Gophers are a family of rodents. These cute little creation live in the steppes of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, in the Volga steppes and the North Caucasus. Gophers live in burrows. They dig to a depth of 80 to 150 centimeters. At the end of the hole they build a cozy nest of dry grass.
Very often you can see a gopher zamёrshego at the entrance to its burrow. Ground squirrel standing on his hind legs, like a bar or a stone statue. But it is necessary to approach it as an alarm will spread over the steppe whistle. And many statues, standing still a moment ago still, disappear in burrows. There are several species of ground squirrels. The most common of them: small, spotted, yellow, red-haired, big, red-cheeked and European ground squirrel.
Gophers eat juicy parts of steppe grasses, bulbs and seeds of plants. They also eat insects such as locusts, grasshoppers, beetles and caterpillars. In the dry season this small mammal in search of food makes trips to 7-10 kilometers.
Gophers, with all its cute appearance – one of the most dangerous enemies of agriculture. They eat the ears of corn crops, made devastating raids on the plantations. Gophers are the smell and dig planted acorns, seeds, maple, hazel, apricot and other trees.
For autumn and winter squirrels clog the entrance to the burrow underground and hibernate. At this time they do not eat anything. Moreover, they fall into a state of near death. Body temperature drops to 1-2 ° heat. Their heart beats barely: not more than 5 beats per minute. In such a numb state, they can spend more than six months. In some places they sleep up to 9 months. During sleep, they lose up to half their body weight. They wake up in the spring, warmed to normal temperature (38-40 °), break through the vertical stroke and go outside. Soon the females bear 6-7 cubs.

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