Greer Garson

Greer Garson
Birthday: 29/09/1904 Year
Age: 91 years
Date of Death: 06/04/1996 Year

Nationality: United States

Curriculum vitae
Known in the past Hollywood actress.

The aspiring actress was born September 29, 1904 in London, UK. Greer herself claimed that she was born in Ireland four years later, and the deception was revealed only after her death, when it was discovered the birth certificate of the actress. She was the only child of George Clerk Garzon, who comes from the Orkney Islands, and his wife Nancy Sophia Greer. The girl lost her father early. She grew up a sickly child, suffering from chronic bronchitis. Greer was educated at the University of London, which he entered in 1921 and where she studied French language and literature of the XVIII century. Initially intending to become a teacher, Greer got a job at an advertising agenststve, also played in the local theater.
September 28, 1933 Greer married childhood friend Alec Snelson. She did not like it and agreed to the marriage, yielding to the entreaties of relatives. After a honeymoon in Germany Snelson went to work in India, and Greer remained in London, as ill again. After his return the couple lived separately and in 1940 at the initiative of the actress divorced.
Recovered, Greer played in the capital’s theaters. The biggest achievement has been its involvement in a pair with Laurence Olivier in the production of 1937 “Golden Arrow”. The audience did not take the play, but critics favorable to the game actress. In the same year she made her debut on television in “Twelfth Night” by Shakespeare. Then the actress drew attention of Louis B. Mayer film studio MGM. He offered her a contract and a fee of $ 500 per week. Greer agreed and went to Hollywood, but more than a year sat idle since the MGM could not pick up for her a suitable role. Additional difficulties gave Greer reluctance to play a minor role. Eventually guide MGM actress entrusted the main role in the film “School of Drama”, but during the filming she fell off a horse and injured his spine. On the restoration took time, but since the film had already been put into production, the role of Greer gave Luise Rainer.
Rastroennyh failures, Greer was going to return home, but in 1939 she was asked to play in a melodrama “Goodbye, Mr. Chips.” The main role has been declared Robert Donat and Greer proposed location was much more modest. Nevertheless, the actress agreed to take part in the movie, as was tired of inaction and felt that failure can put an end to her film career. Filming took place in England. Greer thought that this work would be her first and only film role. She had planned to stay in England and return to the stage of the theater, but – contrary to her skeptical – the film was well received by audiences and critics, having received in 1939, seven nominations for the award “Oscar” and becoming a contender for the top award at the Cannes Film Festival. One of the nominations for “Oscar” Greer belonged, but then received an award for her role as Vivien Leigh in “Gone With the Wind.”
Career Greer began to develop rapidly. After the comedy “Do you remember?” Greer took part in the movie “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen novel. Despite the fact that the actress was already 36 years old, she has done with the role of Elizabeth Bennet twenty years. Her partner on the court became Laurence Olivier, who played Mr. Darcy. In 1941, followed by a biographical drama “Flowers in the dust”, in which Greer starred Walter Pidgeon. Their joint work has been successful, and then they are often shot together. This picture – it came out in color, so that the audience for the first time were able to assess the fiery red hair Greer – brought Actress nomination for “Oscar”.
Picture of 1942 “Mrs. Miniver”, which took William Wyler on the novel by Ian Strother, lifted actress at the peak of popularity. In this story about the life of an ordinary English family during the Second World War, the actress starred, and her husband, Mr. Miniver, played by Walter Pidgeon. Participation in the film was fatal for Greer – the eldest son of the couple Miniver played twenty-seven actor Richard Ney, who – as a younger actress for 11 years – became her second husband. They were married on July 24, 1943 and divorced four years later. Also for the role of Mrs. Miniver actress was awarded the “Oscar”. The success of the picture itself was no less stunning – from its rental income in the US was a record sum for those times – $ 5.3 million – and in the UK, “Mrs. Miniver” became the highest grossing film of 1942. The film is highly appreciated and the main face of the political scene in those years – US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
The actress has become one of the leading stars of MGM and remained in that status over the next few years. In the same 1942 she starred in the melodrama “Random Harvest”, was followed by biographical film “Madame Curie”, where the actress was involved as a discoverer of radium and the holders of the Nobel Prize to Marie Curie. Received for this role, the third nomination for “Oscar”, Greer, following the familiar role as a dramatic actress, starred in the film “Mrs. Parkington” (1944) and “The Valley of determination” (1945) – and both pictures again was nominated for “Oscar” .
After the “Valley of determination” fame actress began to decline. The end of the war, changing leadership MGM, the desire of viewers to see new faces – all this has led to the gradual decline of her career. In 1945, she starred with Clark Gable, who had just returned from the war, in “The Adventure”. The slogan of the film says – Gable returned Garson and get it! Despite the success of the picture in the box, its low critical acclaim. Greer’s next film “Desire Me” (1947) became her first major setback. During the filming of leadership changed three times MGM directors. As a result, the picture came out so badly that none of them wanted to see your name in the credits, and failed miserably at the box office.
Greer was able to somewhat improve their shaky position, starring in the comedy “Julia misbehaves” (1948), which has won recognition from the public and the critics. On the set, she met a Texas millionaire Elijah Fogelson, made a fortune in the oil and cattle breeding. At the end of filming the new movie actress “The Forsyte Saga” Garson Fogelson and were married July 15, 1949 in Santa Fe. They were together until his death in 1987, the tycoon. Career after marriage has ceased to be a key interest Greer. Her last major work “Miniver Story” (1950), did not find success, and the actress is completely devoted herself to her husband, with whom she lived on a ranch in New Mexico. In the 50’s she from time to time continued to appear, but did not get that great popularity, which was in her early in the war.
The last time a blaze of glory shone actress in 1960 when she played Eleanor Roosevelt in the film “Sunrise at Campobello.” This work Greer was awarded the prize “Golden Globe” and nominated for “Oscar”. It is noteworthy that Greer was personally acquainted with Mrs. Roosevelt and some time actress and wife of the president were friends. In the 60s Greer starred in two more films – drama “The Singing Nun” and his latest film “The Happiest Millionaire.” In addition, it periodically appeared on television and paid much attention to charity. In 1982, her husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and the remaining five years before his death, the actress looked after him. Greer Garson surviving spouse for nine years and died on April 6, 1996 in Dallas.

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