inevitably let you down to the viewer not the most obvious turn of events, which, of course, are a good reason to indulge in deep thoughts. The script, written by Pavel Pawlikowski with Rebecca Lenkievich, contains no obvious answers to the questions, and leaves room for interpretation. However, this film is beautiful, above all, not so much for its content as amazing and memorable form.

“Ida” – an old-fashioned movie, even ascetic, but amazingly beautiful! Elegant minimalism operators Ryszard Lenchevskogo and Lukas Hall has almost no modern analogues. Non-standard aspect ratio leads to a bold creative discoveries in the construction of the composition. Persons are often biased in the bottom half of the frame, in fact, we did not always see them entirely. The film is full of stunning methods of avoiding symmetry breaking patterns of perception. There is a scene where a portion of the image is darkened to highlight the point. Will long continue to emerge in the memory rhythmic patterns (eg, nuns), the focus of which even goes beyond the displayed image. And, what is most shocking is so harmonious that the eccentricities of some experimental Filmmakers seem against this background only failed attempt to pass for large originals.

The film, considering everything written above, relatively far from ideal. The very concept of ideological drama has quite vague contours and devoid of elegance and simplicity of visual design. Nevertheless, the work Pawlikowski deserves to attract the attention of discerning moviegoers.

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