Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly
Birthday: 11/12/1929 Year
Age: 52 years
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Date of Death: 14/09/1982 Year
Place of death: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Nationality: United States
Height: 169 cm

Original name: Grace Patricia Kelly

Princess of Monaco
What problems Grace Kelly experienced as a child? Why she decided to become an actress? For his role in the film which Grace was awarded the Oscar? As he called the actress famous director Alfred Hitchcock? Grace met her future husband, Prince of Monaco? Who are the rulers, except Rainier III, Kelly sought hands? Why inhabitants of Monaco Grace first disliked, and how over time it has become one of the best rulers of the country?
Early life
Grace Kelly was not just a Hollywood star and Princess of Monaco, and the strong and outstanding personality. Of the ‘ugly duckling’ she managed to become a dedicated and independent woman of dazzling beauty. Of high-grade actress – a good mother and faithful wife of His Highness. According to Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly became Princess into the marriage, but she was born.
Grace Kelly was born on November 12, 1929 in Philadelphia. Her father, a former bricklayer, through hard work was able to put together a millionaire. He was a respected man in the city and was famous not only a successful business, but also for their achievements in sports, being an Olympic champion in rowing.
Grace’s mother was a homemaker and a former physical education teacher and model. It was from her future movie star inherited blinding beauty. In addition to Grace, she raised three children: daughters, Peggy and licking, and son Jack. Despite the fact that children grow up in a wealthy family, parents from an early age to instil in them a love of work.
At 5 years old my parents gave Grace Academy teachings of the Holy Virgin, where she received a strict Catholic education. According to Peggy, her sister was quiet, but it always lurked imp. After the perpetration of any mischief she usually took innocent appearance, so it was difficult to something suspicious.
In general, Grace was a normal kid, if you do not take into account the fact that everyone thought her ‘ugly duckling’. It was awkward, long-legged, short-sighted and a little reminiscent of the future beauty. Because of this, it almost does not interact with their peers and often retire. Soon Grace found solace in the theater. The school for girls Kelly was actively involved in the production of plays. Acting lessons gave her grandfather, George Kelly, who was a famous playwright.
Grace was determined to become an actress, and in 1949 moved to New York. It easily passed the exams to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, perfectly fit into a fun youth group. Skinny, tall, with huge blue eyes, Kelly gave the impression of a fairy princess. It is not surprising that her men began to run, and the first on the hook caught one of the teachers Don Richardson.
Grace fell in love with Don and even wanted to marry him, but first, he was married, and secondly, was not a Catholic. For the girl’s father, who was raised in a strict Catholic family, it was enough and he ignominiously expelled Richardson.
Lady Hollywood
After graduating from the academy a few months Grace starred in commercials, until she managed to get a role in the play ‘Father’ and the play on Broadway. Critics of the good things about her game and noticed a beautiful woman in Hollywood. However, before Kelly went to Hollywood, she barely missed the net Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Being in America on an official visit, he saw the actress at a party and fell in love. Mohammed fell asleep Grace jewels and promised to make her mistress Iran. The offer was tempting, but she had other plans, so delicately refused the Shah.
Despite the fact that Grace acting career lasted only 5 years old, she became a star in Hollywood and the highest grossing actress of her time. First major role was the role of Kelly Amy Fowler Kane in the western Fred Zinnemann ‘High Noon’ (1952). A year later aspiring actress waiting for success with the film ‘Mogambo’ (1953), in which she starred with Ava Gardner and Clark Gable. The role of Linda Kelly brought Nordli first nomination for ‘Oscar’.
During the filming of ‘Mogambo’ Grace started an affair with Clark Gable. The actor was much older than Kelly, so initially believed this relationship is wrong. After a while, he was able to overcome his desires and broke with the young actress. Grace, really fond of Clarke, was very worried that gap, and only success in the movie helped her cope with the emotional pain. In 1954, Kelly won the Oscar for the film ‘Country Girl’, and soon the unofficial title “Princess of the screen.”
Even more famous Grace Kelly to promote cooperation with the famous director Alfred Hitchcock. Having a passion for cool blondes, Hitchcock immediately noticed Kelly and asked her to appear in his films. She was one of his favorite actresses, and he called it ‘The Snow Queen’. Two of the three films of Hitchcock, starring Grace – ‘Rear Window’ (1954) and ‘In the case of murder, dial M’ (1954) – was a huge success.
On the throne
In 1955, Grace Kelly went to France at the famous Cannes Film Festival. Here it is the best representative of Hollywood, ordered to pay a visit to Prince Rainier of Monaco III. Their meeting was a mere formality and implied no more than pose for the cameras. However, it forever changed the lives of Kelly.
Grace and Rainier acquaintance began with a handshake. Then there were short meetings, letters across the ocean. They are madly in love with each other, and soon he can not imagine his life apart. On Christmas Day 1956 Rainier came to Philadelphia and asked for the hand of the actress. At this time, the stern father, Grace was pleased with the bride and agreed to the wedding.
April 19, 1956, after the church and civil ceremonies Grace Kelly became Princess of Monaco. 9 months and 4 days was born the daughter of Carolina. Rainier adored his wife and waited for her to give him an heir. After all, according to the laws of Monaco, if the ruling Grimaldi dynasty is interrupted, the state will come under the control of France. And so, in 1958, was born heir to the throne, Albert. In 1965, Grace gave birth to another daughter, Stephanie.
To be the ruler of the state, even such small as Monaco, was not easy. Grace knew little about her husband, and her subjects did not trust her because of American origin. In addition, Kelly almost did not know the language, which created a lot of obstacles. But the worst was not it. Rainier forbade his wife to act in films, and even show her movies. It became a big hit for Grace, but over time it has gone through this too.
Newly Princess began to win the confidence of the population. She was engaged in charity, visited orphanages and homes for the elderly, opened hospitals and kindergartens. Soon, the Red Cross is running Grace has become one of the most famous in the world. In addition, it has actively assisted her husband in public administration, opened the foundations and community organizations headed. Grace personally supervised the development of theater and often took part in staging performances.
Gradually, the country has blossomed, and the inhabitants of Monaco loved your princess. Grace skill to gain people was the reason that she has received great popularity than Rainier. This alienated spouses from each other, and their relationship cooled. But even so, they always remained good friends.
September 13, 1982 was a tragic day for Grace Kelly. Returning with his daughter Stephanie of Monaco, Princess lost control and the car fell into the abyss. Miraculously surviving Stephanie never saw her mother. The next day the Princess of Monaco, died from multiple injuries.
Funeral Grace Kelly testified that she was one of the most prominent figures of the twentieth century. Take her last journey came representatives of the film community, members of European royal houses, representatives of the ruling elite in most countries. For his generation, Grace Kelly was the mascot for the family – his beloved wife and mother for his subjects – caring princess. In the hearts of millions of ordinary people, it will always be women worthy of respect.

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