For most people, the word “hyena” there is an image hideous creature. It is something like the ugly dog and laughing shrilly, meanly stealing scraps from the noble animals – a lion or cheetah. This portrait is very little resemblance to the original. Let’s start with the fact that hyenas – not a dog, but are much closer to cats and mongoose. But they are so distinctive that are marked in a special family.
It consists of spotted hyenas and brown, who live in southern Africa, striped hyena, who lives in North Africa and in Asia, and finally ground wolf. He was not a wolf, and a small African hyena like a timid animal. It feeds mainly termites.
The largest and most common species – the spotted hyena. This is the most studied species of animals. The researchers concluded that if the hyenas ate only carrion, it would already have died of hunger. Moreover, it was reported that the lions are often picked up the remains of dinner hyenas, and not vice versa. Also, it was found that 8 out of 10 carcasses of animals that have feasted hyena killed themselves.
Moreover, among the dead were not only old and weak, but also large, mighty wildebeest, waterbuck and zebra in her prime. And lions just waited hyenas overwhelm their prey, and came to eat on the darmovschinku. However, sometimes hyenas lions were not allowed to touch. More surprising was the discovery that the hyenas in flocks, female leaders.
When hunting down prey ahead of the pack always running large female. It is very rare in carnivores animals, although sometimes the wolf pack leads, experienced wolf. Adult female hyenas weighs 80 pounds, although their average weight is closer to 60 pounds. Males, even the largest, it is easier for at least 5 pounds and is always subordinate to the females.
According to scientists, the device pack hyenas because these predators are not averse to eat his cousin at the earliest opportunity. Whether females are not as aggressive, the pope and his uncle had lunch with pleasure to own sons and nephews. So the domination of females – is the key to the existence of hyenas on our planet.
Usually hyenas bring no more than two cubs. Cubs are born with their eyes open, and begin to walk in a few days. Scientists have picked up a straying from the pack gienёnka. He very quickly became attached to people.

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