Ice Cube

Ice Cube
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, USA
Nationality: United States

Original name: O Shea Jackson

Start commonplace for such stories – Ice Cube grew up in a modest family in a poor neighborhood of Los Angeles. His real name O`Shea Jackson. Parents named her son after O.Dzhey.Simpsona, American football star. OJ (known Russian audiences for his roles in the movie series “The Naked Gun”, remember hefty Negril?) Famous scandalous trial: he was accused of murdering his wife, but the lawyer athlete protection built on the fact that white jurors prejudiced the defendant to black . The jury repeatedly shuffled until he finally picked up people O.Dzheya justified. But in honor of this wonderful man and got the name of the young O’Shea.
In his youth, Ice Cube rubbed on the street (he grew up in South Central), worked fine podrezalovom, but in serious crimes never participated. Moreover – dude graduated from college and went to college. Ice Cube boys already had the reputation of a talented rapper, whose rhymes – no samples of high poetry, but biting, catchy lines – unusually quickly found admirers. So when hardened thug and pusher Eazy-E took it in turn, Cube may not quite understand who he was dealing with and how to maintain it is necessary to then for the market does not respond. Cube Eazy offered for him to compose some text and suddenly got a future hit “Boyz-n-the-Hood”. Clinging to a talented young man, Eazy invited him to form a group NWA (Niggaz With Attitude). Together with them, the team worked: the future foundation pillar of rap – Dr.Dre, and not leave such a significant mark in the history of MC Ren and DJ Yella. For participation in the “supergroup” Ice Cube throws Institute.
After the album “Straight Outta Compton” they have become icons. In 1989 uncompromising song “Fuck the Police” forced guidance FBI write an angry letter to the address of the issuing label and make noise in the Congress! The success was stunning, but the contract drawn up by cunning Eazy-E, Ice Cube left – songwriter – a pittance. This is the story of the eternal discharge – millions Tyson same way stole his promoter Don King. So, you went to school negros – look healed would be better.
Otpahal 4 years in prison Eazy-E, the vast majority of composing texts for NWA and solo album Eazy-E, Cube profit figured his boss, compared with their crumbs and left the company. Naturally, severely offended. And who would not be offended? That Ice Cube was a little … uh-uh, annoyed. Because a year tightly paced by former friends and comrades in the song “No Vaseline”, have fun public lines, that “dick Eazy by shit smells MC Ren’a”. But popularity came to him not because of savoring naturalistic details.
The first album, released “cube” in 1990, break the bank. In the East, the main fighter for the rights of blacks were considered Public Enemy, in the West as such becomes Ice Cube. Every second song on the debut “AmeriKKKa`s Most Wanted” – a hit. And the songs were 16! Including a “meat” as: “The Nigga Ya Love To Hate”, “AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted”, “Who’s The Mack?”. Sacred rage seething in the heart Cube – NWA skurvilis colleagues, settled in the mansions of the rich, but he still swore eternal fidelity to nurse it for the streets and paid the due share “warm words” all oppressors of the black race. At the same time we should not forget that the Cube was not an angel – in his songs, he gave devils Koreans, Asian, fag, politicians, and in addition was sexually dissolved – a real bastard and scared for the guardians of morality.
Following the album comes out very successful maxi-single “Kill at Will”, and in 1991 – a masterpiece “Death Certificate” (the cover of which depicts a corpse lying on a gurney), only a month ahead of the famous black riot in Los Angeles. The riots, which lasted several days, were caused by the acquittal in the case of police officers who beat Rodney King Black (look for details of the case in the news archive by Rap.Ru) and sealed accidental witness. The name has become synonymous with Rodney King – he is part of the history of black struggle for their rights – and was made in the texts of many rappers. Video of the incident spread around the world, becoming a catalyst for the largest street riots in modern American history. Following these events, the hard hard-core “Death Certificate” looked prescient, and the Cube became a living symbol of resistance. Almost like Lenin, Che Guevara and Martin Luther King.
In 1992, they released another great album “The Predator” (with the militants “Check Yo Self”, “Wicked” and “It Was A Good Day”), is closed (in the opinion of the fans and critics) the glorious history of Ice Cube. Next disc “Lethal Injection” was like a lethal injection for the most Ice Cube, as the author of relevance to their time records. On the stage of America sounded “Chronic” Dr. Dre. Impending era G-funk, criticism of everything found no previous response from the audience. Rebels showed the money … and the riots ended – the new heroes were lucky guys with big “mazafaker Ganas” and thick chains. Ice Cube is not retired – to his credit were recorded at intervals of two years albums “War & Peace” (respectively first and second parts; the second Cube, Dre and MC Ren forgive past grievances and make joint track “Hello”, giving rise to rumors of a reunion NWA), Greatest Hits and bootlegs, producing Da Lench Mob, and Yo-Yo, participate in a rock festival Lollapalooza and working with metallers Korn; Beef and reconciliation with other important Californian rappers team Cypress Hill; Finally association with like-minded Mack 10 and WC in the group Westside Connection and publication of two albums (“Bow Down” – 1996, “Terrorist Threats” – 2003).
But perhaps this impressive list of accomplishments and achievements would not allow him to continue to be considered a star of higher tier if parallel Ice Cube have not achieved outstanding success in the movie business. Ice – one of the few rappers who in all seriousness, you can call the actor. That is, he not only can play himself, but is capable of more. Cube debut became a cult film “Boyz N the Hood”, dedicated to the realities of the ghetto. Related exploited following his role in “CB4” and “Tresspass”. But the first real success was the cult comedy “Friday”. Ice Cube was a director, co-writer (the second was a DJ Pooh), producer and performer of one of the main roles. Comedy makings of his partner Chris Tucker and a great soundtrack, compiled of the best examples of hip-hop in 1995, became the key to the success of the film. “Friday” and still enjoys the love of Hip Hop fans of all generations. In the wake of the success of Ice Cube opens up his own production company – Cube Vision. Not “Dreamworks”, of course, but the bread and butter and caviar – missing.
In 1997, Ice Cube was withdrawn in the “Anaconda” with Jennifer Lopez, in 1999 – in the “Three Kings” with George Clooney and Mark Uolberkom (ex-rapper Marky Mark). Comedy “Next Friday” (continued as usual, was weaker than the original), “All About the Benjamins,” “Barbershop” and “Friday after you next Friday,” Cube makes regular at film sets. Filming began for Cube is not Pontus and publicity release, and good business. Suffice it to say that psychic comedy “Barbershop” has brought enormous fees, making Cube king of Afro-American movies (of course, after Spike Lee). Ice continues to talk about the possibility of reunification of NWA and the next album in collaboration with Dr.Dre, but the architect G-funk too much to do – Um, Fifty, etc .. Now Dre, for example, is preparing to release on the big stage new toothy fish – rapper The Game, consciously copying the aesthetics of NWA late eighties. Although what copies when originals, witnesses of those glory days is still with us and still full of energy. Cube still give birth awaited solo album (a break in 5 years – this is too much, he is obliged to take pity on us), just let him finish shooting in the continuation of the blockbuster “XXX”. New Ice – until next year. And while watching a movie!
AmeriKKKa`s Most Wanted / Priority / 1990
Death Certificate / Priority / 1991
The Predator / Priority / 1992
Lethal Injection / Priority / 1993
War & Peace, Pt.1 / Priority / 1998
War & Peace, Pt.1 / Priority / 2000
Boyz N the Hood (1991)
Trespass (1992)
Glass Shield, The (1994)
Higher Learning (1995)
Friday (1995)
Dangerous Ground (1997)
Anaconda (1997)
Players Club, The (1998 / I)
I Got the Hook Up (1998)
Three Kings (1999)
Thicker Than Water (1999)
Next Friday (2000)
Ghosts of Mars (2001)
All About the Benjamins (2002)
Barbershop (2002)
Friday After Next (2002)
Torque (2004
Barbershop 2: Back in Business (2004)
Getting ready for the
Are We There Yet? (2005)
Continue shooting
XXX: State of the Union (2005) (filming)

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