Guava grows as evergreen shrub, measuring about 10 meters (can reach 20 meters at the size of the fetus is about a tennis ball). Homeland Guava is considered Central America and South Mexico. Guava fruit like a pear and has a pleasant musky odor.
Plants were grown thousands of years ago, as evidenced by excavations that were carried out in Peru.

Guava can grow both in wet and in dry climates, but is necessary for normal growth of the heat, because the cold guava moves with great difficulty. Already at a temperature of -2 degrees defect may occur in plant growth and in plant -3 simply die. The ideal temperature is the temperature at 15 degrees Celsius.

Guava has antibacterial, astringent, bactericidal, laxative and antispasmodic effect.

The main element of guava are carbohydrates, which together reach a mass fraction of about 14 grams per 100.

It also contains fructose, glucose and sucrose, and more than 150 types of volatile substances.

Guava is used in many industries. Guava fruits are used mainly for the production of juices, salads, jelly and syrup.

From the leaves of guava make a useful tea. which helps with diarrhea, dysentery, stomach upset, dizziness and to regulate menstrual cycles. also broth guava leaves for use as antitussives in the treatment of respiratory diseases, to rinse the mouth and reduce ulcer pain.

The best-known varieties are:
‘Redland’ – the white pulp of a small amount of vitamin C.
‘Supreme’ – a thick white pulp is high in vitamin C.
‘Red Indian’ – thick red flesh.
‘Blitch’, ‘Patillo’, ‘Miami Red’ and ‘Miami White’.

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