Despite the fact that hedgehogs often live with a man, our knowledge about them are not complete. About hedgehogs many legends, for example, that they are well catch mice and cats can be kept in place. Meanwhile, the wild hedgehog difficult to grasp nimble rodent. Its main food – insects. Hedgehogs eat a lot of any harmful to forests and gardens, insects and slugs. This also should include the destruction of the forest and nests with brood rodents, damaging agriculture and forestry.
Our country is home to four species of hedgehogs: plain, white-naped, tёmnoigly (bald) and eared. The most common European hedgehog. It can often be found at the edges, in copses, ravines overgrown with shrubs or hedgerows. Damp places hedgehog escapes in the rain prefers to stay at home.
Hedgehog – the only animal that can allow to approach human pretty close. But it is not because he is so brave. Just bad hedgehog sees more hopes on his nose. And when the wind blows in the opposite direction from the direction of the hedgehog, he feels closer human or animal. Escapes hedgehog because he has a different way of protection: sensing the danger, the hedgehog rolled into a ball and puts his hard sharp needle. However, if he tried to escape, he still would not have happened too short legs, and he is very clumsy.
But the hunt hedgehog nimble and agile. He usually hunts at night. Many hedgehog destroys wood mice and other harmful rodents and insects about and say nothing. Do not miss the hedgehog and a poisonous snake viper. He is not afraid of her, but on the contrary, the first attack on her. The poison of vipers it almost does not work.
Summer suits hedgehog nest under a bush or Turned stump in some pit, carpeted it with dry leaves. Here he will be born ezhata. Usually female 7 weeks bring up to 8 cubs. Ezhata are born blind and naked. The first time the needles they are light and soft. They darken, grow stronger and become prickly animals at the time of exit from the slot. Autumn hedgehogs little production. Worms hide in the ground, hiding brisk lizards. It’s hard to find bugs and frogs.
On clear autumn days preparing a bustling hedgehog warm nest for the winter. Night and day drags into the hole dry leaves and soft moss forest. In hibernating hedgehog spends more than six months. At this time he does not eat and does not move. He slept, curled in a den under deep drifts, as under a thick fluffy blanket. So hedgehog sleeps all winter to spring sun.
If you look at the hedgehog from the outside, at first glance, it seems as if it is well protected from enemies. However enemies hedgehog enough. Especially dangerous to him owls, large owls, hawks with long claws and strong beaks, and foxes.

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