Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo
Birthday: 09/18/1905 Year
Age: 84 year
Place of birth: Stockholm, Sweden
Date of Death: 04/15/1990 Year
Place of death: New York, United States

Citizenship: Sweden
Height: 171 cm

Original name: Greta Lovisa Garbo

The most mysterious Hollywood star
As Greta Garbo received a scholarship to study at drama school? Thanks to whom it has become one of Europe’s finest actresses? Why critics did not believe in the success of Garbo in America? As of the ‘European peasant’ it has become a Hollywood star? Why Greta was not on his own wedding with John Gilbert? Which film starring actress caused a great scandal in the USSR? What was the reason for leaving Garbo of cinema? Why most of his life spent in seclusion actress, and a sensational discovery made by members of the archive of the Swedish military intelligence after her death?

A start in life
Greta Garbo (Greta Lovisa real name Gustafsson) was born September 18, 1905 in Stockholm, Sweden. She was the third child in a simple Swedish family of Charles and Anna Gustafsson. Parents could not give children a good education, as worked at low-paying jobs: father cleaned the street toilets, and mother to the shop. When in 1918 his father died of tuberculosis, life has become even harder. Greta dropped out of school and went to work, first was a cleaner in a barbershop, then serving in the bank and, finally, a saleswoman in a supermarket ‘Pub’.
One shop owners asked the prettiest sellers advertise new collection of hats. Greta was very photogenic and coped with the task better than anyone. Advertising executives offered the girl to star in commercials, and she agreed. In 1921, Garbo starred in the first small commercial for ‘How not to dress. ” It is said that during the filming of the operator considered it too long eyelashes and advised them to cut, so they do not cast a shadow over his eyes. Five years later, he recalled with horror his audacious proposal.
Garbo’s career gained momentum. In addition to advertising, it began to appear in films, playing, usually small bit parts. One of them was played so well that Greta was awarded a scholarship to study at the theater school of the Royal Dramatic Theatre. There she met director Mauritz Stiller, who once and forever changed her life.
Stiller was looking for ultrasensitive mystical actress for his film ‘The Saga of Yeste Berling’ (1924). Plump smiling Garbo is not very suitable for the role, but the director saw in it something special. She just had to change, and he began to change it. To start Stiller made Greta lose weight and learn the high-society manners. He taught her to speak properly, relaxed stay in the community and dress tastefully. Finally, he changed its name philistine Gustafsson to Garbo.
Thanks to the efforts Stiller ugly duckling of the ‘Pub’ turned into a beautiful swan. ‘The Saga of Yeste Berling’ had incredible success in Sweden. Garbo was invited to Germany, where in 1925 she played in the film ‘joyless lane’ legendary director Georg Pabst. This film actress put on a par with the stars of European cinema. But the real glory was yet to come …
Hollywood star
After the success of Europe’s head of Hollywood movie studios ‘MGM’ Louis B. Mayer offered Stiller and Garbo sign a contract. In Hollywood, they parted ways. The director could not make a career in America, remaining in this country is practically unknown. But Greta was more fortunate. Although the first in its success too, no one believed. The press wrote that ‘a farmer from Europe’ will never be popular Norma Shearer. However, after five years of Norma Shearer forgot about her and now very few people know.
The first Hollywood film with Garbo ‘Flow’ (1926) has gained immense popularity. Peasant immediately turned into a femme fatale and the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. In the same year came the picture ‘Flesh and the Devil “(1926), where her partner made a handsome young John Gilbert. Greta could not resist its charm, and they began a whirlwind romance. When this was learned Stiller, he made a big scandal, which has led management to dismiss him from the studio.
Hard to say what had Stiller, it is known that he did not like women. Perhaps his love for Garbo wore platonic. His fate was tragic. After his discharge, he returned to Sweden and in the same year he died. The death of a close friend was a big blow for the actress. She wanted to go to the funeral, but the leadership of ‘MGM’ it will not let go. Greta was so angry, that was not on his own wedding, arranged by Warner Bros., and Gilbert say drove the teeth Mayer because he destroyed his personal life.
Since that time, Greta Garbo refused to live under the laws of ‘dream factory’: she rarely gave interviews, not posing for the photographers and almost did not appear in public. In ‘MGM’ quickly found a new image for the actress pros – wrapped in a mystery, now it is even more interest in the audience. For Garbo well established role ‘most mysterious Hollywood stars’.
With the advent of sound, many actors have lost their careers, but for Garbo the process was painless. Her first sound film ‘Anna Christie’ (1930) was released under the slogan “Garbo speaks’ and immediately won the love of the public. Low, sensual, full of latent eroticism voice actress was a revelation, adding fresh paint in her game.
In 1932, Garbo concluded with ‘MGM’ new contract on favorable terms. Since then she could pick and choose the director, screenplay and co-star. Actress immediately exercised its right during the filming of “Queen Christina” (1933), replacing the Executive male role Laurence Olivier on former lover John Gilbert. The film was a great success, and the role of Queen Christina of Sweden was one of the best in the career of Garbo.
Years of seclusion
Taking advantage of the incredible creative freedom, Greta Garbo created two more prominent role: Anna Karenina in the eponymous film in 1935 and Marguerite Gautier in the movie ‘The Lady of the Camellias’ (1936). However, her career was another successful film, which made a lot of noise and caused a great scandal in the USSR. This is a picture called ‘Nina’ (1939), in which the actress played the role of Nina Bolshevik Yakushova which endures to Paris to sell requisitioned in 1917 jewelry. This role brought Garbo nomination for ‘Oscar’, but for a long time to close the door to the Soviet Union.
In 1941, the contract with the studio ‘MGM’ has expired, but to renew it did not become an actress. Garbo said goodbye to leave her alone. Thus began a 50-year retreat of the great Hollywood star. Nothing and no one was able to get her back to the cinema: no invitation Alfred Hitchcock in his new film, no award Oscar in 1954, nor an offer to play in the theater of the legendary Eleanor Duse. Garbo only repeated that ‘fashioned enough persons’ and that’ acted even more than planned. ”
Greta lived in seclusion in his apartment in Manhattan, and almost no one talked. She did not give interviews, did not appear in public, did not allow themselves to be photographed. Sometimes she was seen walking around New York – casually dressed in large sunglasses. Journalists constantly stalked actress, trying to capture on film the aging Hollywood star. April 15, 1990 Greta Garbo died.
However, the story did not end the great actress. In 2000, the competent authorities of Sweden released declassified archives of the Swedish military intelligence. He opened a whole new side of life actress. It turns out that in the 40s … Garbo was a spy! She managed to create an extensive network of agents through which Norway was incapacitated plant required Germany to build an atomic bomb. In addition, Greta was able to organize the escape physicist Niels Bohr in occupied Denmark.
On his amazing life Greta Garbo says: ‘This is a story about the secret elevators, side doors, emergency exits and other ways to get on and off so that does not bother me. “

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