Hong Kong

Hong Kong – the capital of the administrative district of the same name in China, which has a special status with its social, economic and political systems. The city is located in the south of the state in the Dongjiang River estuary and its adjacent islands area it covers 1104 km2. Today, Hong Kong is a major financial and business center of Southeast Asia, one of the world leaders in the number of exhibition areas and the level of scientific and technical developments. Hong Kong’s population is about 7 million people, and the administrative district includes a dozen countries with the most developed economies.
Hong Kong – Export paradise

Hong Kong – and highly dynamic city that plays a leading role in the world’s financial, business and cultural arena. Local container port is one of the largest in the world and carries out an annual freight amounting to tens of billions of dollars. On the territory of the district runs a huge number of factories and plants, enabling it to occupy a leading position in the export of garments, textiles, electronics, toys, etc.
Despite the high concentration of industrial facilities, business centers and financial institutions, Hong Kong is of great interest for tourists. Here, the Western way of life is closely intertwined with the ancient Chinese tradition, ultramodern skyscrapers coexist with rustic cabins, and in the center of it all are the world’s largest exhibition and supermarkets.
Panorama of night Hong Kong

The life of the “Little Dragon”

Asians gave Hong Kong an interesting nickname – Little Dragon. Many Chinese dragon worship and believe in their existence. It is estimated that every morning they go down to the sea from the tops of the mountains, and in the evening – come back. For them, even a specially made holes in buildings, to being able to pass freely. Legend has it that if the passage is not built, the house may collapse and its occupants waiting for disaster.
All the year the city hosts a variety of festivals, giving an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the peculiarities of national traditions and local practices. The most striking of these is the meeting of the Chinese New Year, which begins with a parade on the water and a grand fireworks display.
Special attention should be shopping in Hong Kong. On the streets there are many shopping centers, luxury boutiques and showrooms. Here you can find stylish, timely, high-quality clothing brands at attractive prices, as well as to purchase equipment, jewelry and amazing hand-made souvenirs.
History of the City

Prior to joining the British territory of Hong Kong, he was an ordinary village of fishermen and a haven for travelers. During the Opium War in the 19th century the British took possession of the city and part of the nearby islands to accommodate its navy. A little later, in 1842, it was signed the Treaty of Nanking, under which Hong Kong was acquired by Britain.
People are reluctant populated area of ??the city, and the bulk of the Chinese population were exiled. During the Sino-Japanese war, here rushed to the refugees, and the number of Hong Kong people has increased dramatically. Further, world events have forced Britain to give the city into the possession of Japan, but after World War II, he went back under her wing until 1997. Since then, the Hong Kong transferred to China and received the status of a special administrative region.
Transport in Hong Kong

The safest and inexpensive mode of transport in Hong Kong – the metro, but at peak times it is severely overcrowded. Most convenient to take a taxi, which can quickly deliver to anywhere in the city. It is very comfortable double-decker trams and buses. Between Hong Kong and the nearby islands are small ferries ply called the Star Ferry. The history of their appearance is rooted far back in time, so this type of transport is considered to be a local sightseeing.
One of the busiest streets in the city center


Hong Kong belongs to the cities with the lowest crime rate. The street is safe to walk day and night, but we should not forget about elementary precautions. It is advisable not carry with them huge amounts of cash and do not wear too much jewelry.

Main attractions

Victoria Peak
It is considered the most famous place in the city. It is a tower with an observation deck, located at an altitude of 373 meters. You can get here on the mountain trams, cable cars, which run every 10 minutes. From the observation deck offers a unique view of the skyline of Hong Kong, and inside the tower is a world-renowned wax museum.
Avenue of Stars
Located along the coast of Victoria Harbour and was built in honor of the famous Hong Kong actor. At its center is a monument to the legend of militants – Bruce Lee. Here you can touch the plaque with the handprints of Jackie Chan and many other celebrities to take pictures and buy souvenirs.
Show “Symphony of Lights”
The unique light show, which is the biggest in the world. Watch it better the waterfront of Kowloon Peninsula, where the audience is specially equipped with comfortable seats. The show begins every day at 8 pm and lasts 20 minutes. At this time, playing music that skyscrapers are lit with colored lights, illuminating the sky spotlights and lasers. “Symphony of Lights” even listed in the Guinness Book of Records as “the most massive in the world of sound and light show.”
One of the newest attractions in the city, which is the smallest of the tourists love. On the 126 hectares of the island to their attention provided absolutely fantastic world of magic, a lot of attractions and unforgettable entertainment. The area of ??Disneyland is divided into 4 independent themed areas where you can meet with fantastic heroes, favorite animals and touch the starry sky.
Big Buddha
The world’s largest bronze Buddha statue, which is under the open sky on a plateau of the island of Lantau. Its height is 34 m and to climb to the foot of the sculpture, visitors need to overcome the way of 268 steps. The pleasure of riding is guaranteed because it offers a stunning view of the surrounding islands.

Interesting facts about Hong Kong

before the city was a British colony, so here there are many unique features: double-decker trams drive on the left and the English language as the second official
local currency – Hong Kong dollars, printed just three private banks, so each note exists in three variations
not to renew the external decoration of the building, the damaged area often cover colorful advertising
Disneyland Park landscaping carried out in accordance with the basic principles of feng shui
locals believe: to live longer, you need to eat your birthday only long noodles

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