Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant
Date of birth: 09/09/1960 Year
Age: 54 years
Place of Birth: London, UK

Nationality: British
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 70 kg

Original name: Hugh John Mungo Grant

After high school, Hugh Grant went to Oxford, wanting to become an art critic. He led an active lifestyle, was a member of the private student club, playing in the company of comedians doing performances in the theater. It was here that he met with Michael Hoffman, the future Hollywood director.

Childhood and adolescence
Hugh Grant was born on September 9, 1960 in London, the son of the British Army Captain James Murray Grant. His mother Finvola more than 30 years she taught French, Latin and music in the public schools of London. Besides Hugh parents brought even the eldest son of James.
As a teenager, Grant very from complexes because of their angelic appearance. He believed that seems unmanly, so it is not like any girl. In 13 years, during sports games Hugh accidentally smashed his face and walked with long scars. For some reason he thought they were going to him, and the next he had struck himself, using his father’s razor. Later, the actor admitted that it was stupid.
According to the stories of the Grant, their family was poor. The father threw a military career and started selling carpets, however successful the business name was not. Family enough to live on, but not much else. Hugh believes that such a position in the family benefited from his brother: they knew from childhood that can count only on themselves. By the way, the elder brother also had a successful career – he is now the manager of a major bank in New York.
After high school, Hugh Grant went to Oxford, wanting to become an art critic. He led an active lifestyle, was a member of the private student club, playing in the company of comedians doing performances in the theater. It was here that he met with Michael Hoffman, the future Hollywood director. Friends decided to try to make a film. And they got it! So in 1982, Hugh Grant first appeared on the screen. After his debut in the film ‘Privilege’, he began to receive offers from agents who promised to make him a real star. Hugh for a long time did not pay attention to them, as he had in mind was not to become an actor. But the proposal became tempting, and at one point, Grant resigned. He decided to try. As it turned out, for good reason.
Start film career
Starring in several television series, Hugh Grant became popular in England. However, the world fame came to the actor in 1986. Ivory John Grant invited to play a role in the film Clive bisexual ‘Maurice’ based on the works of EM Foster. The film, which tells of the love of students, gays, brought the actor not only the audience appreciation and good reviews of film critics, but also the first Film Award – Grant, along with co-star James Wilby, he won the Venice Film Festival for ‘Best Actor’.
Despite the great fame and recognition, Hugh Grant remained very insecure. Julia Roberts, who auditioned for the role in the film ‘Shakespeare in Love’, recalled how he was uncertain when the first came to audition. He was so nervous that the actress had to send him home. The next day, Hugh was even more confused, and even managed to get past the chair. In interviews, Grant has repeatedly said he does not consider himself an actor. Perhaps this is the reason of its uncertainty.
However, offers from producers and directors to come one by one. In 1988, Hugh Grant starred in five films at once. Much success they had no acting experience but Grant added. The most successful is possible to note the role of Lord Byron in the melodrama “Rowing in the wind” and Frederic Chopin in the short film ‘Nocturnes’.
Moving to Hollywood
Thanks to the huge success of the romantic comedy “Four Weddings and a Funeral ‘director Mike Newell Hugh Grant became a prominent figure in Hollywood. This film, in particular, the duo Grant and Andie MacDowell, discussed in all media, and critics spared no positive feedback. In 1994, Hugh with his girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley moved to Hollywood, which opened its doors in front of him.
In 1995-1996, Hugh Grant appeared in seven films, the most significant of which was the film adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel ‘Sense and Sensibility’ famous director Ang Lee.
After a short break in the acting career Grant appeared on screen in 1999 in the film ‘Notting Hill’ with the charming Julia Roberts. Popularity again returned to the actor. Its consolidated films like ‘Two Weeks Notice’, ‘Mickey Blue Eyes’, ‘Love Actually’, and especially ‘Bridget Jones Diary’. In this film, as well as its sequel, ‘Diary of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason’, the audience again saw already love Grant-cutie.
Hugh Grant continues to hone his acting skills, but removed a bit lately. In 2007, with his participation out romantic comedy ‘With eyes – down from the chart – get out!’. In 2012, he starred in the new film the Wachowski brothers ‘Cloud Atlas’, which was well accepted by many critics.
Personal life
In 1995, Hugh Grant has been involved in the scandal, which is a bit damped his reputation. The police caught the actor on Hollywood Boulevard in his car when he was engaged in oral sex with the prostitute Divine Brown. The public was so outraged that Grant had to come up with an unusual excuse. He said that it was a public act of protest against the AIDS – ‘Plague of the XX century’. Fans forgive him, like a beloved woman, but a few years later Grant and Elizabeth Hurley is still left. They lived together for 13 years. But Devine Brown luckier. Moth became the heroine of various talk shows, and even concluded a large contract for advertising tights.

Grant was the next chosen one 30-year-old beauty Jemima Khan, daughter of billionaire James Goldsmith. A month after meeting the actor decided to make an offer to the girl, but she refused. And after some time has gone by Hugh, saying that she was tired of it.
In September 2011, Hugh Grant’s daughter. The actor not only hides the name of the mother, but also won a court decision, in which it is forbidden to name her daughter in the press. According to some reports, the child’s mother is Chinese Tinglan Hong.
Hugh Grant was repeatedly nominated for the prestigious film awards. In his collection has a Golden Globe, prize BAFTA, Film Critics Award from the Society of Chicago, as well as the prize of the Venice Film Festival.
Who would have thought that a simple man in London, who once worked as an assistant agronomist in the football club ‘Fulham’, be able to achieve such fame and recognition? By the way, the actor still is an avid fan of ‘Fulham’.

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