The name of the fruit came from the adverb «taina» tribes of the Caribbean islands. Homeland plants is tropical America. 1st mention of this wonderful fruit can be found in the historian Fernandez de Oviedo: “… the tree grows, which is called guanabana; its large green fruit resembles largest melon. This delicious dish: disappears in the mouth as the sweetest water, in hot weather, cool and quench the thirst … ”
It refers to a group of sweet fruit. The weight of the fetus is capable of up to 12 kg. On the surface guanabany have a large number of fibers. The flesh is light, fibrous and creamy. Reminiscent of cotton impregnated with a fresh aroma and a slightly sour taste. Inside the pulp there are the seeds, like sunflower seeds persimmon.
The fruit is composed of water, contains carbohydrates, proteins, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins C, B.
Guanabana quenches thirst. For therapeutic purposes in diseases of taking the colon. Normalizes bowel flora to stabilize the acidity of the stomach promotes the excretion of uric acid, because it is necessary for people suffering from rheumatism, arthritis and gout. It improves liver function, promotes weight loss.
One of the main properties of guanabany – cancer treatment and the effect of the fruit is a thousand times stronger than any chemotherapy. Its extract malignant cells of various types of cancer, including cancer of the colon, breast, prostate, lung, pancreas and others. It is a natural natural product that is able to defeat the cancer cells. In addition the plant is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, has anti-fungal and anti-parasitic Properties, regulates blood pressure, an antidepressant, helps with stress and nervous disorders. These conclusions derived from studies.
Indoor growing:
Annona has already gained the interest of many fans of the tropical exoticism. It is a tropical fruit tree is convenient to all: unpretentious, makes little shade, does not require a large container, compact, and begins to bear fruit right into a tub on the third year after planting seeds. And about vkusnoty and aroma – divine! Optionally have a greenhouse to grow this tropical fruit – sunny window seat is fine, well and in the summer, like all tropical, Annona happy to enjoy the warm sun on the balcony, terrace or in the garden. It is also important – it is not necessary to vaccinate as most other fruit trees. Fruits ungrafted Annonas as good as fruit graft, unlike lemon or mango that unvaccinated suitable only as a Christmas tree.
Annona – plant deciduous, so it is desirable to sow seeds in late winter or spring. In an extreme case, in early summer, the main thing – should have time to regrowth shoots and little zaderevenet – seedlings in the winter, too, will drop leaves, and if they are too small, it will not survive until spring. Seeds are sown at a depth of about 1 cm in light, well-drained soil mix. For faster germination, soak the seeds recommended for a day in warm water. The period of germination of seeds – 15-30 days.
An important condition for successful germination of seeds Annonas – high temperature (25-30S). In the context of Russian apartment is simple – if the seeds are sown in February and March, the cold season is not finished yet, and bowls can be placed close to the battery. Just be careful – do not desiccate the soil and do not cook the seeds. If you are sown in the summer and it was not too warm – you’ll have to think about the heating system. Rasp seeds is optional, but it is possible.
Illumination – direct sun or light shade. For the soil has low, but it is recommended to use a loose, well-drained soil mix. If excessive soil drying it may lose leaves.
Annona murikata growing fast enough, if necessary, to form the shape of trees can be careful pruning.
In winter, watering Annonas limit if it is partially or completely dropped leaves. If the tree is bare – do not water at all, until you begin to break the eggshell new buds. It begins to bear fruit at 3 years after planting.
The most difficult time for growing fruit-bearing Annonas – is its pollination. The fact that the physiology of color is very tricky. Pollen matures in the morning and pestle ready to its adoption only in the afternoon, when pollen shed already in the home, the problem is solved, though troublesome, but really. In the morning with a brush to shake the pollen in a paper bag and put it in the refrigerator. In the afternoon, you get it out of the refrigerator and the same brush, apply pollen to the pistil.
“Sugar Apple” – Annona squamosa – one of the best for growing in the home. In nature, it does not grow higher than 5 meters. In the pot – 2-3 meters high.
The most unpretentious in cultivation – Annona murikata, beautiful evergreen tree, which gives the largest fruit.
The soothing tea leaves guanabany:
• Leaves Annonas murikata
• Sugar
• Waters
1. Bring water to a boil.
2. Thoroughly rinse the leaves Annonas murikata and place them into a clean cup or teapot.
3. Fill the leaves with boiling water, using about 3 leaf per cup.
4. Close the kettle and let stand for 5-10 minutes.
5. Remove the leaves.
6. Add sugar and a slice of lemon to taste.
This tea – a nice soothing drink, help your children sleep soundly. You can use it as a sedative, it also has a cooling effect.

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