Heath Ledger

Birthday: 04/04/1979 Year
Age: 28 years
Place of birth: Perth, Australia
Date of Death: 22/01/2008 Year
Place of death: New York City, Australia

Citizenship: Australia
Height: 185 cm

After the success of “Patriot” Heath was invited, but this time for the lead role in another historical tape “A Knight’s Tale,” which was well received by the audience and gathered a good cashier.

Heathcliff Andrew Ledger was born April 4, 1979 in Perth, Australia. Heath’s parents divorced when he was 10 years old, however, according to the actor, this event is not imposed a large imprint on his psyche. He is still friends with his father, and continues to communicate with his mother. In addition, Heath got two half-sisters – Olivia from his father Kim and his girlfriend Emma Brown and Ashley from his mother and her new husband Roger.
Going to school Heath began to show interest in the theater and for the sport – and in both areas has been successful, he has received several awards as an actor and as a member of the hockey team. You are also led the team to participate in a national dance competition held among Australian schools. The actor recalls, “I choreographed for the guys who had never danced and did not even think that they can do it. So when they took first prize, for all it was a complete surprise”
After high school at age 16, Ledger persuaded Trevor DiCarlo, his best friend since childhood times, go 2,600 miles from their hometown, in Sydney, in search of fame and money. There also hosted the first kinoopyt Heath – in 1997, in avtraliyskom film about the life of teenagers “Blackrock”, after which followed a successful role in the Australian television show “Sweat” about the young Olympic talents. Heath offered a choice of two roles – the role of blue swimmer or cyclist. His father recalls: “I was sure that my son will choose the role of a swimmer. After all, I myself was once a swimmer, so I think this role is very suitable for this. However, when I was told that Heath decided to play the role of a homosexual athlete, I have left only shrug. ” As it turned out later, the choice Ledger was 100% justified – the role brought him popularity in his homeland.
Shortly thereafter, Heath was invited to the role of the Celtic warrior in the series “Roar” film company Fox. And despite the fact that the show was closed after a while, Ledger had to find an army of fans, as well as motion picture agent in the United States.
As a result, many castings and auditions for American studios actor was invited in a new black comedy “fingers fan” / Two Hands /, the shooting of which, ironically, brought him back to Australia. Unfortunately, the film was met with the American public is pretty cool, but he hit this failure treated with a pinch of irony: “I do not think I have met at least one American who would fully understand what was happening in this picture.”
Almost immediately Ledger landed a role in the teen comedy “10 Things I Hate” / 10 Things I Hate About You /, where his partner was a young and promising Hollywood actress Julia Stiles (“Save the Last Dance”).
After the “10 Reasons” Heath decided to take before and refused during the year from any role in the “teen movie” waiting for a truly serious work. Despite the large sums which he was offered the role of teenagers, actor firmly maintains its position and as a result, risk is fully justified.
After a year’s break Hit walked more than 200 candidates and won a role in the historical drama “The Patriot,” in which the main role performed his countryman star Mel Gibson. The actor vspomiaet: “After listening to the beginning of the week of anxious waiting. I always promised that the results will be known about the next day: Then there were rumors that the role took another young star – Ryan Phillip (” Cruel Intentions “):”. The choice was really heavy and producers tape understood that on who they will take on this role will depend largely on the concept of the film.
After the success of “Patriot” Heath was invited, but this time for the lead role in another historical tape “A Knight’s Tale,” which was well received by the audience and gathered a good cashier. According to Heath, this role is not represented for him a great difficulty, as he rode on horseback from childhood and the only thing that he had to get used to was the heavy spear. However, according to the actor, it is much more difficult given dance scene in which the interwoven elements of modern and medieval.
Continuing to act in films Heath also does not throw his passion for sports – in his spare time, he plays tennis and rides a snoubrode.

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