Helsinki – capital of Finland, the largest city in the country, plays a key role in the fields of education, science and culture of the state. The city is located in the southern part of the country, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. The population of Helsinki is now a little more than 588,000 people, while taking into account the satellite cities within a metropolitan region is home to more than 1 million people. Today in Helsinki can rightly be called one of the most comfortable cities of Europe – are hardly felt the problem of congestion and bustle of the capital, and traffic jams at rush hour began almost a rarity.
Description of the city

Today Helsinki from any point of view is the most important city in Finland. Judge for yourself – the capital of the state, the largest sea port and transportation hub of the country, the center of education and science, one of the best places to do business. In terms of per capita income of the capital of Finland is firmly among the top ten among the world’s cities. All of these conditions each year attract thousands of new residents here, making the city of Helsinki almost the fastest growing in Europe. Broad prospects are opening up in the capital of Finland, the youth – in the city of 8 prestigious universities and a great opportunity for further employment.
Helsinki Cathedral (Cathedral of St. Nicholas)
Climate Helsinki

The climate of Helsinki is characterized as moderate, transitional between maritime and continental. Winter in the city tend to be long and snowy, but severe frosts are rare. Summer is hot and close in length to the calendar, spring and autumn are long and cool.

Public transport Helsinki is widely developed and submitted to trams, buses, metro and ferries. In commercially available single tickets for 1,2 or 3 days, which allows anyone to use the services of public transport, as well as visiting museums and attractions.
In the city center most convenient to move the trams – they are every day at any time of the year go right on schedule, said at the stops. By the way, Helsinki is the only city in Finland, which used trams.
To get to the most popular islands of Suomenlinna (Suomenlinna) and Helsinki Zoo (Korkeasaari), you can take a ferry departing from the Market Square.
Metro in Helsinki represented by a single line consisting of 17 stations, and is mainly used to navigate through the eastern and central parts of the city.
Russians can get in Helsinki with regular trains from St. Petersburg and Moscow.
What to see in Helsinki

Perhaps the most visited place in Helsinki is Senate Square, the main square of the city. Its center – a snow-white cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of St. Nicholas (in honor of St. Nicholas). The architectural ensemble of the Senate Square are also within the Senate building, the building of the University of Helsinki and the monument to Emperor Alexander II, famous for its patronage of Finland.
Helsinki is the largest Orthodox church in Northern Europe – Cathedral of the Assumption, built of red brick and decorated with golden domes.
Very popular among tourists is the ancient fortress of Suomenlinna, or Sveaborg – fortification on eight islands, has long served as a reliable protection of the state. Today in the fortress there are several interesting museums, and walk through the castle itself will leave a lot of impressions.
Wildlife lovers should certainly visit the zoo Korkeasaari, located on the same island. This is one of the largest and also one of the northernmost zoos in the world, are found many representatives of rare species of animals, including living in the Far North.
One of the most unique architectural sights in Helsinki is carved into the rock church Temppelaukio, the interior of which is formed virtually untreated granite surface. Through this church is famous for excellent acoustics and is often used as a concert hall.

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