Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman (biography)

Birthday: 10/12/1968 Year
Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia
Citizenship: Australia
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 88 kg

Logan’s role in the famous blockbuster 2000 “X-Men” Hugh has brought enormous popularity and made him one of the most sought-after actors.

Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia.
Family: wife Deborah-Lee Furness, the adopted son Oscar Maximillian.
Favorite drink: gin and tonic and a beer.
Favorite food: that which prepares wife.
Hobbies: surfing, golf and transcendental meditation.
Talents: playing the piano and guitar; juggling five balls at once.
Dress Style: sports; love t-shirts, thin cotton sweaters; partial to leather pants and jackets.
Hugh was born on a clear autumn day in the family of British immigrants who came to Australia in the 30s. He was the youngest of five children, Jackman, but a lifetime to be “mother’s darling” failed. When Hugh was only eight years old, his mother abandoned the family and his father soon remarried. However, the new family was very friendly. Hugh for life remembered and loved hiking, which made the whole family, as an inexpensive but very interesting form of recreation.
At school, Hugh became interested in basketball, he was even captain of the school team. However, despite the advances in this field, sport was not his true calling.
Much greater interest was Hugh radio journalism, the study of which he started after admission to the University of Technology Sydney. Successfully completing it, Jackman spent another year of study. This time it attracted courses at the theater, which he also easily defeated.
After that he was taken to an empty seat in the Western Australian Academy of Arts. For the sake of study at the academy Hugh declined to roles in Australian TV series “Neighbours” – a rather strange move for a novice actor, when you consider that many beginners are ready to give everything, even for the most minor role! Besides, we all know that learning is never too late. But Hugh is a very simple explanation for this. Shortly before he decided to study at the Academy, his grandmother died, which left a legacy of Hugh three and a half thousand dollars. It was such a fee and tuition. Hugh took it as a sign from above, and, as has now become clear he was not mistaken.
After the academy immediately Jackman got the lead role in the TV series “Corelli” which won him popularity. But that’s not all: on the set of the series Hugh met his future wife Deborah-Lee Furness. They became friends, and a year later, in February 1996, young people were married.
In 1998, after a long way from the “Corelli” through numerous paintings of Australian independent film companies, Hugh began to play on the stage of the Royal National Theatre. He beat all repetuar “Golden Hollywood” and everything else gained fame wonderful dancer and singer.
In 1998, for his role in “Sunset Boulevard” Jackman was named best actor in musicals; Then he sang the national anthem in front of a hundred thousand audience at one of Melbourne’s stadiums before the competition. In 1999, he was nominated for “Best Actor of the Year” and named Australians “Man of the Year.” In addition, he was recognized as the most well-dressed man in Australia, and People magazine included Jackman one of the fifty most beautiful people in the world.
And then it finally drew the attention of Hollywood. Logan’s role in the famous blockbuster 2000 “X-Men” Hugh has brought enormous popularity and made him one of the most sought-after actors.
After the premiere representatives of Hollywood studios lined up to get a brilliant artist. As a result, Hugh chose the painting “Someone Like You” and “Password -” Swordfish. “In 2001, the actor starred in the romantic comedy” Kate & Leopold “.
In May 2000, Hugh and Deborah-Lee, are now the most famous pair of stellar Australia, adopted a newborn baby boy Oscar Maximilian. Hugh was a very good father. It is said that when her son starts to cry, Hugh sings, dances, in every way it entertains as a result of which the child calms down.
The most popular questions asked by fans Jackman is:
– How old is he?
– What is its height?
Hugh Jackman growth slightly above 190 centimeters, but he is ready to talk about a much more interesting.
– Hugh, you are now a true star. A return to Australia are not going?
– I am always happy to return. I like to shoot there. And in the theater play – too.
– What do you do after “Kate & Leopold”?
– Now I’m getting ready to shoot the continuation of “X-Men”. Also, my wife is in the movie, so I dedicate a lot of time that I help her.
– You now have a private production company. What are your plans?
– One of the things that I plan to implement – is a kind of bridge to link the film industry in Australia and America.
– What about musicals?
– Oh, I love musicals!
– Hugh, you have played in one of the films hacker. And in fact, you met with them someday?
– Yes, I met with these guys to get into character. But I, of course, is not capable of printing as fast as my character on the screen.
– You starred with Halle Berry, received the “Oscar”. What is it?
– Holly is very hardworking. She is a beautiful woman and a great actress.
– In “Someone Like You” you worked with Ashley Judd. What can you say about it?
– Ashley is a very talented actress. My experience with her and other celebrities is big enough. With John Travolta, we barely met, talked for about an hour.
– Did you have to get rid of the Australian accent. It was hard?
– No, not really. Although it took some work.
– To distract from the work. How do you feel as a father?
– I like to be a father. But this test is not for wimps. In my opinion, the hardest night I had after the release of “X-Men”. I called and congratulated something offered, but I wanted only one thing: Well, when will my Oscar goes to sleep again.
– You’ve already worked for several years without interruption. Do not plan to rest? If so, how?
– I’ll go to your favorite restaurant, I’ll see with your loved ones. Yes, that’s right: the food and the people. And I want to take a dip in the ocean.

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