Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank
Birthday: 7/30/1974, the
Place of birth: Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
Citizenship: US
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 50 kg

Hilary Swank is called “young talent in Hollywood.” In her acting abilities no doubt, if only because her talent has already been marked prestigious award “Oscar”.
Hilary Swank was born July 30, 1974 in Bellingham, Washington. Her parents divorced when Hillary was still a teenager. Since childhood, Hilary enthusiastically involved in sports in her youth, she was a champion in gymnastics, and she even managed to become a member of the swimming team at the Youth Olympic Games. (By the way, when he was already a famous actress, Swank had the opportunity to train on a trapeze with circus actors for photo opportunities in a popular fashion magazine “Marie Claire.” And Hilary is so pleased that she even wanted to go with the performances as part of the circus troupe …) Hilary Swank graduated from high school South Pasadena (California) and at 16 went to Los Angeles to find the use of his ambitions and his energy.
Her career in the world of cinema began in 1991 – she regularly received bit parts in television series. Raleigh, however, became more significant to the extent that, as a producer convinced of its ability to decorate and animate the frame. And in 1992, she appeared on the silver screen in the film “Buffy the Vampire isstrebitelnitsa.”
Two years later, Swank won her first major role in the adventure film “Another legend of karate.” Hilary played the 17-year-old girl who has devoted himself to the study of martial arts. Her parents were tragically killed, and the young Julie Pierce ever felt guilt because of their death. Also in the class looked down upon it all the time … the boys ready to shoot, Hilary Swank seriously studied martial arts at the famous coach, practicing techniques for five hours a day. The film is designed primarily for a teenage audience. Especially because of the female lead was then 20 years. Alas, the work in this film is not lifted Hillary to the top of popularity. In subsequent years, the young actress starred in mostly undistinguished film and telekartinah. Then came the youth series “Beverly Hills 90210” (the role of Carly Reynolds), and career Hilary went up sharply. Among her work – the film “Terror in the Family” (1996), “The Counterfeiters” (1996), “Sometimes They Come Back Again” (1995).
The most striking work is considered to be an actress in the film “Boys Do not Cry” (1999). The film is based on real events that occurred in Nebraska in 1994. Hilary Swank played the role of Mary Tina Brandon – a girl who all his life felt like a boy, and in the end, decided to collect money for a sex change operation. It is a short hair cut, called herself Brandon and have fun in bars, drinking and engaging in fights. As a result of a spree, it is in Falls City in the company of two boys and their girlfriends. One of them – Lana – Tina falls seriously … No matter how similar the heroine Swank at the boy, she did it just like. A role in society is strictly divided: the girls – dresses and jewelry, men – and women showdown. And if someone breaks the law and illegally sneaking under the guise of “his” severe punishment overtake him immediately. Dream Tina Brandon not be given to be fulfilled completely – they killed him.
The role of Brandon, Tina began to Hilary Swank major step in his career. She played two different people within the same individual. Despite the fact that Swank was primarily known for his work on television, she got the role because of its strong story Brandon interest as a symbol of its time.
“Find an actress for the lead role in the movie” Boys Do not Cry “was for us the most important task, – says producer Jeffrey Sharp. – All our fears vanished when Hilary Swank came to New York to audition. After passing the entrance hall of our office, Hilary hid her long hair under a cowboy hat and passed by the registrar, who announced that the young man arrived at the audition. This act convinced us to give her the role. ”
Once Swank won the role, she had to change a lot – she got a rare chance to live the life of the opposite sex. She spent six weeks on the exercise of the vocal cords to lower the tone of voice and to work with a trainer to build up muscles. Then she cut off her long hair, plunging into shock New York barber who clipped her …
“People said to me, as if I were a guy, – says the actress. – I watched their reactions, always studying their eyes to see how they treated me when they saw me as the guy. It was hard! It has helped I truly understand Brandon, because for me it was not just a game. It was my life. ”
For the role of Brandon Hilary Swank was awarded ten different prizes and awards in 1999, among them – the long-awaited “Oscar” in the category “Best Actress” and “Golden Globe” award as well as New York, Los Angeles-based, and the Chicago Film Critics. A year later she was awarded “ShoWest” as the brightest “star” of the future. At the same time there was a new film by director Sam Raimi’s “The Gift,” where partners Swank were Cate Blanchett and Keanu Reeves. Hillary played a cameo role, but the picture was generally welcomed by critics and even nominated for “Oscar”.
Most recently, the screens out another film starring Hilary – “Affair of the Necklace”, where the actress appears in a completely new role for himself – she plays Frenchwoman Jeanne Valois of the 18th century. This delightful and unpredictable woman drew in a skilful and dangerous web of intrigue rich and famous people, and, quite possibly, it is because it has gone to the guillotine Queen Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI, and the 800-year-old absolute monarchy was crushed. However, the main role in the film plays a family jewel. This stunning in its beauty and value of jewelery was made court jeweler to the mistress of King Louis XV. “Affair of the Necklace” – is both animated page life members of the aristocracy, and at the same time, history repeats itself at all times of conflict of love and power.
One of the last works of Hillary – the role of detective Ellie Burr idealist in the film Christopher Nolan’s “Insomnia” (2002), where, together with her starring Al Pacino and Robin Williams.
Karate, intriguer, detective – something of experience over his heroines changed Swank: “It is interesting that after the movie” Boys Do not Cry “people sometimes could not understand who I am – a man or a woman. I could go into a restaurant with husband – and have appealed to me “sir.” (Hilary married October 2, 1997 for television and kinozvedu Chad Lowe.) But, of course, all of these roles endorsed Hillary in the role of a strong, strong-willed, self-confident person.

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